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Next week in Year 2...

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.


What a great school trip to Cadbury's world. The children were all so well behaved and it was a brilliant way to consolidate our topic 'Chocolate'. It was also a lovely day out after all the hard work the children have put in to year 2. Mrs Stevens, Mrs Jensen, Mrs Holt, Mrs Harley and Miss Joyner really enjoyed their day with these wonderful children. Please look at the photos!


Mr Bell taught the class on Monday and Tuesday this week as Mrs Jensen and Mrs Holt were on the residential trip with Y3/4. On those days the children carried out some maths investigations and started their new RE topic. On Wednesday this week the children started to learn the ocarina. This was greeted with much enthusiasm! We are hoping to master 'London's Burning' by the end of term! On Friday we will have our first cricket lesson with Mr Sanderson. Mrs Stevens is going to do some work on nocturnal animals and some preview work will be set to support this. Don't forget next Friday 15th June you are invited to come into school with your child!


The children had a great time on Tuesday afternoon at the multi-skills festival at AMVC. Some photos have been uploaded and more will follow by the end of the week. The children were all very well behaved and worked hard in the heat. Next week the children will continue to work on the marketing of their chocolate fruit creations and use i-pads to create packaging. In English they will be reading Diary of a Killer Cat and this will be used as a stimulus for writing in the present tense. In maths the children will be using their mathematical reasoning for answering questions.


The children were rewarded today with a trip to the park for all their hard work last week and a 100 % record of positive dojos. The children began the week writing letters to Mr Wonka to persuade him to give the last golden ticket to them (Lucia won the best letter). In the latter part of the week the children have written the instructions for how to make the chocolate fruity treat they have created in topic time. In maths the children have revisited reading scales and properties of shape. Next week the children will continue to write for longer periods and have a practise at sitting old sats tests from previous years, in preparation for the following week. You can help your child considerably if you hear them read every night and check they understand the vocabulary in the book, and can answer questions about how characters might be feeling etc. Addition and subtraction of multiples of ten and ones should also be practised, as well as counting in 2's, 5's, 10's forwards and backwards.

Don't forget that on Tuesday the children will need to come to school in their PE kits and bring a packed lunch (or request one from Mrs Howard) as from 11.30am we will be taking part in the multi-skills festival at AMVC.

Preview work for Friday 4th May


The children have produced some lovely character descriptions of Charlie Bucket this week and described 'The Chocolate Room' using some fabulous words and phrases. In maths the children have been practising telling the time and working out problems involving time intervals. In topic this week the children have been learning about how the Mayan civilization first used cocoa to make a drink using chilli and cinnamon and they followed a recipe to make their own version! Next week the children will continue to use Charlie and the Chocolate factory as a writing stimulus and will be writing letters to Mr Willy Wonka. The children will also be inventing their own chocolate and fruit treat next week, which they will write the instructions for making. They will think about how to market their product and create their own adverts/ selling campaigns. The preview work (attached) will assist them with this project.

Preview work for Friday 27th April


What a great first day back! The children have worked really hard today to start planning their stories titled 'The Disgusting Chocolate Bar', and sorting out correct maths calculations and incorrect calculations into two piles. Your child has probably come home tonight and told you that our Summer term topic is Chocolate. A topic letter will be available for you by the end of next week. In advance, a trip has been booked to Cadbury World for early in July. The preview work for next week is intended to help the children think about the quality of the sentences they use in their story writing. 

W/B 26.03.18

We hope you enjoyed our class assembly and hearing about what we have been doing this term! We will spend the last week of this term reflecting on what we have learnt and enjoy some Easter themed mathematics. There is another exciting term to look forward to coming up! Preview work coming home is in preparation for after Easter. 

Preview work for Friday 23rd March

W/B 19/03/18

This coming week the children will be working on adding and subtracting two and three-digit numbers and estimating answers. In English the children will be reading and writing poems. The children will spend the beginning of the week rehearsing for their class assembly on Thursday 22nd March. Parents are invited to come along and see what we have been learning this term. A big push on tackling tables please! Preview work supports this (see attached).

On Wednesday 14th March we had Katherine, a forensic scientist come into school to involve us in a workshop. The children learnt about how finger prints and footprints can provide evidence and help solve crimes. The children then had to work out which character had committed the crime! It was a great workshop and the children were fully engaged in the investigation. Photos to follow on the class photo page.

W/B 05/03/18

What a fabulous trip we had on Tuesday 6th March to the National Space Centre. The children were all very well behaved and had a great time. Photos have now been uploaded so please take a look! Next week we will be having a big maths focus as we have done a lot of writing this week. Please practise counting in multiples of ten forwards and backwards and adding tens and ones. Next week we will also start practising for our class assembly which you are invited to come along to on Thursday 22nd March.

Don't forget world book day celebrations this Thursday 8th March.

Preview work for Friday 2nd March

W/B 19/02/18

It has been a great week back after a well earned half term rest! The children have written their own stories, based on a West African story they were told. They have 'had a go' at a maths SATs paper and started learning about flight missions into outer space. Next week they will be learning about the Apollo 11 mission and the biographies of the three astronauts Neil Armstrong, 'Buzz' Aldwin and Mike Collins. Preview work is attached and related to this.

Next Thursday it is World Book Day and a letter will be sent home shortly outlining all the activities that will take place in school on this day. Next Friday we will be having an RE day and again, details will be sent home shortly regarding this.

Preview work for week beginning 5th February

W/B 05/02/18

The children will be continuing to work on measures in maths and in particular they will be learning about pounds and pence (100p = £1). Preview work will help support your child with this. In English the children will continue writing their own stories from other cultures and their big write will be to structure and compose the story they planned last week based on an African girl who didn't give up. In topic the children will continue to find out facts about the first passenger planes and write up how their group designed and made their own paper planes last week. 

Next week it is parents evening so please give yourself plenty of time to come and look at your child's great work!

Payment and consent is now needed if you intend for your child to come to the National Space Centre.

W/B 29/01/18

Last week we had a big focus on learning to spell some words which we personally have had difficulties remembering (from the high frequency words we are expected to know for our age). Instead of preview work for next week we will see if we can spell correctly some of our target words (a copy of these can be found written in preview books). We will continue our work on measures in maths and next week we will start looking at money, recognising coin values, adding totals and working out change. Perhaps visiting the shops to spend some money (counting coins) might be a good idea! In English we will be writing our own stories from other cultures and have enjoyed using a world map to locate the countries we have already found stories from. In topic the children should now be able to tell you who invented the first successful aeroplane and next week will learn about the first passenger planes.

Preview work for Friday 26th January

W/B 22/01/18

We welcomed new girl Safyia to our class this week.  We hope she will be very happy in our school. We have starting learning about the history of flight and learnt this week about the invention of the hot air balloon. If you see your child blowing tissues in the air then ask them why as they should know the theory behind it! We have also been learning about measuring with a ruler in maths. Next week in maths we will begin working on weight and the preview work being sent home tomorrow is in line with this. In English we will be improving the letters we have written this week by making better word choices and correcting spelling errors. 

What a great effort the children have made with their stories from around the world! On Friday we will be pin pointing all the countries we have covered on our world map in our book area.

W/B 15/01/18

Please find on our class home page the topic letter for this term. You can now read about and pay for the school trip we have booked to the National Space Centre on 6th March (see parentmail). Next week we will continue to write letters in English and start the next unit of work in maths on measures. Next Friday afternoon we will share our preview work that was set last week so the children have another week left to prepare something for this session. Any parents who are pilots (or astronauts!) please get in touch with Mrs Jensen if you can share anything of interest this term for our topic on flight.

Preview work for Friday 19th January

W/B 8/01/18

Christmas is over and the children have returned to school full of enthusiasm. On Friday last week our topic for the term 'Come, fly with me!' was introduced (Newsletter information for parents to be coming home shortly). To launch this topic, preview work was given out (attached). This coming week the children will begin a unit of work on Letters in English. In maths they will continue with a unit of work started before Christmas on fractions. In science with Mrs Stevens they will begin their work on materials. Our student teacher Mrs Holt is back and will stay with us now until the end of the year.

Many parents have asked recently about the new expected standards in maths and English for the end of Key stage 1 (end of Year 2). In view of this we have decided to put together an information booklet for parents which will come home by the end of January with your child.

W/B 7/12/17

The children have written replies this week to the wolf, thanking him for the board game he sent to Little Red Riding Hood and sending him a new one to try! In maths the children have been halving numbers and shapes, whilst some children have been thinking about what quarters and thirds look like. Mrs Stevens has continued to work in science on plants and on Tuesday afternoon the children were making Christmas cards in art. Next week is our last full week for the Autumn term so there is a lot to get done! On Wednesday the children will do a dress rehearsal which will be performed to KS2 and our nursery children. On Thursday and Friday afternoons the long awaited production will be performed! There are still some costumes to come in so please remember to send them in as soon as you can. 

Remember the PGSA film night is this Friday.

Preview work W/B 4.12.17

W/B 4/12/17

The children have had a lot of fun responding to the letters delivered by the Jolly Christmas postman and will continue to do so next week (see preview work attached). In maths they have finished a unit of work on multiplication and division (although they will continue to work on tackling tables every Friday all year) and have started the next unit of work on fractions (recognising half, quarter, two quarters, third and two thirds of numbers and quantities). On Monday the children will walk over to the village hall and sing their production songs to the elderly villagers who attend the Friendship club. Any outstanding angel costumes need to be in school by next Friday please.

It is the school Christmas Fayre this Sunday so please come along and support if you can!

W/B 20/11/17

The children will be applying what they have learnt about arrays to division and some children will start working on finding remainders. In English we will continue our creative writing activities using the Jolly Christmas Postman as our stimulus. In art the children will continue making the back drop for our nativity production and topic work time next week will be spent mostly rehearsing for the production and learning the songs to sing at the friendship club on Monday 4th December. Please can you make sure angel costumes come into school as soon as you have them.

W/B 13.11.17

The children have worked well in maths on developing their understanding of arrays/ multiplication/ division. This will continue to be our maths focus next week. In English we finished a unit of work on information texts and had a go at answering questions on a reading test. Rehearsals have begun and the children have been given a copy of the script to read and learn their lines. They also have a songbook which they are to keep in their bookbags but can practise at home. The songs can be found on youtube if your child feels they need the music. Please remember angel costumes can be in sent into school in a named bag whenever you have managed to source.

Preview work for Friday 17th November


Next week in Year 2 we will be continuing to work on multiplication and division in maths. The children have started to look this week at arrays and will develop this further next week (preview work for next week). In English we will continue to read and write information texts and have a go at a reading comprehension based on our topic. Nativity rehearsals will start next week and the children will have a book of song words to learn in their book bags. Please make sure these come into school daily. Please can you also think about sourcing an angel costume for your child. You can send your costume in (named bag) as soon as you can.


What a great week we have had this week! The children have come back refreshed and ready to work hard. We have begun Information writing in English and Multiplication and Division in maths. In topic work we have begun to talk about deforestation and in preparation for next weeks lesson the preview work will be on this theme. Mrs Stevens will be teaching the next unit of science on Thursday afternoons and this term she will teach the unit on plants to run alongside our rainforest topic.

October Half Term


When we come back after half term we will be without Mrs Holt, our student teacher until January as she has to teach for 7 weeks in an alternative setting. Well done to all the children who have settled into Y2 this half term and worked really hard. It has been a really positive start! Thank you to all the parents who came to parents evening this week, it was nice to meet some new faces. Have a good half term rest as there will be lots to do when we get back!

Prewiew work for Thursday 19th October


Next week the children will continue their rainforest topic and science work looking at food chains. This will run alongside their PSHE work on fairtrade. In maths the children will continue to work on learning their 5 times table and will look specifically at methods of subtraction. In English we will have a week of poetry and be writing our own poems based on the theme of rainforest animals (using Monkey Puzzle and We're Roaming the Rainforest as stimuli). Please remember to place your school photograph orders by next Friday if you wish to do so and check you have made your appointment for parents evening. 


We are pleased to be able to go ahead and welcome our rainforest visitor next Monday. This promises to be a memorable and enjoyable way to learn more (first hand!) about creatures that roam the worlds rainforests.

Next week we will continue to learn about place value and counting in ones and tens. The children have been exploring the place of two-digit numbers on a 100 square. One of their favourite games played this week has been copied and pasted into their preview books so as they can play it again at home, explaining the rules to an adult! The sounds taught in daily phonics sessions this week can be found on the spelling and phonics page. Please spend some time looking for words containing these sounds when sharing story books and writing.


There will be no set preview work for next week to allow me to collect in the preview books and have a good look at all the lovely work in them. At home you can continue to learn 0, 1, 5, 10 times tables and read stories. Perhaps you can look for words in books that contain the phonics taught this week?

On Tuesday morning you are invited to our Harvest Festival in the church.

Preview work for Friday 29th September


The preview work handed in so far has been very impressive and on Friday the children will get the opportunity to teach their game/ song/ rhyme/ poster to their classmates when we have a maths morning to launch our tackling tables scheme. In science and topic this week the children have been learning about habitats and we are very grateful to Mr Donnelly who spent the afternoon taking groups of children into the school pond area to look for creatures that live there. Next week is Fairy tale week which will be launch across the school on Monday morning with fun activities planned by the teachers. Next Friday is dressing up day and in class we will be using our preview work for a guess who activity. Please take the opportunity next week to enjoy reading as many fairy tales as you can!

preview work to be completed by Friday 22nd September


Next week in year 2 we will continue to learn facts about animals that live in rainforests. We will be continuing to write our stories and starting grouped phonics work. We will also begin learning our tables, starting with 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Please see attached preview work which will help your child with this.