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Next week in Year 2...

W/B 15.10.18

Monday 15th October - trip to Peterborough Museum. Please make sure your child comes to school in uniform and with their own packed lunch and drink.

Parents evening on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Thursday - school disco

W/B 8.10.18

This week the children will write their own biographies for Florence Nightingale using the notes they made last week. They will continue to be encouraged to join some of their writing and think about good punctuation. In phonics they will be collecting words which contain the spelling patterns (graphemes) they have learnt so far. In maths the children will continue to practise adding and subtracting numbers using their own informal methods. They will learn about fact families and how to find inverse operations (for example 3+7=10, 7+3=10, 10-3=7, 10-7=3). In RE the children have begun to explore the beliefs of Christians and listened to the story of creation. In dance the children have listened to superhero theme tunes (wonder woman,  batman) and created their own actions to fit the music. On Thursday Mrs Wood will finish some superhero art.

W/B 1.10.18

The children will be making their own notes on the biography of Florence Nightingale. They will be reading a selection of biographies and identifying common features. In maths the children will continue to add and subtract two-digit numbers and multiples of 10. They will reason why some calculations are true and some false. In RE they will talk about why Christians celebrate Harvest Festival. They will continue to improve their handwriting and practise joining up some letters.

W/B 24.09.18

This week the children will write their own superhero stories in which they star as the hero! They will learn more handwriting joins and be encouraged to use the joins they have been taught in their writing. In maths the children will start reasoning using what they know about addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers and one-digit numbers. Mrs Wood will continue to explore shape on Thursday. In science children will continue to learn about animals including humans. With Mrs Jensen they will test their sense of smell by carrying out an investigation to see it they can still identify food by its taste if they remove their sense of sight and smell. With Mrs Wood they will be learning about babies. In PE the children will make superhero narratives through movement to the original Batman theme tune with Mrs Jensen and with Mr Sanderson they will made their own games using a football. The children will bring home a rap to learn and some poems in preparation for the Harvest festival next Tuesday. They will also bring home (on Friday) the next 200 high frequency words which they will need to learn to spell in Year 2.

W/B 17.09.18

This week in maths the children will be ordering and comparing numbers. They will develop their understanding of how many tens and ones make up a two-digit number. In English the children will be making their own storyboards of a Supertato adventure. They will be consolidating the formation of letters and starting to learn some handwriting joins. The children will start their science unit of work and be thinking about healthy lifestyle choices they can make for themselves. In PE they will be developing their ball skills with Mr Sanderson and start working on Superhero dances with Mrs Jensen.

W/B 10.09.18

Our first full week in school this term we are having a whole school well-being week. You will receive more details via e-mail and attached is the Y2 timetable for that week. Y2 will also be kick starting their first topic, which is called 'Superhero, reveal yourself!' On Monday the children can come to school dressed as a superhero (known or imagined) as their first English lesson will revolve around the book 'Rules for Superheroes'

Well being week Y2