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Next week in Year 1...

Week Commencing 18th September


Next week the children will be learning more about their topic of Rainforests.  They will be describing different animals, both orally and in words and we will be looking for capital letters and full stops in their sentences.

We will be looking for some really exciting vocabulary to describe their animals so it would be really helpful to try this with them.

You might hide a few pictures of a rainforest creatures, or a figures or toys you may have.  Describe one of them and see if they can guess what it is before revealing it.  Let them have a turn at describing one to you.  Look at web pages about animals they are interested in and pick out any unusual vocabulary that is used to describe them.


In maths we will continue to explore number.  Look for everyday examples when they can touch count, count on from different starting points (such as from 7 onwards) and count backwards.