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Next week in Year 3....


Next week in year 3 we will need our costumes in for the production (yellow t-shirt and blue trousers). We will finish learning our dance and songs for the Y6 production of SuperStan. Parents, please purchase your tickets if you haven't already. On Wednesday morning next week we will be spending some time in Year 4 with our new teacher Mrs Hillier. In class we will be doing our hot write instructions and another brain academy investigation in maths. Please continue to practise times tables.

Remember tomorrow is sports day 1.30pm start for KS2. Please come to school in PE kit.

Please try to come along to support the PGSA summer fete this Sunday afternoon.


What awesome children we have in year 3! As a class teacher I was so proud of them on Wednesday evening, standing on that big stage and looking so confident and full of life - these are the moments that make my job such a pleasure. The children have been instructed to get some rest this weekend!!! Next week we will continue to work on 'Brain Academy' investigations, which the children have really enjoyed this week. We will continue to solve problems using our knowledge of multiplication facts so please keep practising these. In English we will be writing instructions for something of choice so the children have been asked to give this some thought over the weekend. In topic we will continue to learn about Viking armour (our paper mache helmets kept bursting due to the heat last week so this didn't run as smoothly as predicted!!!). We will be learning our minion dance for the production. A letter will come home next week regarding costumes but an early warning to start looking for a yellow t-shirt.


The children were given information regarding the last sumdog competition starting today and running until next Thursday evening. We have won one competition and come runners up in one, so I am hoping the children log on this weekend and start earning points for our class and school. On Monday morning we will be going to the Cresset for a technical rehearsal with the director of the showcase we will be dancing in on Wednesday night. Please send in any costumes not yet in school. Children also need to remember to bring a packed lunch on Monday as we won't be back until 1pm. In topic next week we are going to start to look at Viking armour and make paper mache helmets. Please send in any unwanted newspapers.


Next week in year three we have our class assembly. It would be helpful if children could learn their lines and the Viking song over the weekend. We also will be setting the final part of our dance to Footloose for the Cresset performance so it would be a good idea to download this track for your child to practise their moves to. Tickets for this event are selling fast so please don''t miss the opportunity to come and watch us perform. Telephoning for tickets seems to be the easiest option. In class next week we will continue to work on our science topic of light and shadows. If the children have any bright torches they can bring them to school to help them with their investigations on Monday and Tuesday. In English we will be writing instructions. It would be useful to give your child instructions to follow (oral or written), or perhaps write some instructions for something that they are making (for example food, or a model from lego). Extra dojo points will be rewarded to children who bring in some instructions they have written!


When we get back after our half term break we will be multiplying two-digit numbers using the partitioning method. Please practise multiplication facts over the break. Please also read with your child as often as you can. Our last two units of work next term are non-fiction writing (instructions then non-chronological reports) so reading these genres together would be useful. The tickets have gone on sale for the Cresset dance showcase so please purchase quickly if you intend to come and watch. Have a restful half term and enjoy the sunshine!


Next week in year 3 we will be writing our final Viking myth - Thor and his Mighty Hammer! In maths we will be understanding the column method for subtraction. In science we will be looking specifically at the parts and function of a flower. We will be learning about seed dispersal and the life-cycle of plants. Children can preview this subject by researching how seeds get from inside the flower head to new soil for germination. In PE we have started to learn some choreographed steps for our dance showcase performance (we will be dancing to Footloose).


Next week in year 3 we will be continuing to read and write Viking myths. In our writing we will be focusing on adding dialogue using inverted commas (speech punctuation) with more accuracy. In maths we will continue to work on using known number bonds and multiplication facts to work out unknown ones. It would be helpful if the children could practise counting in multiples of 10 and 100 forwards and backwards crossing 100 and 1000 barriers (for example 280, 290, 300, 310).  In topic work the children will continue to learn about Viking gods and goddesses and record what they have found out about certain gods.


This week we have been reading about Viking longships (or dragonships) in guided reading and in English we identified features of a myth. In maths we finished our unit of work on time (but please keep practising telling the time at home!). In science we thought about how we rely on plants for food and in RE we began our unit of work on Islam. You should have received an e-mail containing some initial details of the dance showcase at the Cresset. Please see homework page for a preview of what is planned for next week.


Year 3 have all seemed to be very pleased to be back at school this week! We have had a good start - lots of enthusiasm for our new topic (Vikings), which you will receive a curriculum information letter about shortly. Mr Kendall will be informing you on our new school philosophy regarding homework. It will be known as 'previewing' and you can expect to be sent this information later in the week. Please note that Y3 have another class assembly coming up (15th June) and later in June will be performing a dance at the Cresset showcase (date to be confirmed). It promises to be a very busy term with a lot to look forward to do and learn!

Mrs Jensen completes Paris marathon

Mrs Jensen completes Paris marathon 1
Mrs Jensen completes Paris marathon 2


Personal message from Mrs Jensen


It has been a busy term and the children have worked their socks off! I'm very proud of the progress they have all made and what they have achieved. I wish all the children a happy Easter time, and hope they get the opportunity to play outside in some sunshine and spend time laughing and playing with family and friends.

On Friday I will be travelling to Paris in preparation for the Paris marathon on Sunday. On Saturday morning I have to be in Versailles to collect my race number and submit my medical certificate. It has been exhausting training over the winter months (with injuries!) but I'm as ready as I can be! The children have been very interested in my training journey, so I hope I have inspired at least some of them to set their own future goals to work hard for something they aspire. They will be very much in my thoughts on Sunday. I will write a short post next week on here for those who wish to know how it went. Happy Easter!


This week is poetry week, therefore in English the children have been reading poems that contain rhyming couplets, shape poems and calligrams. In maths we have begun a unit of work on time and some useful web links have been added to the homework page (we have been concentrating for now on analogue time). In topic we have finished our paintings in the style of Jenny Leonard and have written out in neat our recounts of our trip to London. We hope to have a display of all this topic work up next week.

Letters coming home tonight from PGSA regarding a Bingo night and Easter Bonnet competition.


Well done to all the children for their excellent behaviour in London yesterday. The guides/staff of the London Eye made several comments regarding how well behaved our children were. Even though it was a long day (traffic heavier than anticipated), the children had a fantastic time and the writing in class on Wednesday has been amazing! By the end of next week we hope to have our London topic work ready to display outside the classroom. Photos can be viewed in the gallery. In maths we have finished our unit of work on fractions and will begin to look at time next week.


This week the children have been writing character descriptions of the Oompa-Lumpas and golden ticket winners from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In maths they have continued to work on fractions. In topic they have been learning about famous landmarks in London and top tourist attractions (using google maps to locate them). Each child has started a piece of art work in the style of Jenny Leonard which they will paint next week and been working on their own tourist information leaflet.

On Tuesday next week we will be going on our trip to London. Please make sure you reread the letter so you arrive at school on time and do not miss the coach! Any questions before then, please e-mail Mrs Jensen. The children will be having a talk on Monday regarding details of the day.



We have been writing character descriptions of Mr Willy Wonka and watched the original version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory during the afternoon story times. In maths we have been learning to recognise equivalent fractions, and the website activities we have used are available on the homework page. In science we have investigated magnetic forces and tested the strengths of different magnets. On Friday we are going to make our own an educational games for the Foundation class using magnets.


The children have begun a unit of work in English on descriptive writing - characters and settings. Some lovely writing has been produced this week using the story The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith as a stimulus. In maths we have begun a unit of work on fractions and have been finding fractions of numbers and shapes. In science we have been learning about forces and friction. On Tuesday afternoon the children worked in groups to investigate how far a toy car would travel along different surfaces. Pancake racing was fun on Tuesday morning, and photos will be available in the gallery soon.

Don't forget that tomorrow (Thursday) you can come early into school with your child (8.15am) to share a story breakfast to celebrate book day. On Friday we will be participating in a day of worship and prayer.

More children still need to pay for the trip to London to prevent it from being cancelled. A decision will be made later this week.


In English we have finished reading The Twits and have reproduced some of the story as a play script. In maths we have grown in confidence in giving change from £5 and £10 and improved our problem solving with money. In RE we have been looking at the meaning of symbols Jesus used and in topic we have been tasting French cheeses! Once we have finished our overview of Europe, we will begin to focus on capital cities and in particular our own capital city of London. Please make sure you have the details of our class trip and the deadline for payment. Please also make sure you have booked an appointment for parents evening next week if you intend to come along.


We have begun a unit of work in English on play scripts. So far this week we have read some of 'The Twits' and acted out some of scenes. In maths we have been using our number knowledge to add money and give change. The homework this week will be to reinforce quick mental strategies to work out addition and subtraction calculations. In topic work we have been finding out about food from around Europe. The children took a pit stop in Italy and made their own pizzas!

On Monday morning we had a very inspirational assembly led by Clare Cunningham and a fun workout to go with it. Photos of this event can be found in the school gallery and in our class gallery. In the afternoon Mr Mutree came to deliver another archery lesson. This week the children got to shoot their arrows at a target board.

Don't forget to make your appointment online for parents evening using the new system.


On Monday we had our first archery lesson and some photos of this can be found on our class photo page. We have been making collage European flags in topic and finished our unit of work on letters in English. In maths we have been working on reverse operations to find missing numbers and Mrs Stevens has begun her unit of work on data handling. This weeks homework will be a bird watching homework where children will need to collect data for their lesson next week.

A reminder that our Paralympic visitor Clare Cunningham will be visiting us on Monday 30th January. As Y3 will need PE kit on in the morning then again in the afternoon for archery, Mr Kendall has given them permission to come to school in PE kits for the day however the red school jumper/ cardigan must be worn.


This week in English we have continued to work on writing formal letters. The homework due in next Friday is an extension of this - the children have to write a formal persuasive letter to Mrs Jensen requesting she gives no more homework! We have finished our unit of work in maths on measures (our final lesson resulting in a cup of lemonade to consolidate work on capacity!) and we are now revisiting and deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction of two and three-digit numbers. Some children are starting to learn the column method. In topic we have begun to look at features of European countries, starting with national flags as a country's identity. In PSHE we have been learning about democracy and what it means.