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Next week in Year 3....

Dance festival AMVC Tuesday 13/11/18

Come to school in PE kit. Red or white t shirt and dark bottoms.

Bring a water bottle – with water in (no juice or squash).

Bring a packed lunch to eat when we get back to school.

We will be going to AMVC after break and returning during lunchtime.



Trip to Flag Fen – Wednesday 14/11/18

Come to school at normal time.

Do NOT wear school uniform.

Do wear warm sensible clothes, a waterproof coat and stout boots or shoes – we will be walking in grassy fields.

Bring a packed lunch – No fizzy drinks or glass bottles.

Children will NOT need any money.

We will be back before the end of school.

Be prepared for a very interesting day.

Friday 2nd November

In English we have been learning about information texts and next week we will combine topic and English to create our own information leaflets about Stonehenge. This half term our spelling focus will be using the suffix ‘ly’.

In Maths we are continuing to develop our mental addition and subtraction skills. We will be adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers and 1s, 10s and 100s. Our Friday quiz will be tackling tables.

This week in RE we visited the church to look at the stained glass windows and consider if they can be spiritual for worshippers. We came back to school and created our own windows. We will continue to explore aspects of spirituality this week.

In our science we will start to learn about different types of soil.

This week we spent time sharing all the wonderful homework connected to the Stone-age. The new homework menu focuses more on the Bronze and Iron ages. The children have all been given a copy and it is on the website. This menu will run until the end of term.

Advanced Notice:

Tuesday 13th November: We are taking part in a dance festival with other local schools at AMVC the children will need to come to school in PE kit (White T shirt and dark bottoms.) They will also need a water bottle to take and a packed lunch that we will eat when we return to school about 12.45.

Wednesday 14th November: Our trip to Flag Fen. Children need warm clothes, a waterproof coat and strong shoes or boots. They also need a packed lunch. Please make sure you have given permission on parent pay for your child to take part in this trip.

Friday 12th October

Next week we will be finishing off lots of things!

In Maths we will be finishing off our unit on place value. Many children are now confident understanding and using 3 and sometimes 4 digit numbers. We will be doing our tackling tables assessment on Thursday next week.

In English we will be planning, writing and editing our own Littlenose adventure stories. This will be a super ending to our Littlenose work. We will also continue to learn about homophones and near homophones.

This week in science we explored the durability of rocks and set up an experiment to test the permeability of rocks. On Monday we will be taking our rocks out of the water and weighing them again to see which rocks have gained the most weight and therefore absorbed the most water. It will be interesting to see if our predictions were correct.

In our topic we will be exploring some of the weapons used by stone-age people.

In RE we will continue to explore music and spirituality.

Hopefully next week in Strings we will progress to using the bow! There are photos from this week’s session in our class photos.

I am looking forward to meeting lots of parents at parents evenings this week and sharing some of the fantastic work that the children have been doing.

Friday 5th October

Next week in maths we will continue to develop our understanding of place value. Place value underpins all areas of number work and it is vitally important that the children are really confident with it before we move on. We will also continue with our daily mental maths activities and our Friday assessment will be tackling addition.

In English we are using the story of ‘Littlenose’ by John Grant to inspire our writing. We will be looking at settings and the use of speech. Our spelling focus for the next 2 weeks will be homophones and near homophones. The children will need to know the meanings of the different words as well as the spellings.

In Science we will be exploring both the durability and permeability of rocks.

In topic we have designed and created cave pictures using charcoal and pastels. Our next step is to use this knowledge to decorate our pebbles. We will also be starting to explore the lives of people living in the Stone-age.

Friday 28th September

Next week in maths we will be continuing to explore place value. Some children are finding this challenging and we will be looking more at the value of individual digits within larger numbers and counting in a range of different steps. We will also continue to develop our mental maths skills and we will do our tackling tables quiz next Friday.

In English we will be starting to read a new book about the adventures of a cave boy called Littlenose. Many children have made a great start to learning their spellings and writing sentences. It is also great to see many children are reading and discussing books at home. I gave out lots of reading dojos on Thursday.

We had our first strings session this week and everyone was allocated either a violin or cello and we learnt our first note. We will be performing to families in mid-December.

We will be learning about rocks and fossils in science next week and exploring cave paintings in our topic work.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating harvest festival at 10.30 in the Church.

Advanced Notice: On Wednesday 14th November we will be going to Flag Fen to explore this amazing Bronze Age site. Please look out for the letter on parent mail about this exciting day.

Friday 21st September

Next week in maths we will continue to explore place value and also working to develop our mental maths skills. During the week I will send home the children’s current tackling addition and tackling tables quiz sheets. We practise mental maths every day and next Friday we will do the tackling addition 100 in 5 minutes quiz.

In English we are continuing to use the book ‘The pebble in my pocket’. This week the children drew some fantastic volcano pictures inspired by the book. We will be writing about what happens to the pebble as it continues its journey.

Linked to The story of the pebble we will be learning about fossils in science and discovering how they were formed.

In RE we will be finishing off our spiritual art and starting to explore the place of music in spirituality. Most children have drawn or painted amazing pictures about what the word spiritual means to them and we are now typing up our explanations.

Our topic work will be creating a time line from the beginning of the stone-age to the end of the iron-age.

We will also be having our first strings session. Over the next 10 weeks the children will be learning the basics of either the violin or cello and we plan to end with a concert for family and friends. There will be more details soon.

Friday 14th September

Next week in maths we be starting our work on place value. Understanding place value is of vital importance to all areas of number work.

In English we will be using the book ‘The pebble in my pocket’ by Meredith Hooper. This book will also link to our science and art work. We will be learning about the history of our earth.

In our guided reading work we will be developing our dictionary skills so that we can increase our vocabulary in both reading and writing.

In science we will be exploring pebbles and rocks.

As we missed our wellbeing week cookery we will be making mini blueberry muffins this week.

Our topic this term will be exploring the question ‘How similar are to prehistoric people?’

Friday 7th September

Welcome to year 3.

This week we have reviewed tackling tables and introduced tackling addition and subtraction. We will be doing mental maths work every day this term.

It has been lovely to look at all the scrap books and see what exciting holidays everyone enjoyed. The children will have an opportunity to share these as a class on Monday afternoon and Dojos will be given out. So if there are any more scrap books to come in please remember them on Monday Morning.

Next week is well-being week so we will be taking part in fitness, relaxation and yoga activities and other mindful tasks.

In maths we will be recapping on our year 2 targets before starting year 3 work.

In English we will be using the ‘Mr Benn’ stories by David McKee and exploring the formula behind the stories then planning and writing our own stories. We will also be recapping on year 2 SPAG and reading targets. Our spelling sessions will link to this week’s spelling sounds/patterns.

We will also be starting our science topic on Rocks and soil and in RE we will be exploring spirituality.

Everyone has been heard to read and given a reading book and a reading diary. Hopefully everyone has seen the new planners.

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.