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Next week in Reception...

Week Beginning Monday 23rd April 2018

In maths we have been learning about time. The children can read clocks to o'clock times and some even to half past! Some of them can say the days in the week in order and this would be good to practise if they are unsure. Next week we are going to be doubling and halving again. You could practise doubling numbers practically, using counters or small objects up to double 10. Also then try to use the counters to halve amounts up to half of 20. The challenge will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and you could practise this by counting 2ps, 5ps and 10ps. 

My phonics group will be practising the oi and ow sound and all the tricky words for phase 3 and 4. 

Mrs Ringham/Mrs Tawn's group will be recapping the th and ng sound and the phase 3 tricky words. 

In Literacy we will be continuing with our pirate focus and writing pirate stories! 


The next step for a lot of children with their reading is to develop their fluency, so that they can read lots of words without sounding out. To help, you could encourage them to blend in a whisper, then say just the word out loud. You could also practise reading the high frequency words by sight. 

Another area to practise is polysyllabic words like goldfish. Encourage the children to blend gold, then fish, then put them together to say goldfish. 

Week beginning Monday 26th March and Easter holidays

Next week we will be doing lots of Easter activities, such as learning about a simplified version of the Easter story, making cards and crafts. There will also be maths, phonics and reading games and the children will be doing some writing practise daily. If possible please could you send in some old cardboard boxes eg cereal boxes etc and maybe empty kitchen roll tubes (not toilet rolls or egg boxes)? Thank you! This is for junk modelling. 

Possible activities your child could do over the Easter holiday: Keep a dairy; remember capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, neat letter formation and stretching out the sounds in words. Practise reading and spelling the phase 2 and 3 tricky words (see below) and maybe move on to phase 4 too ( said, have, like, so, do, some, come, little, one, were, there, what, when, out). Read reading books and anything else you want to! 

Practise working out what is one less than numbers to 20. Talk about halving and doubling eg when cutting up cakes etc. Do some baking and weigh out ingredients. Talk about time and money. 

Week beginning Monday 19th March

Next week we will continue to read and write stories based on Elmer the elephant and we will also write some facts about elephants. You could try using google with your child to find out facts about elephants and then write them down with them. In maths, we are going to be learning about position and distance. Where you're in the car, you could talk to your child about places which are close by and those which are far away. You could compare eg going into Peterborough with going on an aeroplane or a train further afield. You could also play Simon Says games with different positional words eg, Simon Says: sit between mum and dad, or Simon Says: turn left etc. Mrs Ringham/Mrs Wragg's phonics group will be learning the zz and qu sounds. My group will be going over the oo and ar sounds.

Have a good weekend! 

Week beginning Monday 12th March

Next week our core story is Elmer the elephant and we will be reading and writing lots of Elmer stories. In maths we are going to be learning about money and coins and we have set up a toy shop in the classroom. It would be great if you could look at coins with your child and talk about their values and maybe even go to the shop and buy something! I think we mostly all use our cards now so children aren't as aware of actual money these days! In phonics my group will be recapping the ai and oa sounds and Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group will be recapping v and y. Have a good weekend! 

Week beginning Monday 5th March

I think we will spend Monday finishing off what we have missed this week due to snow! Then I've planned a second week on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Keep reading at home, both to your child and listening to them. You could also ask them to write a story or to write all about the snow! I want to teach the children that they can find out information from books and computers. Perhaps you could google snow with them or find out information about it in a book!  In maths we will work on counting and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond and finding one more and one less. At home you could write the numbers to 20 on post it notes and put them in order with your child, then ask them questions like, what is one more than 11? What is one less than 20? You could also look at a 100 square and count all the way to 100, looking at how each number is formed and spotting patterns. Maybe even try counting beyond 100. My phonics group will be reading and writing words and sentences with the ai and ee sound and learning to read and spell the tricky words, he and she. Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group will be recapping w and x (in words and sentences, both reading and writing) and learning to read and spell the tricky words, are and my. 

Week beginning Monday 26th February

Next week our core story will be Goldilocks and the three bears. Many children are very interested in building with lego and duplo, so we will also watch a short clip of a lego version of the story and then we will make our own! Children are also very interested in animals at the moment as well as trains so there will be an investigation table based around these. You could read the story of Goldilocks at home and talk about it together. In my phonics group we will be looking at bs and ds and how to tell the difference and then we will work on reading and writing words with the ai sound. Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group will be looking at the letters j and v. At home you could provide words with b and d in them like dig and big, dad and bad and ask your child to sort them out into bs or ds. You could also practise the above sounds on phonics play. In maths we will be working on capacity and weight. Maybe you could pour smaller containers of water into larger ones, feel how heavy different objects are or even do some baking and chat about how we use scales to weigh things and jugs to measure capacity. It is also World Book Day on Thursday and then RE day on Friday, so it will be a busy week! Have a lovely weekend. 

Week Beginning Monday 19th February

This week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year. We will read a story about how the animals had the years named after them and will learn about how it is celebrated. We will make crafts such as paper lanterns and dragons. We have a role play area set up as well. In phonics my group will be recapping th and ng plus the tricky words all and are. We will be practising letter formation of p, b, h and k. Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group are recapping f and u letters, reading and writing the tricky word they and practising letter formation of d and g. It would be great if you could practise these things at home too and spot them when you are reading together. 

In maths our focus is shape. We will be learning to name and describe 3-D shapes such as cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid. We will talk about their faces, edges and vertices(corners). At home you could spot and name these shapes in real life and talk about their properties. Encourage your child to use mathematical language like vertices! 

Week Beginning Monday 5th February

We will be continuing our Bear Hunt theme and this time we will be reading and writing non-fiction books about bears. It would be lovely if at home you could talk with your child about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and find out information about bears from books or the internet. 

We have been practising adding this week and next week we will be looking at subtraction. Some children need more practise with adding so at home you could write little sums like 3+2 and ask the children to get the right number of counters, then count how many altogether. For subtracting, eg 7-3, we have 7 counters, then take 3 away. 

I have been assessing children in phonics this week and I'll send those assessments home so you can see which sounds they can read and write and which they need more practise with. The first tick is for reading and the second tick is for writing. The back of the sheet checks to see how their blending and segmenting is going and whether or not they can read the tricky words. It would be great if you can practise the sounds they are less secure in over the next few weeks and we will also recap them in school. 

We have started guided reading sessions with the children where we read with them in small groups. This means I will stop writing in their reading records and will be keeping group record sheets instead. However, the volunteers who hear children individually will still write in their records and we will still check them daily so please could you continue to write in them too. Thank you! 

Week Beginning Monday 29th January

Next week in Reception we will be carrying on with our work based on We're going on a bear hunt. We will be writing letters to the bear and hopefully he will write back! We will also learn some facts about bears. At home, perhaps you could find out some information about bears by looking in non fiction books together or googling on the computer. I will be doing a phase 3 assessment next week in phonics to see which sounds and words the children have picked up and which ones they need more work on.  Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group will be doing y, z, zz and qu. At home you could keep practising on phonicsplay. In maths we will be doing more addition and starting to think about number bonds. At home you could choose a number eg 7 and find lots of different ways of making it with counters eg 1+6, 2+5, 3+4 etc. Have a lovely weekend! 

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.

Week beginning Monday 22nd January

Next week our core story will be We are going on a Bear Hunt. There will be clues in the classroom as if a bear has visited and we will be looking for clues and writing letters to him! In maths we will be looking at patterns, both symmetrical and sequences. At home you could look at patterns in nature, such as in frost and ice or make your own patterns eg threading beads in colour patterns such as red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue. 

My phonics group will be learning to read and write polysyllabic words such as milkman and also reading and spelling the phase 3 tricky words. Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's group will be recapping reading and writing the sounds j, v, w and x. Some children have changed phonics groups so you could ask them who they do phonics with! At home you can keep hearing them read and spot the sounds in the books. You can also play on phonicsplay or Nessy. The children could also write at home; maybe they could write a shopping list, or a letter to the tooth fairy...

We are talking about developing children's vocabulary across school. It would be great if at home you continue reading good quality stories to your child (I know you probably do already!) and talk about the new vocabulary with them, discussing what it means, clapping the syllables and asking the children to put the new word in a sentence themselves. There are examples of recommended books on this website too. 

Week beginning Monday 15th January 2018

Next week we will be continuing with our spy theme and we will be writing our own spy story. In maths we will develop our work on doubling and halving and will move on to sharing, ie dividing by different small numbers. We will be doing this practically and you could have a go at home too, by sharing out small objects or food items. Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's phonics group will be doing an assessment to measure their progress and plan next steps. At home, keep on reading and practising reading and writing phonics on phonicsplay phase 2. My group will be learning the following sounds: er, air, ure and we will be working on reading the tricky words. I have found some stories based on the phonic sound of the day so will be sending these home too to read together. Have a lovely weekend! 

Week Beginning Monday 8th January 2018

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Next week our theme is spying and we will be reading a story called Daisy and the Spy. There will be clues to read and follow around the room! 

In phonics, my group will be learning oa, ar, or and igh and Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's groups will be practising l, ll and ss. It would be great if you used phonics play to practise these sounds and also practise reading the phase 2 and 3 tricky words. These are printed in the reading record. You could also try reading and writing words with these sounds in by writing them on post it notes. 

In maths we will be looking at doubling and halving for the first time. Perhaps you could talk about halving practically eg having half a cake each, or sharing out raspberries between two of you. 

Remember to keep hearing your child read little and often. Thank you! 

Have a great weekend! 


Week Beginning Monday 11th December

Next week will be a very Christmassy week! We have the dress rehearsal and then two Nativity performances, Christmas dinner and we will also be baking Christmas cookies. In the classroom we will be doing lots of Christmas crafts, writing and maths. The week after (just two days) will be the Christmas party and Sing out for Cancer, so this will be my last post until January. 

If you get a chance during this busy time, it would be great to keep reading with and to your child and to practise phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words on phonicsplay or in any other way you wish. You could also read back through these posts and recap some of the maths activities I have suggested. Another idea is to play games like Snakes and  Ladders and Dominoes together as these games practise lots of important maths skills as well as turn taking. 

It would be great if you could also practise dressing and undressing with your child prior to getting changed into Nativity costumes next week. If you could also practise doing up zips (for their winter coats) and doing up shoe laces and buckles, that would be really helpful! Thank you! 

I hope you all enjoy all the Christmas festivities! 

Week beginning Monday 4th December

Next week we will be watching The Snowman and doing writing based on this. We will also read the Christmas story, have a Christmas role play area and start making cards and calendars. In maths we will continue practising one more and one less with numbers to 20. 

My phonics group will be learning oa, or, ar and igh; Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's groups will be learning h, b, f and ff. 

We will also be doing lots of practise for Nativity! At home, as well as reading with your child and the usual phonics activities, it would be great if you could practise one of our Nativity songs, Mary's Boy Child by Boney M! As we will be doing lots of Nativity practise and making Christmas cards and crafts, there will be less time to read with each child and less time to write with them in small groups, so any reading, writing or maths games you can do at home would be much appreciated. We are also hoping to do some Christmas cookie baking in the next couple of weeks! 

Week Beginning Monday 27th November

Next week we will be reading Aliens Love Underpants and we will be changing our role play area into a space station! We will be writing to the aliens and hopefully getting some replies. 

In maths we will be learning one more/one less with numbers to 20. At home you could count little groups of numbers and then take one away or add one on and see what happens to the total. You could also play games with number tracks eg snakes and ladders and look at the number before and after each each number. 

My phonics group will be learning ai, ee and oo and the phase 3 tricky words which you can find on phonics play. Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's group will be learning ck, e, u and r and the phase 2 tricky words. You could keep practising on phonics play and Nessy at home. 

Have a good weekend! 

Week Beginning Monday 20th November

Next week in phonics my group will be learning the following sounds: sh, ch, th and ng. Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's group will be practising g, o, c and k. At home you could play the usual games to practise these and also spot them in books and around and about. 

Some children need to practise counting things which can't be moved to 20, so you could count things in books and think about counting them in an order so you don't get muddled up. In maths next week we will be learning about height and length and will be putting things in height order. You could measure your child's height and mark it off on a chart, compare the height of your children, or draw around your feet and measure how long they are in lego bricks! 

We will be baking apple cake next week too and continuing our cafe theme. The children have also really been enjoying playing schools and vets so we will have these activities out too. One mum had a brilliant idea that she is going to do: get her child to write Christmas cards as a good way of practising his name! I thought I'd suggest that idea to everyone as it is a great way to practise name writing. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Week Beginning Monday 13th November

Next week it is Friendship Week and Children in Need. There will be lots of activities around school and we will be reading a book on friendship too. 

My phonics group will be learning the following sounds: y, z, zz, qu. Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringham's group will be doing i, n, m, d. At home you could play on phonicsplay or Nessy, spot sounds in books and around and about and practise bending, eg go and get the c-u-p, cup etc. 

In maths we will be working with numbers to 20 and will be putting them in order. You could write the numbers to 20 on post it notes and put them in order with your child. You could talk about the teens numbers and the difference between 12 and 20. 

We have started to let the children choose their own reading books this week. We will be changing them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you want your child to keep their book for longer or to change it more often, please let us know! Thank you! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Week Beginning Monday 6th November 2017

This week I have been assessing the children on phase 2 phonics: on the sounds they know, the tricky words and how they are coming along with blending and segmenting. I will be sending a copy of these assessments home for you to see so that you can see how they are getting on. You will also see any letter sounds that they don't know yet, so you can practise these with them at home. You could use the phonics play website or download the Nessy app as a fun way to practise. Please don't worry if your child doesn't know many of the sounds yet, if that is the case, we will be going over the sounds with them again, but it would be great if you could practise at home too. Some children can read most of the letter sounds but can not blend for reading yet, which again is normal at this stage. We will continue to practise blending and segmenting every day in our phonics sessions. From next week, there will be two phonics groups. Mrs Wragg/Mrs Ringhman's group will be doing s, a, t and p next week and my group will be doing j, v, w and x. 

In Literacy we will be having a cooking theme and we will be making apple crumble, following and reading a recipe. The children will also be able to eat the apple crumble afterwards! You could talk to your child about healthy eating at home and also about how to follow a recipe.

In maths we will be learning about time; we will be using the timers to see how many things we can do in 1 minute and also learning the days of the week. You could talk about clocks and time at home and point out the clock at different times in the day. 


Week Beginning Monday 30th October

The week after half term we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night and will be doing lots of art and crafts based around this. The role play area will be turned into a café with a Bonfire Night theme. Instead of phonics sessions, I will be doing a phonics assessment on phase 2. We will start phase 3 the week after that. In maths we will be learning to subtract practically, for example 5-3 by starting with 5 counters and taking 3 away. At home you could do some practical subtraction and talk about why we need to subtract in real life. You could play on phonicsplay phase 2. Keep hearing your children read and also reading to them. Most of all, have a good rest over half term!

Week beginning Monday 16th October

Reading Records

I have sent home a reading book and reading record for every child. Please read with your child at home little and often; maybe for 5 or 10 minutes every other day and record this in the reading record to share with us at school. At the moment your child may be able to point out some of the letter sounds we have been learning. Some of them will be beginning to blend to put the letters together into words. There is guidance on how to help with this in the reading record. We change reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but if your child wants to change them more frequently, they can if you let us know. We change sharing books on the same days, and library books just on a Monday. Children start on pink reading books, moving up through red, yellow and then blue. The expected level for the end of Reception is yellow, where blue would be exceeding. Please continue to enjoy reading to your child as well! 

Next week we will be learning about the festival of Diwali. We will change the role play area and do many arts and crafts activities to fit in with this as well as reading the story of Rama and Sita. At home you could find out all about Diwali. In maths we will be learning about 2-D shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle including a square). You could go on a shape hunt at home! In phonics we will be learning the following sounds: l, ll and ss. You could play on phonics play at home or download the Nessy app which is great for practising phonics. 

Week beginning Monday 9th October

Next week we will be continuing our gardening theme and will continue to plant the bulbs and role play in the garden centre. We will also be going on listening walks in Literacy and focus on listening skills in general and also listening as practise for phonics. In phonics, we will be learning h, b, f and ff as well as practising blending and learning the phase 2 tricky words: no, go, to, the and I. You could play on phonicsplay at home, phase 2. You could also go on a listening walk at home or in the garden. See what you can hear when you are really quiet. Your child could then draw everything they heard. In maths we are going to introduce adding by counting the two groups. If we did 3+2, we would get 3 counters, then 2 more, then count how many altogether. You could begin to explore this with your child at home. 

Have a lovely weeekend, thank you again so much for all the lovely plants! 

Week beginning Monday 2nd October

Next week is Harvest Festival and our theme is gardening. Thank you so much for sending in some seeds, plants and bulbs; we are looking forward to planting them next week. We will be reading How to grow a dinosaur to continue the gardening theme. In phonics our new sounds will be ck, e, u and r. You could go on phonics play again to practise these. In maths we will be learning how to estimate before we count and counting actions such as claps and jumps. We will practise writing the numerals and some children will be ordering numbers to 20 and beyond! You could write numbers at home and ask your child to clap or jump that many times! 

Week beginning Monday 25th September 2017

Next week we are having a fairy tale week, starting with an exciting assembly on Monday morning! The story we are focusing on will be The Three Little Pigs. Perhaps at home you could read some fairy tales to your children and talk to them about the stories. 

In phonics we will be learning g, o, c and k. You could spot these sounds in books over the week and play on the phonics play website at home. 

In maths we are going to be looking at the numerals to 10 and 20 and starting to put the numbers in the correct order. You could practise reading numbers at home and perhaps write them on post it notes and then order them. 

Week beginning Monday 18th September 2017

The children have now had a few whole days in schools and have settled in well; I hope they are not too tired when they arrive home! Please have a look at the photos section to see some of the things they have been up to.

Next week our theme is The Little Red Hen. We will be reading this story and doing activities based around it, such as acting out the story, constructing a windmill and thinking about how to be a good friend. There will be Red Hen play dough activities and hen crafts to practise scissor and fine motor skills. In maths we will be practising counting accurately and doing some problem solving connected with this. In phonics so far we have learned the sounds s, a, t and p. Next week it will be i, n, m and d.

Possible things to do at home:

Write each letter sound on a post it note and ask your child to show you the Jolly Phonics action. Ask them to think of words which start with each letter. Maybe even put some of the letters together to make simple words eg sat, pin, pat etc. The Jolly Phonics website will show you the way we say each sound and the action to go with it. The Phonics Play website has lots of useful interactive games. We are currently learning phase 2 sounds.

Practise counting different objects with your child. Ask them questions about how they are doing it. Even ask them what one more or less would be.

Keep reading stories to your child. Perhaps ask them to spot letter sounds in the book or around and about.