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Next week in Year 2...

Week ending 16th June 2017.

Year 2 have done lots of reading this week- individually and guided reading. We have looked at different texts and enjoyed book talk.

In maths the children have been learning about equivalent fractions, partitioning numbers in different ways and making amounts of equivalent money.

The children have been practising their tables in tackling tables.


Next week, week beginning 19th June, we will be looking at non chronological reports. It would be helpful if the children could share some texts with you, eg non fiction books about animals, the earth, anything that interests them.

They could practise their tables too.

Week ending 26th May 2017.

Our super little year 2s have been amazing this week! They have had a very busy week with SATS! They've not stopped there......they have planned and written recounts, learnt about apostrophes, partitioned and added numbers in different ways and added using the column method! We are so proud of them! Well done Year 2!

They deserve a lovely rest and lots of fun activities!

Week ending Friday 10th 

We have still been looking at Fairytales in English.  We made fold out non fiction information books about castles.

We went dotty doing some problem solving in maths with dots too.

The book challenge was launched last week and we red information books and recipies.  We hope you liked 

We had a great prayer day on Friday 3rd March and we reflected n this during this week.

We have corridors full of castles thanks to all the great homework projects you have brought back, we hope you get a chance to look at them.


This week ending 27.1.17., Year 2 have continued to look at worded problems and how to solve them, looking for clues ie.,words like altogether, left and then working out which operation to use.

In literacy, we have finished our Cinderella stories, written about what we would do if a fairy godmother appeared and what we would do if we had a magic wand!

We have also been looking at non-fiction texts and answering questions together.

In Spag, we have been learning about the -ly suffix and adverbs.

We have been very creative -we've made magic wands and for our exciting Castle topic we made fabulous shields using collage, pastels,paint, crayons and felt pens.