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Next week in Year 3....

17th November 2017

Next week in year 3 we are continuing our work on poetry. We have enjoyed sharing 2 poems by Allan Ahlberg this week and will be looking at a poem by Michael Rosen. We are also sharing poems in our guided reading and book talk sessions.

We will also be learning about apostrophes and speech punctuation in our SPAG sessions over the next 2 weeks.

In maths we will be finishing our unit on multiplication and division so keep learning those tables.

We will be sharing our homework on the Bronze Age and judging by the fantastic work already brought in it will be a very interesting and enjoyable gallery of work.

We will be continuing our science work on rocks and soil.

We will be finishing our RE work on light and dark by writing acrostic poems.

Hope you enjoy looking at the recent additions to our photos on the website. The pots were made on our visit to Flag Fen and the dance pictures were taken at the year 3 gym and dance festival at AMVC were we enjoyed sharing our dance with other local schools and being inspired by some amazing dancing by AMVC students.

10th November 2017

Next Wednesday we will be taking part in a gym and dance festival at AMVC. Children need to come to school in their PE kits (I’ll send them home on Monday) and bring a water bottle and packed lunch. Please make sure you have warm clothes to walk to AMVC in. We will be eating our packed lunches on our return to school. We will attempt to take photos during our dance but it is tricky when the children are moving!!

In English we will be starting a unit on Poetry, both reading and writing a range of poems.

Our maths continues to be linked to multiplication and division. Many children are continuing to work hard to improve their scores in tackling tables and will be doing our tackling tables quiz each week during this unit of maths.

We have now painted our salt dough models of Stonehenge and will be moving on to explore the Bronze Age in our topic work following a fantastic day out at Flag Fen where the children showed considerable interest and knowledge, listening carefully and taking part in all the activities with enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to spend the day in their company.

Friday 3rd Nov

We are all looking forward to our trip to Flag Fen on Monday. We will be leaving school about 9.30 and returning by 3.00. Please remember your packed lunch and make sure you have warm waterproof clothes plus sensible shoes or boots.

We finished exploring the Stone Age this week and started to learn about the Bronze Age. We have been learning about Stonehenge as this spans both periods of time. (Apologies for the state of some of the children on Tuesday, however we did enjoy recreating Stonehenge out of salt dough.)

In Maths we have finished our unit on addition and subtraction and we will start our next unit on multiplication and division on Tuesday. So we will be doing extra sessions of tackling tables over the next few weeks.

In English next week we will be planning and writing recounts of our trip to Flag Fen. The children will have an opportunity to include photos in their work and we will also put photos on the website during the week.

In science we will be starting to learn about soil and will be carrying out experiments on a range of soil samples over the next few weeks.

We will also be continuing to practise our dance for the dance festival at AMVC on the 15th November. The children are already better than the teacher after just one session!

In RE we will be exploring the symbol of light for Christians and looking at William Holman Hunt’s painting ‘Light of the world’.

20th October 2017

We have ended the half term with yet another busy week of learning. It was lovely to meet so many parents at parents evening and share your children’s achievements.

Hopefully everyone will have a rest next week and come back ready for an exciting half term.

In maths we will be finishing off our unit on addition and subtraction. We will be continuing to learn about number lines and also looking at column addition and subtraction.

On Monday 30th October we will be reviewing all our spellings from this half term with a 15 word test. We will also be taking part in dictation activities linked to the common exception words and our spellings.

On Tuesday we will be working in 4 groups to share the stories that are written over half term (See homework 18/10). I’m looking forward to being entertained with a variety of exciting stories.

In our topic and English work we will be exploring Stonehenge and creating group models and individual information sheets or leaflets.

We will also be starting to learn and practise a dance that we will be sharing with other local primary schools at a dance festival at AMVC in November.

6th October 2017

Today we finished our maths unit on place value so on Monday we will start developing our addition and subtraction skills. We will be covering adding up and taking away until half term. It would be great if you could practise quick mental questions at home. We will also be improving our knowledge of number bonds to 20 and then 100.

In English we have been writing descriptions of story settings and then editing and improving our writing. We are trying to add lots of adjectives into our writing to make it more interesting. Next week we will be finishing our setting descriptions and then moving onto writing descriptions of characters. This is to help us when we are writing stories.

We are going to do another experiment in Science next week and continue to explore the permeability of rocks.

In our topic work this week we have been thinking about how to survive as a Stone Age person and looking at the development of tools such as the bow and arrow. We will continue to explore life in the Stone Age.

We are also continuing with our spelling theme of suffixes in both our weekly spellings and some of our SPAG lessons. This week all of the children have read individually and next week we will be working in groups to develop our comprehension and understanding of texts.

29th September 2017

We have enjoyed sharing a number of fairy tales in our English sessions this week. I especially enjoyed seeing all the fantastic fairy tale homework. Lots of children had clearly worked really hard retelling fairy tales in imaginative ways. Next week in English we will be learning about describing settings. This will help us in the future when we are writing stories. Describing the setting helps the reader to picture where the story is taking place.

We even managed to explore fairy tale word problems in our maths lesson today. Next week we will be finishing off our unit on place value. It is also great to see that lots of children are making progress with tackling tables and Dojos will be given out next week to everyone who has shown improvement from the previous quiz.

We created Harvest art this week and some of the pictures have been put up in Church and more will displayed in school next week. We have started practising our poem for Harvest Festival in Church on Tuesday. On Monday we will writing prayers and one will be read out during our Harvest festival. We will also be continuing our RE unit on light and dark.

We will be exploring the permeability of rocks with an experiment in science this week. There is a Dojo for the first person who can tell me what permeability means!

In topic we will continue to explore the Stone Age learning more about the lives of people in this time.

I am looking forward to another amazing week in year 3.

22nd September 2017

We are all looking forward to Fairy tale week. On Monday we will be joining with years 1 and 2 for a magical morning. Our English lessons will be spent exploring a range of Fairy tales. On Friday we will be dressing up as fairy tale characters.

In maths we will continue learning about place value and developing our knowledge of numbers.

On Tuesday afternoon we will be doing harvest art so if anyone has any useful resources or spare corn please bring it in!

We will also be joining with year 4 to learn a harvest poem to present during our harvest festival in Church on Tuesday 3rd October.

Today the children enjoyed their first string session and over the next term they will be spending every Friday afternoon learning how to play the violin or cello. I’m sure we have some budding musicians in our class. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for a concert towards the end of term.

15th September 2017

Yet another busy week in year 3 and the children have been working very hard.

In English we are enjoying the ‘Littlenose’ stories and have been creating character descriptions of Littlenose and Two-eyes. We have used our senses to describe the cave where Littlenose lives and next week we will be writing our own adventure stories.

We will be starting our spellings next week and learning about suffixes. We will also finish our work on using commas in lists.

In Maths we have been recapping our number bonds knowledge and also starting our tackling tables journey. Congratulations to the 4 children who got 100 questions correct on just the 2nd attempt- a fantastic achievement. Next week we will be exploring place value which is the foundation for many other areas of maths. The children will be exploring 2 and 3 digit numbers, ordering and comparing numbers. They will also be using place value and number facts to solve problems.

We have started our science topic on rocks and soil. Next week will be carrying out an experiment to explore the varying hardness of rocks.

In RE we have started to think about light and dark. We would like to create collages next week so please send in magazines and catalogues on Monday.

In topic we created a timeline of British history the Stone Age to the modern age. Next week will be creating a more specific timeline of the period of the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

It was lovely to meet lots of families at open evening and I’m looking forward to getting to know all your children really well as we embark on an exciting and busy year of learning together.

8th September 2017

Welcome to year 3.

We have had a very busy first week back and the children have worked hard completing a range of mini assessment activities. We have also been using the ‘Mr Benn’ stories to inspire our adventure story writing and I know some children have enjoyed watching further episodes at home. I’m sure older family members have enjoyed reminiscing as well!

Next week we will be continuing to write adventure stories using the ‘Little nose’ stories by John Grant. These stories are about the adventures of a cave boy and his pet mammoth. This links to our topic about the Stone Age. We have already used charcoal and chalk to create our own cave paintings and on Monday we will be creating a whole class cave painting.

We will be starting our science topic – Rocks and soils next week. We will also begin our RE topic exploring light and dark and asking what do these symbols mean.

In maths we will continue our tackling tables and also develop our number bonds knowledge and speed of recall.

All the children have read to an adult in school and been given a new reading book and reading record. Some families have already managed to hear children read and talk about the book.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of parents at open evening next week and I’m sure the children will be keen to show you their new classroom. If you can’t make it let me know and I’ll make sure you have a copy of the key information.