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Next week in Reception...

Week beginning Monday 10th July

Next week the we are going to be doing exciting projects to improve the Reception garden cheaply! If possible, please could you send in any of the following if you have it and don't need it? (Please note, these are things that we would like to keep.) 


Old wellies


Plastic bottles/containers

Pine cones or larger potpourri

Small and large pieces of wood


Cable ties

Battery or solar powered fairy lights

Old saucepans/trays/metal or wooden spoons

Old tablecloths

Wind chimes

Indelible pen / permanent marker

Plastic small plant pots


Small baskets 


Thank you very much! 

Miss Wade

Week beginning Monday 3rd July

This week we are continuing our animal theme, but we are also going to be learning a little about Wimbledon! In maths we will be learning about odd and even numbers and then solving problems. Following our phonics assessments last week, we are going to be practising any tricky sounds and securing understanding ready for Year 1. I have sent home the phonics assessment so you can see what your child needs to work on next and also how much progress they have made! 

Week Beginning Monday 26th June

Next week is a busy week! We are going to Sacrewell Farm on Wednesday and then it is Sports Day on Friday; for us in the morning. As well as that we will continue our animal theme, look at the trip website and talk about safety and learn about counting in 2s and 10s, and odd and even numbers in maths. We will be doing informal phonics assessments next week instead of phonics sessions. At home, keep reading, keep going on phonics play and keep playing maths games and talking about numbers! Have a lovely weekend! 

Week beginning Monday 19th June

Next week we will be continuing our animal theme. We have turned our role play area into a vet's surgery and there will be opportunities to write within this. In my phonics group we will be practising reading polysyllabic words by breaking them down eg to read sandwich, read sand first and then wich. Mrs Wragg's group will be practising the sounds oo, ar and or. In maths we are going to look again at 2-D and 3-D shapes. 

Possible things to do at home: hear your child read (little and often); practise reading and writing the tricky words (see below), draw and write about animals, look for shapes in the environment and name them, eg a ball is a sphere, a tin of beans is a cylinder etc. Have a lovely weekend! 

Week Beginning Monday 12th June

This week our theme is animals and we will reading a book called Dear Zoo. We will be writing animal poems and information about pets. In phonics, my group is continuing to work in phase 4 and we are learning to read and spell the phase 4 tricky words (see below). Mrs Wragg's group is learning ai, ee and igh. In Maths we are focusing on number: we are practising adding, subtracting, doubling and sharing with numbers up to 10. At home, please continue to read with your child every day. You could also play games on phonicsplay phase 3 and 4 and practise reading and spelling the tricky words. Do practical adding, subtracting, doubling and sharing with counters or small toys. 

Half term next week!

Thank you all so much for coming to the class assembly at short notice! The children did really well! 

Over half term, as well as having a well deserved rest and enjoying the sun, it would be great if you could continue to hear your child read, little and often, do a little writing, such as keeping a diary of the week and practise ordering numbers from 11-20 and saying one more or less than than these numbers. 

Week beginning Monday 22nd May

On Thursday it is our class assembly at 9am! (I need 4 simple sheep costumes if anyone has any we could borrow from Christmas? Just the head would be good! A few other children will be wearing simple costumes, but just things like a pirate hat as there won't be much time to get changed on Thursday morning. We have the other costumes at school, but just need sheep!) In phonics my group will be carrying on with phase 4 (see below). Mrs Wragg and Mrs Ringham's group will be doing th and ng. In maths we will be learning about position and direction using words such as above, on top, over, under, beneath, below, underneath, inside, between, beside, alongside, outside, next to, left and right. You could play games like Simon Says eg Simon says stand next to that chair, etc. In Literacy we will be thinking about people who help us. Please keep hearing your child read as much as possible. Thank you! Have a good weekend! 

Week beginning Monday 15th May

Next week in maths we will be practising subtraction up to 10 and 20 eg 10-7. The children will be able to do this practically with objects or will have a go at counting back. You could do some practical subtractions at home with toys of their choice. In Literacy we are going to be following some pirate instructions. One of the activities will be making pirate biscuits! There will also be a treasure trail! You could follow instructions at home eg for building something, playing a game or doing some baking. (Please let me know if there is anything your child can't eat for the biscuit making! Thanks!) My phonics group will be starting phase 4 where the focus is polysyllabic words and learning to read and write the tricky words (see below). You could play phase 4 phonics games on phonics play. 

Mrs Wragg/Ringham's phonics group will be learning u, h and the ch sound. You could play phase 3 phonics games on phonics play. We are going to be making pirates from cardboard tubes; if possible please could you send in kitchen rolls (but not toilet rolls) for this activity? Thank you! In readiness for Year 1, please can the children stop bringing toys in to school now (unless they are particularly tearful or struggling on a certain day). If there are any problems with this, please let me know. Have a good weekend! 

Week beginning Monday 8th May

Next week in maths we will be looking at addition again up to 10 and 20. We will also be asking the children how many ways they can find to make a certain number, eg 7. (Such as 3+4, 2+5, etc.) You could have a go at this at home using little toys or counters. In Literacy we will be continuing our pirate theme and we will be acting out and then writing a pirate adventure story. Perhaps you could read adventure stories with your child and maybe act one out too! In phonics our sounds will be air and er. Mrs Ringham and Mrs Wragg's group will be working on w, y, g, h and t. You could keep playing games with these sounds and the tricky words I mentioned last week. Have a lovely weekend! 

Week beginning Tuesday 2nd May

Next week we will be continuing our pirate theme and reading pirate stories. In maths we will be working on problem solving. It would be good if you could talk about practical maths problems with your child, such as using scales to bake a cake or choosing coins to pay with in a shop. In phonics this term we will be learning to spell a group of tricky words. It would be great if you could practise writing these words with the children over this term. They are: no, go, to, I the, you, they, all, are, my, her, was, he, she, we, me, be, said, do, there, out, have, some, little, what, like, so, come, one, were and when. Our sounds next week will be oi and ear. Mrs Ringham and Mrs Wragg's group will be doing j, z, qu, k and d. It would be lovely if you could play games with these sounds using post it notes or on phonicsplay. PE next half term will be on Tuesday afternoons. Have a good long weekend! 

Week Ending Friday 7th April

We had the Eucharist on Monday morning and I also told the children a simplified version of the Easter story. We have been doing Easter activities such as making Easter nests, cards and Easter art work and writing. We've also all helped to tidy up the classroom and garden ready for the new term and have changed the role play area into a pirate ship! Tomorrow there will be the egg hunt and Easter bonnet competition. Have a happy Easter! 

Week Ending Friday 31st March

We have had a poetry week this week and have been reading and writing poems based on doctors and hospitals. We have been learning Doctor Foster to read aloud as a class in assembly tomorrow. We have turned our role play area into a hospital too with toys and baby dolls to look after. We have had some enormous cardboard boxes which have become ambulances and houses and the children have loved playing with these. They have worked well in teams to transform their boxes! 

Week Ending Friday 24th March

Tuesday has been a very exciting day! We had our first visit to church to meet the new vicar and watch Mr Kendall's brilliant assembly. After that Queenie's dad arranged for an ambulance to come and visit us. The children were all able to go inside the ambulance (via the lift!) and look at all the equipment inside. They also had a talk from two paramedics and tried on fluorescent jackets and looked at breathing equipment. Later Queenie's dad showed us how to bandage up a broken arm and then the children had a go at bandaging themselves. 

Week Ending Friday 17th March

Our new pirate ship has been fixed to the ground and is ready to use and the children have absolutely loved playing on it! They've enjoyed playing outside with water too in the warmer weather and looking at the changes such as blossom and flowers growing. We have been reading about Elmer the Elephant and the children have played in the role play area as well as acted out the story using puppets. There has also been a toy shop with money in which has been great fun. 

Week Ending Friday 10th March

We really enjoyed our World Book Day breakfast last Thursday and on Friday we had an exciting time during Prayer Day. We wrote or drew little prayers for a prayer tree, made special people from play dough and bounced on space hoppers whilst thinking about what makes us happy! There was an activity in each classroom so the children now know where each year group are based. This week we have been writing our news, playing with water to learn about capacity and cooking porridge like the Three Bears! 

Week Ending Friday 3rd March

It has been an exciting week already so far and it is only Tuesday! When we arrived back to school there were some changes in our garden. The old shed has been taken down and that area covered in bark. Today Mr Kendall and Mrs Wood built our new pirate ship to go on the bark. We also have a large mound on the grass which will be seeded and another great place to play! Today we have had exciting pancake races. We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. On Thursday it is the World Book Day breakfast and then on Friday we are having a Prayer Day too! 

Week Ending Friday 17th February

It has been a bit warmer this week so we have been able to get into the garden for longer which the children have loved! The children have also helped to tidy up the classroom and garden ready for the next half term and have helped turn the role play area into The Three Bears' Cottage. Some children have decided to organise a party and have written invitations, made a playdough cake and drawn lots of pictures for decorations. We hope you all have a lovely half term! 

Week Ending Friday 10th February

It has been quiet this week with so many children poorly: we all hope you get better soon! We have continued to write back and forth to the bear and are helping him to find his lost family by looking for clues and drawing maps. We have made bear masks and pictures and had a special music session where we explored instruments to make the sounds of a teddy bear's picnic. We have also planted some cress seeds which we hope will grow in the next few days if we remember to water them! In maths we have been learning to add up by counting the 2 groups or by counting on. 


Week Ending Friday 3rd February

It has been a very exciting week! On Monday we had our visit from the Olympian, Claire, who was very inspiring and the children all took part in a circuit in the hall. Then on Tuesday we found huge footprints in the classroom and we think that a bear has been to visit us! We have been looking for clues ever since, but we think that the bear might just be lonely and want to be friends with us. We made a house for the bear in the garden to welcome to him and left notes for him. 

Week Ending Friday 27th January

This week it has been freezing! So in the garden we have been looking at ice and working out how to make it melt and why it is there in the first place! We've been learning about Chinese New Year, reading the story and acting it out in the role play area, making lanterns and dragons and singing songs. Our focus in maths has been 3-D shape and we have been learning the names of cubes, cuboids, cylinders and cones and making some of them from polydron. 

Week Ending Friday 20th January

We have continued with our theme of spies and have acted out, then written the story of Daisy and the Spy. We have also been writing messages in invisible ink! We have been doing lots of painting with water colours and ready mix, exploring what happens when we mix colours. In maths our focus has been sharing, so we have been sharing out conkers and playing cards, then playing snap. The mobilo construction has also been very popular. Children have been finding out which magnet is the strongest by seeing how many paperclips each one can pick up. We had our first visit to the school library on Monday and the children were all allowed to borrow one book each. They loved this visit! We will continue to visit the library every Monday afternoon when the children can swap their library book and choose another one. This is in addition to reading and sharing books. 


Week Ending Friday 13th January

This week our theme has been Spies and we have been reading 006 and a bit. The children are really enjoying the theme and have been dressing up in disguises and spying on each other! They have then been starting to write down what they see everyone doing which has been encouraging their writing skills. The children have  been very keen to write messages to take to the office and have also been copying words from around the room. We've been thinking about words to describe different textures and then creating pictures made out of things of a variety of textures such as feathers, stars, sequins, sawdust and so on.