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Next week in Year 1...

Week commencing 12/11/18

This week in year 1.

English- we will be continuing to write our own non-chronological reports.

Maths- we will continue our work on addition and subtraction. Mrs Hiller will be looking at measurement during Wednesday’s maths lesson. Maths on a Friday will now start with a tackling addition test followed by a problem solving and reasoning activity.

Geography- we will continue looking at the similarities and differences between a small area of the United Kingdom and a contracting non-European country.

Music- Mrs Hayes will be practicing songs for the production.

RE- Mrs Hiller will continue looking at creation. 

PE- we will be practicing our production dances. Mr Sanderson will continue working on ball skills during Wednesday's PE lessons.


*Please make sure PE kits are in school all week as we will be starting rehearsals for our Christmas production.*




This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.