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Next week in Year 1...

Week beginning the 13th November.


My apologies for not completing the web page for a few weeks. The children and I have settled into a routine and we have welcomed Mrs Basta back into the fold too!!

Over the last couple of weeks we have continued with our rainforest studies. We have been looking at the types of plants found in the forests including those that eat insects! In maths we have been counting and getting to grips with place value- exchanging 9 ones for a ten etc. The children have worked really hard on this tricky aspect of number. In English we have been looking at stories based in rainforests such as The Mixed Up Chameleon and The Monkey Puzzle Tree.


This coming week we will be moving on to addition and subtraction in our maths. We will be looking at number bonds to 20 and the subtraction facts to go with them. In english we will continue to read stories about rainforests and the creatures that live within them. These next few weeks in topic we will be starting to find out about some of the animals found in the forests. 


Please feel free to find out about rainforest animals, explore number bonds etc with your child at home. 

Week beginning 9th October 

A lovely time was had in year 1 last week, where we started off our Monday morning with maths on the playground, sorting and writing numbers into a number line. Autumn is here and the weather was crisp and breezy, but it didn't stop us from carrying out our subtraction and having fun. The children are getting very good at number bonds now and again, a practical and fun activity helped to enforce this.


On Tuesday we had our Harvest Festival in the church, which  I am sure you will agree was lovely to be part of. The children in year 2 spoke clearly and confidently and both the year 1 and 2 classes sang beautifully. The Harvest tree, created by year 1 is complete and can be seen in the hall.


The children have been working well with their phonics and are trying really hard to apply this to their writing. With regards to their sounds and word work for this week, they will be continuing to work or recap on letter formation and sounds and words from phases 2, 3, and 4: ch, sh, th, ai, ee, or, igh, oo, ow, oi and or.

Some children will also be introduced to the phase 5 sounds: oe, au, ey, a-e and e-e.


Week commencing 2nd October

Last week was fairy tale week, when the children had great fun working together with other classes, looking for clues and trying to solve puzzles about the missing gingerbread men. In our English work we talked about lots of different characters from both familiar and unfamiliar stories and the children wrote some great character profiles. This week we are continuing with this theme, where we will be able to compare similar characters and maybe create our own, based on what we have learnt.
In our maths we worked on addition and number bonds to 10/20 and moved on to adding 2 numbers by counting on from the biggest number by popping it into our heads! We have now begun to look at subtraction and the children have also been introduced to working with a number line. Next week we will be doing some fun activities, requiring the children to physically jump up and down the line, which will enable them to have a greater understanding of addition and subtraction. We will also be moving on to number problems which involve this.
Our topic work on the rain forest continues and we will be finding out about the many different species of animals that live there. The children have shown great enthusiasm for subject and have produced some amazing oil pastel drawings.
With our Harvest Assembly coming up on Tuesday, we have been thinking about what harvest means, and will be creating a display in the hall with our thoughts for all the things that we can be thankful for.

Week Commencing 25th September

Next week in Year 1 we will be taking part in a whole school fairy tale week which will start with an exciting assembly. We will be looking at the characters of Little Red Riding Hood and Jack from Jack and the Bean Stalk and thinking of exciting ways to describe them. It would be great if at home you could talk to your child about what an adjective is! Maybe you could read some fairy tales to them too. 

In phonics the children are split into different groups. One group will be learning the following phase 5 sounds: oy, ir, ue and au. The next group will be working in phase 4 and will be practising polysyllabic words. The third group will be recapping the following sounds from phase 3: y, z, zz and qu. The final group are learning g, o, c and k. You can help at home by playing on the phonics play website. 

In maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction to 20. We will be practising our number bonds to 10, eg 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, etc. At home it would be helpful if you could explore number bonds with your child. Use counters and arrange them in different ways to make 10. 


Week Commencing 18th September


Next week the children will be learning more about their topic of Rainforests.  They will be describing different animals, both orally and in words and we will be looking for capital letters and full stops in their sentences.

We will be looking for some really exciting vocabulary to describe their animals so it would be really helpful to try this with them.

You might hide a few pictures of a rainforest creatures, or a figures or toys you may have.  Describe one of them and see if they can guess what it is before revealing it.  Let them have a turn at describing one to you.  Look at web pages about animals they are interested in and pick out any unusual vocabulary that is used to describe them.


In maths we will continue to explore number.  Look for everyday examples when they can touch count, count on from different starting points (such as from 7 onwards) and count backwards.