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Next week in Year 4....

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.



Next week, a lot of the time will be spent on final rehearsals and then the KS2 production itself. The dress rehearsal will now take place on Tuesday morning and the production will be on Wednesday afternoon and evening.


In English we will be reading and writing poetry.


In maths we will review dividing one and two digit numbers by 10 and 100 and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. If there is time we will also compare and order numbers up to two decimal places.


I have not set preview homework this week but I would like the children to practise their tables. If Tackling Tables was introduced in Year 2 they should be working on red level  by now. Six children achieved 100% today and it would be great if more could go onto the next level before the end of term.


On Monday we are going on our trip to Stibbington. The children have a letter about this and it is also on the website. Work we do during the week will be based around this visit. We will be writing about the trip. Science will be about animals and their habitats. Mr Donnelly will be helping us to do some follow up work based around the school pond.


In maths we will continue to review number work, next week we will be focusing on fractions and decimals.


We will be polishing our dance for the production of The Rocky Monster Show and the whole of Key Stage 2 will have a complete run through on Friday. There is a letter attached about costumes. We would like the Year 4 children to wear dark colours, black, grey or brown and look dishevelled. They will be encouraged to make their hair stand up. They don't need to wear any make up.


On Wednesday the children will have their transition morning, when they spend time with Mrs Clayton in their new classroom.



Next week the whole school will be doing work based around the World Cup. In Year 4 this will include a football maths mystery which can only be solved by completing number problems. We will also be revising fractions, including equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We will also look at decimal equivalents.


In English we will do a little more work on how to use apostrophes to show singular and plural possession. We will be reading non-fiction reports.


Please continue to practise tables and number bonds with your child. 



Next week in Year 4 we will be returning to The Firework Maker's Daughter in English.


In maths we will be reviewing multiplication and division. We have had lots of children achieving 100% in Tackling Tables recently and it would be good to see this continuing so please practise tables as often as possible. We will send home new sheets on Monday for those children who are ready to move onto the next level.


In science we will be finishing work on circuits.


As part of their geography the children have been asked to find some of the countries participating in the World Cup on a map, find their capital cities and some interesting geographical facts.


All the children had a great time at the beginning of the week, whether they came to Burwell or stayed in school. It was a pleasure to see how well the children cooperated and worked together at Burwell.


We have started working on the novel The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman in English. Even though we have only concentrated on the opening chapter the children have already produced some very good imaginative writing. This work will continue next week. Please practise spellings.


In maths we will do some work on Roman numerals. The preview homework this week is to do with this. We will continue to review number work, working particularly on anything aspects the children are finding difficult. Please make sure your child practises tables every day.


We will continue to investigate electricity in science.



We will be doing a lot of work in English about improving vocabulary and making sentences more interesting. A lot of children are already thinking about how their word choices affect the reader. 


In maths we will be returning to number work, particularly concentrating on problem-solving.


In science we will be investigating electricity. We will start to use our understanding of circuits in Design and Technology. and in Topic we will continue to work on locational knowledge. In RE we will continue to look at values, particularly in the context of Humanism.


We had so many children scoring nearly 100 in Tackling Tables today. It would be great if we could get some full marks next week. Please continue practising tables and addition and subtraction. Children should also learn their spellings each week.


Next week in English we will be studying narrative texts again and writing stories. The homework this week prepares for this. We will be concentrating on ways of making our writing more interesting to the reader.


In maths we will continue to look at statistics, recording data and using it to create graphs and charts. Please continue to practise tables.


We will start investigating electricity and circuits in science.


The children are enjoying their swimming lessons and the teachers at Jack Hunt pool have been very impressed by how well all of them can already swim.




Next week we will continue to look at persuasive texts and the children will be finishing their persuasive letters and writing persuasive reports. In grammar we are reviewing pronouns and distinguishing between personal and possessive pronouns. It is very important for all the children to practise their spellings. Once thy know their weekly ones they also need to be able to spell the Year 3 and 4 high frequency words, which are on the website.


In maths we will finish our work on rounding up and down when using money and will be answering two and three step money problems involving all four operations. In Tackling Tables tests this week a number of children achieved much higher scores than previously. Please continue to work on times tables based on the sheets we sent home. Children who have moved up a level on Tackling Tables recently will bring home their current sheet at the beginning of next week so that they can practise, and hopefully move up.



In English over the next few weeks we will be working on persuasive writing. This will include looking at the language of adverts and how to write a persuasive letter.


Because it has taken longer than anticipated to finish the work on measures we will start working on money next week. 


We start swimming on Thursday afternoon so the children will need to bring their swimming things to school.Please be aware we may be a little late arriving back at school some days if the traffic is bad.


We will be doing more geography in topic for the next few weeks. 



Next term our topic title will be 'What on Earth?'. this will mainly be a geography and science based topic. It would be interesting if, over the holiday, the children thought about what they might like to investigate.


In maths we will move onto work on money.and the holiday homework prepares for this.


I hope you have a happy and peaceful holiday.



Next week we will be looking at more creation stories from around the world and the children will be writing their own. After the holiday we will be exploring the features of letters. The children have homework on letters this week so they can post letters and get replies while they are off.


We will be investigating area in maths and also exploring capacity. The class did very well in the Sumdog competition. We came fourth overall. Well done to all the children who took part


We will be making Easter cards in RE and thinking about why Christians refer to 'Good' Friday. The Eucharist will be held on Tuesday.



Next week in English we will focus on Creation myths, exploring stories from different cultures. We have already been exploring the Maya story of how the Earth was formed as part of our topic work.


In maths we still need to work on measures and will start to investigate the perimeters of shapes. As always, please continue to work on tables and number bonds at home.


The children are keen to play the Maya game Pok-ta-pok. Because of various things happening in the hall this week we haven't yet managed it. But we will do next week.



In English we are finishing off our robot stories. We will be writing up scientific experiments. In story writing we will be challenging ourselves to make our writing more interesting by the use of fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. 


In maths we are a little behind because of the snow days so still need to finish our work on telling the time using analogue and 24 hour digital clocks. When we have finished we will be measuring and comparing lengths, mass and volume/capacity. We are also working on our tables. It would be very helpful if you could practise the sheets which were sent home recently. A number of children have just scored 100% so I will send home the next level to work on.


Next week we will be taking part in fun science experiments for Science Week and we will participate in a special workshop on Wednesday. In RE we are learning why Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday'.



In English next week we will continue to do work based on the film Girl and Robot. The children are getting so much out of it, even though it is only a few minutes long. They are challenging themselves to use more powerful adjectives and verbs to make their writing more interesting. They are also considering sentence structures and how that changes the impact of a text. In grammar we will be doing further work on determiners. (A determiner specifies a noun as known or unknown, examples are the, a or an, this, those, my, your, some and every.)


In maths we will be moving onto Time, particularly reading, writing and converting time between analogue and digital clocks, as well as converting hours to minutes, minutes to seconds, years to months and weeks to days.. We will continue to practise Tackling Tables


In science we will be classifying living things. On Friday there is the school RE day. Please send in any small plastic bottles with lids if you have them. Thursday is World Book Day and we will have a day of activities based around favourite books. Don't forget to bring in unwanted books for the book swap. The children will be bringing home a voucher which can be used to purchase one of the special World Book Day books.


In English next week we will continue to work on writing newspaper reports. The children will need to add more correctly punctuated quotes from eye-witnesses. They will also be expected to extend their sentences using expanded noun phrases and adding subordinate clauses.


In maths we will start to work on recognising and writing decimal equivalents to any number of tenths or hundredths. We should also investigate dividing a one- or two- digit number by 10 and 100. Some of the children are getting excited by the idea of being challenged by this work.


In Topic we will continue to find out about the Mayans. The children have some great art work to complete.


Next week in English we will continue to read the Iron Man. This week the children have written some very imaginative and detailed descriptions. Next week we will be using incidents from the story as a starting point for writing newspaper reports. Preview homework this week involves looking for the features of newspaper reports.


In maths we will continue to work on fractions, including adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We will also start recognising and writing decimal equivalents.


In Topic work we will be looking at sources of evidence about the Mayans and how they lived.




Next week in English we are going to start reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This is a great stimulus for imaginative writing. Towards the end of this half term I will be asking for boxes so we can make models of the iron man.


In maths we will be investigating fractions. The homework for this week should remind the children of the work they did in Year 3. On Monday I will do an assessment of Year 3 work to see what the children remember.


The topic work on the Mayans has started well and the children seem very interested. We are having trouble pronouncing some of the names of the gods!



The Christmas cakes have all bee cooked and are looking really good. Next week we will be making them look even better by icing and decorating them. We will also be making Christmas cards and calendars as well as participating in other Christmas activities. These include Christmas dinner and watching the KS1 dress rehearsal on Wednesday.


In between all the Christmas fun we will also be continuing to write play scripts (appropriate in the panto season!) In maths we will continue to focus on shape, particularly quadrilaterals. We will be using our knowledge of symmetry in seasonal pictures and patterns.


Next week in English we will start looking at play scripts and how to write them.


In maths we will be investigating shape, looking particularly at different types of triangles, equilateral, scalene and isosceles. I hope we will also have time to begin investigating quadrilaterals.


It will be a very busy week as we will be making Christmas cakes and going to the AMVC indoor athletics morning.




I apologise that this preview of the week is slightly late.


This week we will be finishing our unit on diary writing in English. The unit will end with a hot write written from the point of view of a child in the Iron Age. The children will compare this final piece of writing with the initial cold write. They will be looking to see how their writing has improved.


In maths we will be finishing our work on multiplication and division. Following an assessment, children will look again at any areas where they need a little extra work. The children need to continue learning their tables as they should be confident with all of them by the end of Year 4.


In science we will begin investigating tooth decay. In RE we will look at the life and work of Martin Luther King. In topic we will find out about the Druids, as we come towards the end of our topic, Stone Age to Iron Age.


Next week in English we will continue to focus on diary writing. We are working towards a hot write, where the children can demonstrate what they have learned over the fortnight.


In maths we will be looking at formal methods of multiplication, concentrating on multiplying two or three digit numbers by a one-digit number. Part of the homework this week is to practise tables. We do tables activities at school, but children do need to have instant recall. Please continue working on tables at home so that the children get faster at answering quick fire questions.


In science we will be learning about teeth and in topic we will think about how life changed in the Iron Age.


We are going to the cinema on Tuesday morning.

The children had a great time at Flag Fen on Monday. The staff there were very impressed by their knowledge of the Stone Age and the questions they asked. The visit has an interesting starting point for looking at life in the Bronze Age. We will be using our knowledge of life in the Bronze Age in English next week as we look at the  features of diary writing. The children will be working to write the diary of a person in the Bronze Age.  


In maths we continue to look at multiplication and division. We will do a little more work on remainders and then investigate formal methods of multiplication.

03.11 2017 


I have apologised to the children who brought their Stonehenge homework in today. We have been so busy we haven't had a chance to share it. Those children will have an opportunity to show it to the class and get their homework dojo points on Tuesday.


We will be going on the trip to Flag Fen on Monday and should have a fun and interesting day. English work for the rest of the week will be based around the visit, particularly writing a recount of what we did. The homework this week is to prepare the children for this.


In maths we will be continuing to work on multiplication and division and looking at the relationship between the two. We will be using the term inverse operations. It is important that the children also have instant recall of times tables facts so we will be spending time getting more confident with the 6 times table.


Our topic work will begin to focus on the Bronze Age and the changes that began to take place during this time.We will begin to build on what we learn on our visit to Flag Fen.



Thank you for supporting your children in their homework research about the Stone Age over the last week. They really enjoyed sharing their knowledge and there were some very imaginative contributions. It is a topic which has seized their imaginations. The week after the holiday we will finish looking at the Stone Age in Topic. The children are keen to find out about language in the Stone Age and whether rival groups would have fought.We are also going to find out about Stone Henge. Then we will be visiting Flag Fen and this will lead us into finding out about the Bronze and Iron Ages.


In English we will be continuing our work on school based poetry. We will read poems by a number of poets and  continue to write our own.


In maths we will be beginning a new topic of multiplication and division. I will begin by assessing the children's knowledge. 


I hope you have an enjoyable time next week.



Next week in English we will begin our poetry unit and will be reading and writing poems about school.


In maths we will be reviewing the work we have been doing on addition and subtraction and addressing any misunderstandings and problems.


In Topic we will be finding out about food that the people of the Stone Age ate and the animals that would have been alive then. In science we will be continuing to investigate states of matter. In RE we will  be finding out more about St Paul.


I must apologise for not sending home homework details. The photocopier hasn't been working so I wasn't able to print instructions. I did ask the children to go onto Sumdog and play in the hope that Year 4 can get on the leader board. If I had them I have given the children the log-in details they had in Year 3.


Next week in English we will be beginning to plan a hotwrite about Stig of the Dump. The children will be writing their own adventure for Stig and Barney. They will be working on creating more detailed settings, characters and plots and using more ambitious adjectives. They will be encouraged to choose nouns and pronouns to avoid repetition.


I maths we will be continuing to work on addition and subtraction and deciding when to use each operation. The children will be solving problems containing two or more steps. Children are now expected to complete operations using formal methods.


This week we didn't do the science I had planned to do so we will need to do practical experiments on changing states of matter next week.




Next week in English we will be returning to Stig of the Dump following our week working on The Little Shoemaker. The children are working towards planning and writing their own adventure for Stig and Barney. They will continue to work on expanded noun phrases and punctuating direct speech and next week we will look at fronted adverbials.


In maths we will apply the work we have been doing this week on addition and subtraction to solve two step problems.


In topic we will continue to find out how Stone Age people lived, particularly what they ate. In science we will finish the work on gases in liquids and do a practical experiment on the temperature at which chocolate melts.


It is the Harvest Festival on Tuesday. The children will be reciting a poem with Year 3 and their homework this week is to learn it ready for then.


This week is Fairy Tale week in school. Today the children will be doing creative activities based on fairy tales. There will be other fairy tale themed activities during the week. On Friday the children can come to school dressed as fairy tale characters.


In English we will be working from a story called The Little Shoemaker. There is a short film without any words which we will use as a starting point. 


In maths we will be reviewing methods for adding and subtracting and decide which are the best to use for different sums.


We will be preparing for Harvest and continue to find out about life in the Stone Age.



Next week in English we will continue to read and work from the book Stig of the Dump. We will be spending time working on using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech. We will also be looking at how to use other punctuation when writing direct speech.


In maths we will be investigating negative numbers, including reading temperatures on thermometers. We will also rounding up or down to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.


We will continue to look at solids, liquids and gases in science, focusing on gases. In topic we will answer questions about how we know what life was like in the Stone Age, as well as what Stone Age people needed to survive. We didn't have time to do our own cave paintings this week so we will also be doing some art based on pre-historic drawings.




This week I have been assessing the children to see what they remember from last year. Because of this I am not sending spellings or tables activities home today.


In English we will be starting the class book Stig of the Dump. It is a great story which I am sure the children will all enjoy. This will be used as a starting point for writing activities. We will also be reviewing some of the Year 3 grammar and spelling.


In maths we will be working on place value and looking at larger numbers.


We will start our topic Stone Age to Iron Age next week. The children have already thought of questions they would like to answer. Homework this week is to find two facts about the Stone Age. They can be presented in any way the children choose. If they find any books or pictures it would be great if we could see them in school.


PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. PE kits need to be in school all week in case we also do it on other days. Long hair will need to be tied up and earring removed or covered on PE days.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the curriculum meeting next Wednesday.


Have a good weekend.

8th July

Next week in year 4

Before we think about next week I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Burton, Mrs Finding, Mrs Halstead, Mrs Neil, Mrs Reid, Mr and Mrs Shah and Mrs Warner, who all helped us with our Viking cookery. Everyone in the class had an opportunity to cook and then try Fruit and honey punch, Seeded unleavened bread and Fruit-topped Oatcakes. On reflection most people have decided that they prefer our food today!

Next week we will be performing in our fabulous production ‘Superstan’ – Year 4 have been amazing in the rehearsals. In English we will be continuing our work on ‘The firework maker’s daughter.’ In maths we will finish our unit on geometry and then move onto measurement. In Science we will be learning about habitats. Hopefully there will be time to fit in some RE or topic work as well.

Next week’s homework will be to recap on all the statutory spellings we have been learning this half term ready for a final review.

1st July

Next week in year 4 we will be continuing to share and explore the book ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman. We enjoyed meeting the main character, a feisty young lady called Lila who is determined to become a firework maker against the wishes of her father. We also created our own versions of the elephant in the story using marbling. This week we are going to put these up to parade around the classroom.

In maths we have finished our unit on fractions and decimals and plan to spend 4 lessons having a whistle stop journey through geometry.

In topic we are very much looking forward to our Viking cookery sessions thanks in advance to the very generous Mum’s who have offered to come and help us. I’m sure the taste tests will be very interesting.

We will also be rehearsing for our school production and practising our Ninja moves. Mrs Jensen and the children have choreographed an amazing dance. Please can everyone remember to bring their costumes in.

16th June

Next week in year 4:

We will be finishing our English unit on Viking Sagas and then deciding what we would like to share in our class assembly on Thursday. We have done lots of exciting work on the Vikings that we are keen to show the rest of the school community. In SPAG we will be learning about using apostrophes and continuing to learn our statutory spellings.

In Maths we are going to be starting a two week block on fractions and decimals. We will need our multiplication and division knowledge to help us with this work so tackling tables will continue.

In Science we are going to continue exploring how animals are grouped. Hopefully towards the end of the week Mrs Jensen will be helping to choreograph our dance for the production. – More details to follow.

9th June

Yet another busy week has passed in year 4. Congratulations to Grace for winning the Divine Chocolate and Christian aid poetry competition. Her Poem is available to read on the Divine chocolate website.

Next week in English we will be continuing to explore Viking Sagas and finding out more about Thor and his hammer. We will be focusing on proof reading, editing and improving our writing to make it totally fantastic. We are also learning a song about Loki a very cheeky Viking God, with the power to shape shift.

On Thursday we will be continuing to create our group Dances based on the story of Freya and the Goblins helped with ideas from Darcy Bussells DD Mix dance program.

All of our work on Viking Sagas links closely to our topic.

In maths we will be finishing our unit on multiplication and division – so keep learning those tables. We will be using our multiplication knowledge to help us solve a range of word problems.

We are continuing to learn the statutory year 3 and 4 words each week and also recapping on all the spelling patterns we have learnt this year – we are about half way through!

We look forward to sharing our learning with everyone on Thursday 22nd June in our class assembly.

19th May

Next week in year 4 our English will be SPAG and reading based. We will continue to develop our dictionary skills and recap on previous work including the plural and possessive S. This week in English the children have been writing persuasive letters and reports and they have been so persuasive with their reports into why we should have golden time every week. That we will be having a special whole afternoon of golden time on Thursday.

In maths we are starting our unit of work on multiplication and division. Everyone needs to be able to use all their tables and linked division facts quickly and accurately to help them multiply two and three digit numbers and solve problems.

In science last week we finished our work on teeth and started exploring the digestive system. We will continue to learn about human digestion and then move onto food chains and explore different prey and predators along with producers and consumers, which all form part of our eco system.

In RE and art we are going to use the story of Noah to examine how God keeps his promises and create collages to be part of our school RE display of ‘God’s wonderful world’.

Hopefully if the weather is kind we will also be planting our seedlings outside. Thank you for the very kind donation of compost from the Lewis Family.

12 th May.

Next week we will be finishing our maths unit on addition and subtraction. We will be using rounding and inverse to check our answers and also solving a range of word problems.

In English we will be finishing our unit on persuasive writing. The children have been writing letters to persuade Mr Kendall to either keep or abolish break. (There were some impassioned points of view clearly argued!) They will be writing persuasive reports and also reading their work to each other in reading circles. We will also be developing our reading skills in guided reading.

In science we are looking forward to seeing the results of our tooth decay experiment.(Although Mrs Lawson is a little worried about the smell!) On Tuesday we set up 5 hard boiled eggs in a range of liquids and we will see how the liquids have effected the egg shells which are replicating tooth enamel. We will also start exploring the human digestive system.

We will be designing and making Viking cloak pins as part of our topic and DT work.

In PE we will be finishing our 1970's disco dance the children have all been emulating John Travolta and strutting their stuff on the dance floor with a range of moves designed by Darcey Bussell as part of her diversity dance programme.

This week in year 4 …

In maths we have been doing place value. We learned to add and subtract using place value. We also did a maths test for the end of term, so that Mrs Lawson knows what we know and don’t know. Also we did some Easter problem solving!

In P.E we are doing cricket. We have learned how to bowl. Year 4 are doing cricket with two different teachers, we have Mr Sanderson and Emily.

In Art we used plaster of Paris to anchor braches into pots. We are decorating the pots to make them have the Easter spirit. We have all taken our Easter trees home to share with our families.

In English we are doing Poems we even are entering a competition organised by Divine chocolate and Christian aid. The poems have to include Divine chocolate and you can’t include any other make of chocolate. The theme is sharing tastes divine. We wrote Acrostic poems about London as part of English and topic.

In Science we finished our topic about Sound. Everybody did a test about Sound and Pitch. We have started to learn about nature and habitats by planting seeds!

By Isobel and Emily L.

Week ending 31/04

This week in year 4 we have been learning about….


Experiments in Science. We had a metronome and then put the metronome in different materials to see if we could still hear it. Our aim was to try and find the best materials that were sound proof. We also explored pitch by using milk bottles with different amounts of water in.



In Maths we have been learning place value. We have been recapping on rounding and counting in a range of different multiples.


In English we have been rehearsing our poem for our class assembly we have also performed our poem to our parents. We have just finished the Iron Man topic in English!


All of year 4 wrote a recount for are London trip and then chose a sentences or 2 for our class assembly. We also created fact files for different places in London.



We had our last swimming session this week and all of us had the opportunity to be assessed for our next certificate. There were some fantastic achievements. Thank you to those parents who have given up their time to come with us and support our swimming lessons.


By Max and Gabriel



On the 21st of March years 3 and 4 went on a school trip to London.

In the morning we had an early breakfast and arrived at school at 7:30. We climbed on a big yellow bus and set off. It took 4 hours to get to London, and we finally arrived at 11.45. After that we got off the coach. We went to Royal Festival Hall to eat a snack before we set off to go on the London Eye.

London Eye

We got on the London Eye at 12:30 and stayed on for 30 minutes. The tour guide told us lots of interesting facts about London and told us about all of the famous landmarks and buildings. There was more than 32 capsules and the London Eye is 17 years old and 135m tall. We could see as far as Wembley stadium and many other famous landmarks.

River cruise

After another snack we climbed aboard the river boat. We sat back in our comfortable seats and enjoyed spectacular views of many bridges and building. Our guide gave us lots of interesting information and useful facts. Did you know that the only bridge that was built on time and under budget was constructed by women during World War 2. It also cleans its self every time it rains. We also learnt that the Tower of London used to be a zoo and you could get in free if you bought a cat or dog to feed the lions!

4D experience

We went in a 4D experience. They blew cold air to be wind at you to start, then they blew soap to be snow, bubbles to be bubbles and water to be rain. The screen was 3D. But we all enjoyed the experience.

We would like to thank Mrs Burton, Mrs Reid, Mrs Smith and finally Mrs Poole for making our trip a dream.

By Jess, Grace, Max, Alice, Emily L and Vikita

Week ending 17.3.17

This week in year 4

We have been doing …

In English we have read chapters 3, 4 and 5 of the Iron Man and written newspaper reports about it. We worked in partners to write plans and then we worked individually to write the actual report. Then we edited it to improve our work and filled in a check list.

In Maths we have been learning about area and perimeter. At the beginning of the week we’ve been reading clocks and telling the time. We measured objects like maths books, tables, calculators and even the classroom!

In topic this week we have been comparing Paris and London in preparation for our trip to London next week.

Our science lesson involved us listening to a musical box and deciding which materials we could hear the music through most clearly. It was really clear in the tin and cardboard box but trickier to hear in the wooden desk draw and we were unable to hear the music when we put the musical box in a jug of water. (We did look and check the mechanism was still turning and it was still playing when we took the music box out of the jug.)

Natalie, Maisy and Ronnii

Week ending 10th March 2017

Another busy week has flown passed in year 4. We have been learning how to write newspaper front pages and have written some very creative headlines. We are going to continue reading The Iron Man and writing newspaper reports next week. In guided reading we worked in groups to share the poem ‘The coming of the Iron Man.’

In maths we have been doing battle with measurement word problems and developing our ability to tell the time to the nearest minute using both digital and analogue clocks.

We started our new science topic on sound this week and carried out a number of experiments to explore how sound is linked to vibrations. These included using tuning forks and seeing what happened when we put rice on top of a drum before playing it. We also carried out a sound survey around the school.

In RE we finished off our colour poems and used paint, pastels and crayons to illustrate them. We are going to make all our poems into a class book to share.

On Friday the whole class enjoyed their first session of cricket coaching. There are 4 more sessions to follow as we develop our batting, bowling and fielding skills.

This week in year 4 Week ending: Friday 3rd March 2017

In English we read the first bit of the Iron Man and wrote newspaper reports then read the first chapter of “The iron man” by Ted Hughes. We looked for adjectives in the first chapter to describe objects and wrote similes about to describe him. We drew our own robots, described them and then wrote a description about them.

In Maths we have been looking at measuring and we have been looking at different types of scales. We’ve been looking at length, capacity and weight. Also we’ve measured objects in length, capacity and weight.

In topic we enjoyed sharing our research homework on different European countries. Everyone had worked very hard and we found out lots of information. It was interesting to see power points, posters and booklets.

In R.E we wrote colour poems and thought about how colours would match emotions. On Friday we had a prayer day, doing lots of different activities like using salt dough, making love hearts about who we love, planting bulbs and blowing bubbles these all helped us to understand about different ways of praying.

Also we went for our 1st swimming lesson at Jack Hunt. We all had fun at swimming, we had an assessment to see how good we are and hopefully we will improve by our last lesson.

By Vikita and Natalie.

This Week in Year 4

Week ending 17th of February

In Maths we have been creating bar graphs, line graphs and pictograms. We have been drawing both horizontal and vertical bar graphs. We asked our teacher and 2 children, our teacher and one child preferred bar graphs and the other child preferred pictograms.

In English we are creating information leaflets about European countries. Some people worked in pairs and some people worked by themselves, we all noted down facts about the countries in our jotters after using the I pads for research.

In Topic we are learning about European countries and the capitals of the countries. We used an information sheet and we had to fill the facts on the nearly blank sheet.

In P.E. we have completed our circuit dances with Mrs Wood and Mrs Lawson. With Mr Sanderson we have been doing cardio exercise circuits.

Also in ICT we have been playing the game called A.L.E.X., we also created our own challenge for our partners.

By Jessica and Vikita

Week ending 10/2/17

This week year 4 have been learning…

We have been dancing and making our own routines with partners in PE.

In maths we have been learning about tally charts, bar graphs and tables.

Also, in science we have been learning about electricity and circuits. We made switches out of cardboard paper clips and split pins. Then we tested them on a circuit.

Year 4 went over to visit the church to look at the stained glass windows they were beautiful! Then we came back to school and created our own windows.

Mrs Lawson has been teaching us about information text. On Tuesday we went into the hall and there were pieces of paper everywhere. All of year 4 had to pick them up until everybody had 10 different statements.

By Max and Cameron

This week in year 4 – Week ending 4th February

In our art and topic work we started looking at paintings by Monet. The lilies and bridge makes it look like a beautiful garden. All of us are making our own pictures inspired by his art.

In RE we listened to some pop music including Happy (Pharrell Williams) and Count on Me (Bruno Mars). We also listened to the Planets by Holst.

In maths we have been learning about fractions and numbers with decimal points. We have also been converting money into decimal points.

In English we have been writing about the teacher pleaser machine. We have been inventing and explaining our own machines.

On Monday Claire Cunningham came in and she is an Olympic athlete! We did a very hard circuit with her and it included press-ups, star jumps and sit-ups. Before brake time Claire did an assembly about her story of becoming an athlete.

By Sophie and Tilly

Week ending 27th January

This week in year 4.

In Maths we have been learning about adding, subtracting and comparing fractions with decimals. Also we have been doing fraction loop cards and decimals and fractions pairs.

In English we have been writing our own explanation texts about The Teacher Pleaser and the Cat feeding machine. We asked our teacher and two children about which ones were their favourite, the teacher obviously said that her personal favourite was the teacher pleaser because it would help her to every job and would make her food and drinks, and the two children said that they liked the teacher pleaser.

During our SPAG lessons we have been learning how to use inverted commas by doing worksheets. Also we have done a test about inverted commas and how to use them.

In P.E. we have been learning about fitness work and circuits with Mr Sanderson, our P.E. teacher. We worked in groups and ran to different exercises like spotty dogs, opposite hand to leg, star jumps and ski jumps.

Also in science we used an instruction book to make electric circuits. We had 15 minutes to make, draw and write what happened. We tested some items to see if they were insulators or conductors.

art we have been making Mondrian pictures, also we had a choice of either of colouring or sticking coloured paper. We also made pink handprints for a whole school display linked to Christian worship in our school.

In R.E. we have been making doves to represent peace. From the Noah’s Ark we decided that the doves have olive branches in their mouths. We also put dark green glitter on their olive branches, and we wrote what peace means to us. Mrs Poole also created ‘’A Space To Reflect picture.

By Vikita and Maisy and Eden

Week ending 20th January

This week in year 4 we continued to learn about fractions in maths and are doing tackling tables in mental maths.

In Science we are building our own circuit boards using the Snap circuit kits.

We have labelled a map of Europe in our topic discovering Europe are looking at Mondrian in art as he was from the Netherlands.

In English all the class wrote their own adventure stories. We are learning inverted commas and direct speech in SPAG to help us with our stories. We used reading circles to share our adventures stories with each other.

We practised stretches in P.E with Mr Sanderson and checked our pulse.

We are looking at environment songs in music and practising with ocarinas.

By Kai and Taylor