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Next week in Reception...

Week beginning Monday 18th September 2017

The children have now had a few whole days in schools and have settled in well; I hope they are not too tired when they arrive home! Please have a look at the photos section to see some of the things they have been up to.

Next week our theme is The Little Red Hen. We will be reading this story and doing activities based around it, such as acting out the story, constructing a windmill and thinking about how to be a good friend. There will be Red Hen play dough activities and hen crafts to practise scissor and fine motor skills. In maths we will be practising counting accurately and doing some problem solving connected with this. In phonics so far we have learned the sounds s, a, t and p. Next week it will be i, n, m and d.

Possible things to do at home:

Write each letter sound on a post it note and ask your child to show you the Jolly Phonics action. Ask them to think of words which start with each letter. Maybe even put some of the letters together to make simple words eg sat, pin, pat etc. The Jolly Phonics website will show you the way we say each sound and the action to go with it. The Phonics Play website has lots of useful interactive games. We are currently learning phase 2 sounds.

Practise counting different objects with your child. Ask them questions about how they are doing it. Even ask them what one more or less would be.

Keep reading stories to your child. Perhaps ask them to spot letter sounds in the book or around and about.