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Next week in Year 5...

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.



Well in our ‘penultimate week’ in Year 5 the children will be really busy with rehearsing and performing the Production. There is also a Eucharist celebration on Monday in school for the children. We are hoping to complete our English topic on Myths (time allowing) with a hot-write and spellings will happen as normal on Monday. We are also hoping to complete painting our Greek pots which will then be sent home, along with other art work as we start to clear the decks! We will also be making our own Trojan Horses (time allowing) and any cereal boxes would be gratefully received on MONDAY next week.


We will be doing Tackling Tables for the last time this year next Tuesday. 8 children moved onto new levels this week (which kept me busy!) and any more are very welcome to move this week too! What else we can fit into next week will wait to see but hopefully some Topic and Spanish.


In science we will be learning about changes during puberty and in RE we wil be looking at words of wisdom from the bible.  We also hope to fit in some tennis.


In the final week of term we will be sorting out books to send home (some books will be sent up to Year 6) and the children will need a STRONG bag as we have got lots to send you. I know some children may not be around for this so please can they arrange for another child to take their work home as there are major refurbs going on in school and there will be nowhere to store them?


Enjoy the sunshine and dare we say it – the football?



Hi everyone,

Time rapidly rushing by now!

This next week will see the children have a morning in Year 6 with Mrs. Mulqueen (hasn’t it come round quickly?). It will also see final rehearsals for the KS2 Production (remember costumes due in this week please in a named bag), so we will be taking any opportunities to get our dance fully up to perfection point!

Our English will be returning to the unit on myths as well as continuing with our spellings (always available on the website!). We will be continuing book talk sessions with our class book, ‘The girl of Ink and Stars’.

In maths, after our arithmetic and reasoning assessment, we will be looking at areas that need revisiting from across the curriculum.

Topic work continues looking at Greek entertainment, with Homer as a guide, and making a simple Greek mask. We will also be starting to paint our Greek pots and also making models of Trojan Horses. Spanish – the children will be learning to tell the time.

science we will be looking at the growth of babies in the womb and developmental stages in childhood. RE we are considering words of wisdom from the Qur’an. For PE we will see the finals of the football tournament that children participated in this week.

Enjoy the sunshine!



Just 4 weeks left in Year 5! Where has the time gone to?


Next week there is all sorts going on..... most lessons will be based around creative World Cup activities (although there is a Fractions assessment at the beginning of the week and spelling will happen at some point on Monday) including a Year 4 – 6 world cup 7 a side football tournament including all children (so no PE Monday).  Tuesday morning is of course ‘Learn with your child’ from 9 – 10:15am where we will be welcoming parents in to help their children with a lesson.


We will also be continuing with our science topic by looking at reproduction and gestation in animals.  Have a look at the photos on the school website of our pond dipping from yesterday.


The children have now been put into groups ready for their dance so please can they keep practising at home?  



Hi everyone,

Next week in Year 5 we will be continuing our work on Myths in English lessons and hopefully (time permitting) launching our new class reader. The books given to us by Camilla Chester, a new children’s author, are going down well and the first review has been posted to Twitter and on Goodreads – bit of a battle going on with Amazon atm! Spelling lessons and tests are back to normal next week (new spellings were set last week and are always available on the website).

In maths, we will be studying our final lessons in the Fractions unit, looking at finding percentages of amounts, and then working on problem solving with fractions, decimals and percentages. There will again be a push on Tackling Tables as we try to ensure every child is moving to where Y5 children should be with their tables knowledge, moving them off green as quickly as possible (Year 3 level). We will also be completing our measures unit and finishing off with a test!

In Art, we will be decorating our Greek plates and continuing with the clay pots. Our topic work, co-ordinating with our English work will be continuing studying how the Greek language works particularly verbs and also looking at the myth of Persephone and discussing the reasons for myths and hopefully making ‘Persephone’s flowers’ which were given as gifts. In Spanish, we will be moving onto Donde Vives? (Where do you live?)

In science, we are starting to look at lifecycles. We will be doing a pond dip at school on Thursday afternoon to see if we can find any insects and amphibians at different stages of the life cycle. We will be looking at Islamic words of wisdom in RE and children are continuing with their websites in ICT.

We will be moving on with our ball skills in PE on Monday (or dance depending on the weather!). On Friday, it’s sports day. Our class chose to do a sack race. There will also be a round robin of events and the traditional running races.



Hi everyone

Looking forward to an exciting week next week as our ‘Greek Day’ finally happens! Costumes at the ready? They can be worn to school as we are participating in activities all day. The children have all taken on Greek names for the day and should be researching the origins of their name before Monday please. Homework will be set on Tuesday and that is also when spelling tests will happen.

In maths next week we will be comparing and ordering decimals to help the children deepen their understanding of place value. We will also be ‘Tackling Tables’ on Tuesday and now our aim is to move any children on green levels onwards (green is equivalent to Year 3 level). Anyone working beyond red base level is now in the correct place for their age and will be working with fluency using their tables knowledge. We will also be completing our measures unit.

The English unit on persuasion will continue as children apply the techniques they have seen and heard from several battle speeches in to their own writing, finishing with a hot write and, if time, performing their battle speeches. We will be finishing reading our class book ‘Holes’ and then watching the film at the end of the week. Please let us know if you would rather your child did not see the film. It is Disney, but rated PG.

Continuing our topic work on Wednesday we will be learning about Pythagoras and his theorem and continuing to grow in competence at using the Greek alphabet to transliterate. We will hopefully get a chance to continue our Spanish learning also by reviewing where we are at and trying to put this into short conversations or monologues.

We will be having a whole school RE day at the end of the week which will involve a variety of activities to encourage mindfulness, recognising our individuality and creation.

There will be no spellings set for the holiday, also when we return we are on residential so spellings will be ‘returning soon’.

Have a lovely half term.



Hi Everyone

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine? The children are enjoying playing on the field in the sunshine!

Next week is SAT’s week for Year 6 so will create a few changes for us (it will be your children next year!) like TA’s being used to support Year 6 children and playtimes being variable in time to match the end of tests so please bear with us as we try to keep to a ‘normal’ routine.

In maths we will be looking at thousandths (decimals) before moving onto developing the kill of rounding by applying it to rounding decimals with two decimal places to whole numbers and to the nearest 1 decimal place. We will also be looking at comparing numbers with up to 3 decimal places. We are about 3 weeks away from the end of this unit so will be learning to apply all the skills we have learnt to problem solving soon. We will also be putting our time skills to the test to convert units of time and solve time problems. Tackling tables will be taking place as normal on Tuesday afternoon and CONGRATULATIONS now we have NO children on Blue level! Green level children we’re on your case next!!

Our English unit ‘Battlecry’ is proving quite popular and next week we will be looking at further examples of battle speeches from Gladiator and Braveheart. Children will be taking ideas from these speeches in preparation for writing their own persuasive battle speech.

The children are really enjoying our Booktalk book ‘Holes’ and as we near the end they are keen to have booktalk to find out what happens. Spellings will continue as normal.

PE on Monday will be outside weather permitting, learning skills needed for netball. We will also be doing rounders.

Art we will hopefully start to make the shields we have designed. In topic on Wednesday we will be looking at Pythagoras and mathematics in Ancient Greece.

In science we are starting our final unit on plant and animal life-cycles. This will take us to the end of the year!



Firstly we wish you all some sunshine and rest over bank holiday weekend – have fun!

Next week in maths we will be reviewing the Spring White Rose assessments (arithmetic and reasoning) and the children are quite welcome to share these with you once we have reviewed them. We will also be continuing our look at decimals. Fingers crossed we will be back to normal with Tackling Tables on Tuesday afternoon too. Spelling will be on Tuesday this week too (as there is no Monday in school). We will also be revising time work from previous years with a focus on 24hr clock times.

In English we will be starting with a cold write before beginning working on our new unit on persuasive battle cries. We will also be continuing with Booktalk on Holes, which the children are enjoying as it is getting quite exciting! Advance notice – we would like to show the children the film at the end of term after we have finished the book. It is a PG. Please can you let us know if you would prefer your child not to watch it.

In Topic we will be looking at the goddess Athena and learning the Greek alphabet and how to write our own names in it (and with mosaics if we get the time) whilst continuing the look at Greek words and how they work (etymology) in our language to this day.

In science we are looking at gears. I have asked the children who sometimes cycle to school, if they would be able to cycle on Thursday so we can have a look at the gears on a bike. 2-3 bikes (with gears) would be great. If you think you would be able to have your child come to school on Thursday on a bike, please could you let us know via email.

In RE we are looking at Sikh words of wisdom and children will be having a double ICT lesson (as they missed this week) to work on their websites.

Don’t forget the residential meeting on Wednesday at 4:15pm in the hall, children welcome.



Hi everyone,

So next week looks like being a slightly calmer and more predictable week (famous last words!)

In maths we will begin to learn about multiplying fractions by whole numbers and connecting this to finding fractions of amounts. We will then start to move onto decimals, changing fractions into decimals and reading decimals as fractions. We will be using Tackling Tables on Tuesday and still have just a couple of children on blue to get moving and then we will be aiming to move everyone on from green level, although division with remainders is proving challenging! We will also be learning to scale a recipe for more or less people before moving on to revise time.

English will see us complete the unit on balanced arguments this week. In spellings we will be learning about adverbials of time as well as completing a dictation testing words from the previous half term. Booktalk will continue, using ‘Holes’.

In other areas of the curriculum, the children will complete their shield designs (PLEASE send in cardboard for making shields) and some will also work on clay Greek pots. PE will be outside on both days (weather permitting). On Monday the children will continue developing their skills for netball (High Fives at this age) and Friday will be rounders (or Thursday if the weather looks bad for Friday). Topic will begin a look at Greek Democracy, and following my course last week, I am hoping, in the coming weeks, to teach the children some Greek words which helps them understand the etymology (the roots) of our language now. Spanish will continue embedding the language used for pets and animals. In science we will be looking at levels and pulleys. We are also starting a new RE topic next week on words of wisdom.



Welcome to the FINAL term of Year 5 (already!!)

This term will go even more quickly than the previous two and it is our aim to get your child as ‘Year 6’ ready as possible!

The children quickly got over the shock of ‘mornings’ and back into a very settled and calm routine (more quickly than the teachers anyway!!) 😉 Ask them to explain to you about the non-negotiables – they are going down a storm!!!

Changes to the timetable that you will need to know about are: PE days are now Monday and Friday and the children should be outside for all sessions so appropriate footwear is needed on both days. On Mondays, if the weather is inclement (we do live in England after all) the children will be doing line-dancing in the hall. Please have PE kits in all week in case of timetable changes.

Yesterday you should have received a letter via Parentpay regarding a day of workshops we are hoping to run which all sound very exciting for the children. Today the children have also been given a copy of some costume ideas for anyone who needs a bit of help – personally I’m bribing someone with the hope that they may help me out!! The letter will be scanned and uploaded to the website soon too in case the paper copy doesn’t make it home.

Next week I (Mrs. Clayton) will not be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday as I am attending an ‘Ancient Worlds’ course to gain further ideas and resources for our current topic. I will be setting the work for the supply teacher however, so the week should run as usual.

Work-wise in maths our work in fractions is continuing with finding fractions of quantities and applying this knowledge to problem solving situations. The children will also complete an assessment of the work covered in the Spring term, the results will be shared with you as soon as possible afterwards. We are also continuing with familiarising children with all units of measurements they may hear and use including imperial units such as pounds, stones, miles etc. Children will learn some approximate equivalents, but this is best practised in real life.

In English we will be learning about writing discussion texts (or balanced arguments) unpicking and working with the features of this text type. They will be learning about conjunctions and how they are used within sentences to oppose, reinforce and explain. Spellings will continue looking at Year 5/6 word patterns and it is essential that the children learn these and start to use them in their own writing. The new half terms list is on the website and the children also have a copy in their homework book – so no excuses for them not having them to hand to learn. They also have a new reading menu. We are working hard to complete ‘Holes’ in Booktalk and will soon be moving onto ‘The girl of Ink and Stars’ which ties in with our topic well.

Our topic ‘Greece Lightning’ has started with a KWL grid and a look at the location and climate of modern Greece. Next week we will be looking at who the Ancient Greeks were. Hoping also to fit in some Spanish looking at animals and pets.

In science we are making foil boats to find out how shape impacts on speed of travel though the water.

With the beautiful weather we are having, we should enjoy a lovely PE session outdoors on Friday to start out rounders unit.

Also if anyone has any more boxes – cereal or other supermarket type boxes, please bring them in flattened, as children will shortly be using them to make shield.

Thank you



Hi everyone,

8 more school days to go until the end of the Spring term – where does the time go?

Couple of reminders before we tell you what is in store next week.

There is a Sumdog competition running now which will be next week’s homework for maths. The children have been told that if they can get into the top 10 they will be rewarded with ‘something special’ dojos. They will, of course, also receive dojos for participating in the competition.

Next week the children will be going to the park on Wednesday afternoon to watch another rocket launch to commemorate another local soldier who died in WW1. They will need to have a coat in school on Wednesday especially if the weather turns again as predicted.

If you look on the school website you will see photos and videos from events this week, like the Capoeira workshops. We are constantly adding items to the website. Also on the websites page is a new link to a maths website for multiplication times tables testing (simulator) which will hopefully be fun for the children.

Next week in maths we will be continuing our work on fractions by comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators. We will also be looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers. Tackling Tables has seen several more children achieve new levels this week, we are now left with only 3 children still on blue level. We are trying to use every opportunity possible to help the children move up and have also started boosting the green multiplication children, who are on the next level up. We will also be estimating volume and capacity as well as familiarising the children with imperial units of measure and what they are used for.

In English the children will be continuing the work on journalism, learning about the skills needed for writing (direct and reported speech, adverbials and facts and opinions). We will be continuing our spelling work as usual on Monday as well as continuing with reading sessions using the book Holes.

Our topic work will be (art) some children completing their totem poles whilst others investigate the work of Leonora Carrington and begin to design and make a dreamcatcher. Also the children will be learning about the trade and agriculture of South America. If you have a chance, encourage them to notice any labels on foods that may indicate where they come from, which would be helpful prior to Wednesday. We will of course also be celebrating the samba dance in PE and the carnivals from Rio.

In science, we will be investigating the upthrust and the impact of shape and weight. In RE we have started a new unit on Salvation where we are learning about the Easter story and its significance for Christians.

Swimming, as usual, will be on Thursday afternoon.

Also Don’t forget that Easter Garden equipment is due into school on Monday 26th March and Creative homework is due in on Wednesday 28th March.




Hi everyone,

Firstly we wish you all a happy and restful weekend and hope you enjoy some special time with your families.

Next week in Y5 starts off with an exciting day of Capoeira workshops on Monday (1 hour each of drumming and dance). The children will need their PE kit in the afternoon on Monday to enable them to move freely in the dance session. Wednesday, as part of Science week, we will take part in a science workshop. The hall is out of use all day and as we will have had a dance session Monday, we will not be doing our usual dance lesson on Wednesday. Swimming will be on Thursday as usual.

In English we will be continuing our look at Journalism and also continuing our weekly spelling sessions. We will be trying to fit in sessions of Booktalk on ‘Holes’ as often as possible.

In maths we will be completing our cold fractions assessment to assess prior knowledge before launching into our work on fractions. This will start with equivalent fractions and how to compare fractions. Tackling Tables has been working successfully this week (admittedly with some targeted practice) and 8 children have moved up levels with another child reaching age expected levels. We will be continuing to target children still on blue and green levels as often as possible, to help them move forwards to more appropriate levels. In measures will be focusing on capacity – using the units of measurement, converting between them and estimating capacity.

On Tuesday the school photographer will be in school for class photos.

We will be hoping to complete our totem poles in art and continuing with our Spanish learning on family and possibly moving onto animals and pets. We will be starting a new RE topic that the whole school are working on about salvation. In ICT, children are finishing their stop motion animations of ‘The Highwayman’ and will be watching each other’s.

I made an error about the date for the lunchtime mile – it will be this coming week (on Friday). There are also sports activities going on at playtimes in the hall everyday, for children who wish to be involved.


Hi everyone

We hope you are all enjoying some normality as we say good bye to the snow.

Plans for this week have obviously changed a bit now as we are covering some lessons we had planned for last week.

In English we will be starting a new unit of work on the non-fiction topic of Journalism starting with the children reporting on ‘The beast from the East’. We will be tying this into our guided reading book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar as much as we can. Children will also be writing their own sentences using and punctuating parenthesis.

Our maths topic of multiplication and division will (hopefully) be coming to an end this week with a look at square and cubed numbers and also using remainders appropriately in short division, followed by our ‘hot’ test on this area and a cold test on fractions if we have time. Once these have been marked you will, of course, have an opportunity to review these at home with your child. Tackling Tables is really doing well with another 5 children moving up levels this week and another child reaching the ‘age expected levels’. We are really pushing for the 4 remaining children on Blue level (year 2 level) to move up asap and then we will start pushing from behind at green level. We will also be converting units of measure where children should become confident in multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and knowing when to times or divide.

In other areas, we will be continuing making our totem poles in art and our topic work will be the lesson that was planned for last week on climate in South America and looking at human and physical geography. We will also be continuing our PE unit on dance from South America – the Samba dance.

BIT OF HOMEWORK FOR THE ADULTS – Please let me know if you can find a Youtube clip of samba dancing from Rio which is possible to share with the children (body parts covered please!) I would like to share with them a video clip of the amazing costumes and dancing (by men and women) but it is proving quite challenging!

World book day has been rescheduled for Thursday so costumes can be used and don’t forget to bring in books for the book swap. We will be swimming on Thursday afternoon so please ensure no make-up or hair dye.

In science we will be looking at air resistance and planning an investigation into what makes an effective parachute. In ICT children will continue with their lego animations of ‘The Highwayman’.

On Friday children will be running a mile at lunch time for Sports Relief. Please ensure children have PE kit at school.

The capoeira workshops are getting closer – Monday 12th March!

Lastly, if anyone has any empty flattened cereal boxes could you bring them in to school before Monday for a project we are doing.

Thank you



Hi everyone and welcome back to the second half of the Spring term.

We hope you had an enjoyable half term break. The children have certainly come back refreshed and have quickly settled into working again.

In maths we are nearing the end of our unit on multiplication and division and will be looking at short division further next week, (the bus stop method) and applying our knowledge to using remainders and making sense of word problems. Four children moved up levels in Tackling Tables and, with moving onto fractions soon, their knowledge and skills will continue to be used daily in maths lessons. Helping your child improve can make a massive difference to both their confidence and understanding, so thank you for your support in this area. If your child is working below age expected levels, as they progress through the levels, we will send you home a copy of the new level for your child to practice. We hope this is helpful to you. They will also be putting these multiplication and division skills in to practise as they convert between different units of measure e.g. grams to kilograms.

In English we will be completing our work looking at a variety of types of poetry next week. The children had great fun this week with performance poetry and using personification. Book talk will continue, (for the rest of the half term) with ‘Holes’. Spelling tests continue as usual and next Monday will also see a review of all the spelling patterns taught this half term too, to check that children are retaining their knowledge.

Next week will include two exciting days – World Book Day on Thursday and RE day on Friday. For World Book Day children can dress as a book character. As we will still be swimming on Thursday afternoon, please don’t use make-up, face-paint or hair dye. Please remember to bring in any books that are not read at home anymore and children will be able to swap them for a book they have not read. For RE day we will be focusing on self-esteem and mindfulness with a range of activities to help the children reflect and build confidence. Remember to bring in jars or bottles as soon as possible next week so we can make arrangements to make glitter jars on Friday.

In other areas of the curriculum the children will be starting to make their totem poles next Monday. In topic we will continue our look at human and physical features of geography in South America and also learn about different types of climate. We are looking forward to our Capoeira workshop in two weeks and if you haven’t yet, please can you check out the details sent out on Parent Mail as it would be very sad to lose this opportunity.

Our Spanish work has moved onto La Familia and children are learning names for various family members and finding information about family to answer questions from a Spanish text.



Hi everyone,

Will keep this brief as we loom nearer to half term and we will be catching up with most of you next week at parents evenings. If your child is not yet working at age expected levels in tackling tables we will give you their current ‘test sheet’ so that you have the option to support their learning with more focus. We will also be giving you a list of the Year 3 / 4 NC words so you can see where your child is currently sitting. We will no longer be working on these words and will instead be focusing on the Year 5 / 6 words. Should you want your child retesting on any of the Y3 / 4 words, we can retest them and update their records, just let us know. We will do this extra test just before the Easter holidays if you have requested it. Any assessments the children complete in school, they know they can bring home to share with you, we ask that they are returned to school after this.

Thank you for your support with The Kindertransport. The photos from the rehearsals and the performance have been uploaded onto the class page on the school website, under the photos tab. The children and staff enjoying watching the performance on Friday.

Next week will see us spending time sharing the creative homeworks (Tuesday morning) and we will hopefully put them on display for you all to see over the course of parents evenings. English will see us carrying on with spellings (homophones) and also the unit of work on the Highwayman (narrative poetry). Book talk on holes will continue also, which the children seem to be enjoying.

Maths we will be working on formal methods for multiplication and division (which will also continue after half tem). Tackling tables will be revisited as every week. We will also be calculating area of composite rectilinear shapes and estimating the area of irregular shapes. In art the children will be working with Mrs. Mulqueen on pop art (Andy Warhol) and will also be cooking for the final time as our topic on North America (a whistle-stop tour) ends. We move onto South America after half term.

In Spanish we will be continuing the work on families (ran out of time this week). We will have our last lesson on handball where we will play some matches. After half term we start swimming on Thursdays.

Don’t forget; this Thursday we are going on a trip to Woolsthorpe Manor to start off our next science topic on forces. Children will need to be in school uniform and bring: a packed lunch, drink and coat. Normal times apply for school starting and finishing.

Apart from spellings there will be no homework set on Monday as we want the children to enjoy their half term break refreshed and come back ready to work.

ADVANCED NOTICE:- As has become a Year 5 tradition, the children will be making an Easter Garden to bring home during the last week of this term (w/c Monday 26th March). There will be a list of equipment sent home shortly (trying to give you as much notice as possible) and most of it can be found for free if you have a garden. If you decide to buy a bag of compost instead of soil, sharing bags between groups of friends may make it easier. I will send the letter home next week so you should have plenty of time to nose around in your garden sheds. 😊



Hi everyone,

I’m sure you will agree - the children did a fantastic job performing today at Peterborough Regional College, and what a fantastic opportunity to get to meet and hear from Liane herself. We’re really proud of them! Thanks to all who came to support them. We are hoping to perform it to the school next week so please keep hold of any stars and Nazi’s flags that children took home and have their bags at the ready. We’ll let you know when we have a date.

Next week should be a little calmer after the excitement of this week, although don’t forget the children will be attending the Table Tennis tournament at AMVC on Wednesday.

In maths we will be taking some mini assessments to see how the children are retaining the knowledge taught so far in Year 5, before continuing with our multiplication and division unit, moving on from mental methods to using formal methods. Also working on Tackling tables too, still plugging away to get children to the correct levels (Blue levels 2, 5 and 10 times tables; Green 3, 4 and 8; Red 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12). Later in the week we will be continuing to calculate perimeter and then moving on to find area.

The English unit on The Highwayman narrative poem continues along with Booktalk sessions using ‘Holes’. Spellings as normal on Monday looking at homophones and continuing our Y3/4 NC words check. In SPaG we will be looking at verbs and tenses including simple past, future and present tense.

In topic we will be looking at times zones across the world and the varied geographical features of North America. Art will look at the pop art work of Andy Warhol & of course cooking will continue. In Spanish we will extend our learning of family words to other members of the family, adding to the brother and sister vocabulary we have learnt this week. For RE we will be discussing leadership and look at the skills and qualities Guru Nanak displayed as a Sikh leader. In science we are concluding our topic on materials by looking at chemical reactions and recapping investigation skills learnt so far. We will kick off our new topic on forces with a trip the following week (8th Feb). If you haven’t sent payment or permission yet, please do so.

Don’t forget to book your appointments for parents evening or structured conversations so we can fill you in on progress. This is the final parents evening of the year.



Hi everyone

Thank you for all your prompt answers to the Kindertransport transport email. We are very excited for next week.

Monday FINAL REHEARSAL with Mark our director. Please make sure your child knows their line(s) really well as they also have a lot to remember about moving around and changing props – which reminds us – please can they bring their props in on Monday?

Friday will see the children working with two other schools in preparation for the afternoon performance, which forms part of the World Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th. Should you want to find out more about the events happening world wide check out the website:

The power of words is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. (and the title of the performance)

Words can make a difference – both for good and evil.

'I want to go on living even after my death! And that’s why I am so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that’s in me. When I write I can shake off all my cares; my sorrow disappears; my spirits are revived.' - Anne Frank, written in her diary, 5 April 1944.

Spoken and written words from individuals, corporations, community organisations or the state, can have a huge impact, whether good or bad. The theme for HMD 2018 explores how language has been used in the past, and how it is used in the present day.

In English the children are now working on the Narrative poetry unit ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes, which we will be investigating, looking at poetry structure, rhymes and description. Spellings will continue with looking at the suffix – ship and how words change by using it. We will also start a review of both the Y3/4 NC words and the Y5/6 words and at parents evening we will be sharing with you how your child is doing in reading and spelling these. Booktalk will use the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, which ties in with our topic work on America.

Maths will continue with multiplication and division, looking at mental maths methods and using known multiplication facts to help them work out more challenging questions. We will then start to look at multiplying numbers up to 4 digits by a 1 digit number firstly, using a formal written method. We will also be learning how to calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

There will not be any art or cooking this week due to the rehearsal, however the Y6 children will be baking and sharing their cooking so that Y5 can taste the recipe.

PE will continue working on group routines using the apparatus, the children are really working imaginatively and challenging themselves, working cooperatively in teams. In handball children will be finding ways to dodge from a partner and jump to pass, receive, score and intercept.

Our topic lesson will complete the work on climates started last week and also naming the countries in North America. In Spanish we will be looking at family words ‘la familia’.

Finally, in RE children will be looking at images of Sikhs in Britain and considering how they contribute to our community in many of the same ways as each of us contributes to our British community.



Dear Parents

And the end of another week (already)! We will be in touch regards the Kindertransport performance as soon as we have further information. Apologies that we can’t share that with you yet, although we are assuming it will be an afternoon performance as the children are needed all day. We have booked a coach to take the children to the venue and would like to know, if you are intending attending, if you are able to take your child home with you? We need to confirm how many children need transport provided for them asap.

Next week in maths the work on multiplication and division will continue. We have been looking at factors and multiples this week and have just moved onto common factors. We have an investigation planned next week to help the children discover (& remember) properties of numbers. We will also be looking at line graphs and using them to answer questions based on the information in the graph. Tackling Tables work will continue and we cannot stress how important it is that children have rapid recall of their tables knowledge as it is essential for this unit of work and also the next unit on Fractions (as well as throughout year 6). Without that level of recall the children struggle to show their understanding and develop firm foundations in their maths. Please support them in this as we still have a few children on blue level, and quite a few more on green. Year 5 children should be working on the extension levels beyond red level.

In English we will be starting a new unit of work on narrative poetry. Our spellings work will continue with a cold and hot spell on Monday each week, next week looking at the -ness suffix and how it changes nouns. The children will also be completing a simple grammar assessment to begin to familiarise them with how grammar will be tested throughout Year 5 and into Year 6.

Our topic work will continue on the Americas, identifying the 23 countries of North America. Art we will be looking at a famous American artist and his style of painting, whilst some children will be making us another taste of American cooking (chocolate chip cookies last week – yum!) Please keep sending in the Pringles tubes.

In science we will be looking at changes in materials that are irreversible. Children will have the opportunity to see what happens when certain materials are mixed and watch the reaction made by the mixture.

Children are learning about resilience in PSHE and we will start a new RE topic on Sikhism next week; starting with considering our own identity and belonging.



Hi everyone

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas holiday and Happy New Year to you all!

We have had a lovely 2 days back; starting with the kindertransport workshop on Thursday. Children have taken the script home today so they can learn their lines. Please could they keep the script in their home-school folder so we can read through when we have a spare 15 minutes. The children will have one more day with Mark before the performance day at Peterborough Regional College. This will be on the 22nd January with the performance on the 26th. Children will need all their props on both of these days.

The children spent Friday morning moving around all the KS2 classes to take part in some literacy challenge activities.

Next week in English the children will resume their weekly spellings and will also work on reports as part of our new topic launch ‘The Amazing Americas’. As part of the first half term’s topic we will be working across Years 5 & 6 for art and DT and will have a small group cooking each week (with both classes ‘tasting’) so please let us know if you child has any food allergies. Could you also save any Pringles tubes you may have (or get) as we will be needing them in a few weeks for a DT project – each child will need one so if you have more than one please feel free to send them in to help others who may not have brought one in. EXCITING TIMES!

Maths we will be continuing our work on multiplication and division for several more weeks and tackling tables will be restarting – so get your child practising. We will also be looking at timetables and solving problems from timetables.

PE will be happening on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon this half term.

We will continue with our science topic about materials by looking at reversible changes. Children will learn how to separate mixtures including how to separate solutions.

As a school we are working on several aspects of school life, one being general behaviour and responding appropriately to instructions, lining up and moving around the school as well as looking after their own and school possessions. We will also be reminding children that we are a healthy eating school and that break time snacks should be healthy as stated by the school.

We will also be working on the Learning power of resilience, encouraging the children to become independent problem solvers and to be more confident working, and that making mistakes is part of the learning process and is not a failure. We have already been working on ‘co-operative learning groups’ and this will become more of a focus over the term ahead as well.



Hi everyone

As the term rushes onwards towards Christmas here is a glimpse of what is coming up next week (as far as we can tell!):

Maths - we have started the new unit of work on multiplication and division and will be looking at dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, having been multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 this week. We have stressed to the children that you do NOT 'just add a zero' as when multiplying 2.6 by 10 you would end up with 2.60 which is not correct. The decimal point DOES NOT MOVE - we say it is like a nail in the wall, the digits move to the left for multiplying and to the right for division. Tackling Tables will continue next week also and again, this week we have seen several children move on levels - just 6 children remaining on blue division level and they are mostly near full scores now.

As our current English unit has finished we will be having a few English lessons focusing on the Year 5 grammar skills that the children need to be familiar with, they will be completing a grammar assessment in the new year. It is good experience for them as they do face a 'SPaG test' in Year 6 as parts of SAT's. We will, of course, be doing our normal spelling lesson on Monday too. We will also be finding similes in the poem “Twas the night Before Christmas’.

Tuesday is our morning for Creative Homework sharing and on Wednesday we get to watch the KS1 Nativity Dress rehearsal.

will be working on completing our DT work on bomb shelters and also our painting montages as well as more traditional Christmas Crafts such as calendars, cards and ornaments over the next week and a few days.

We will be having a science afternoon on Thursday where we will be looking at the best materials to conduct electricity.

As an end to our WW2 topic we would like to watch 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' with the class during the last week. It is certified as a PG certificate and if you would rather your child did not watch this film, please inform us so that your child can be given some other fun work to complete in a different area during this.

Merry Christmas to you all.



Hi Everyone

Another week has gone flashing by and we are now well and truly in the ‘advent’ period, counting down until Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who supported our school in the Sumdog challenge this week, Year 5 came 3rd out of the 55 entries into the competition (and TOP class from the PcG entries😊 with 29 children helping us and several Y5 children featuring in the top 50, including one in second place).

Next week we will be starting our new maths number topic ‘Multiplication and Division’ with a ‘cold’ assessment. We will also be looking at timetables – if you see any this week bring them in – swimming pool timetables, train timetables, lesson timetables. Our English unit on ‘The Piano’ a short narrative flashback unit, will conclude this week, after a couple more lessons, with a ‘hot task’. Spellings as normal this week on Monday.

Art (montage) and DT (shelter) will continue and in topic we will be recording information learnt from the afternoon tea as well as working on Evacuation if time allows. We will also be trying to fit in some short rehearsals for the Christingle, which is happening on Wednesday evening starting at 7pm. Tackling Tables is progressing well with most children making great progress. Please continue to encourage them to practice the specific tables for the level they are on (there is a list of which tables are covered in each level on the class page on the school website if you are unsure). Focused practice of specific tables will help them progress more quickly.

will be outside for orienteering on Thursday, weather permitting, and finishing off our RE unit as children complete their creative piece.

Friday will see the next full day rehearsal for Kindertransport and children should be ready to bring their bag in with them please as mentioned previously.

Have a good weekend.



Hi Everyone

Welcome to the weekly update and future dates you may want to make a note of.

Preparations are underway for our assembly next week – Thursday 30th November 9am, with the children deciding what they want to share with you and how.

Also next week is our WW2 Afternoon tea event – please could you let us know if you are able to provide us with any cakes please so that we can finalise our arrangements for this invaluable event. Also any more visitors you are intending bringing?

Kindertransport news:

have two scheduled rehearsals coming up, firstly on Friday 8th December, when the children will need their ‘bag’. They have been told not to buy anything new but to find a rucksack or a little case and have a teddy bear (traditional style if possible or a football) and possibly a newspaper for the boys. They will also need a hat and scarf if possible, caps or old fashioned hats would be ideal but woolly hats if not.

Second (& final rehearsal) on Monday 22nd January with the performance at Peterborough Regional College during the day on Friday 26th January. Further details will follow in the New Year.

In school, as well as all the rehearsals, we are continuing our maths work on addition and subtraction, with about another 3 lessons to go before the ‘hot’ assessment. On Thursdays and Friday we will be starting a new unit on statistics – beginning with looking at tables before moving on to timetables. Time skills are important for this so it help if your child can work out how long it is until school starts, what time a swimming lesson will end if it starts at 4.45pm and last for 30 minutes etc. These are great skills to practise verbally at home.

In English we will be continuing our unit of work on short films using the flashback technique, reminding children of the features needed for story writing, whilst extending these skills to use this new technique. A lot of the children are being given a target of writing in more detail to support the preparation for Y6. Although we all know that quantity is not the same as quality, the children must write enough to allow themselves to show their full range of skills – at least 1 side of A4, which not many children are yet producing.

Our topic work this week is obviously learning from the real experiences of others during the afternoon tea, whilst also learning the art of asking pertinent questions and listening and making notes of the answers. The children will be using what they learn during lessons later in the week. Art and DT will continue with building up pictures for a montage of images from WW2 and starting to build our bomb shelters too.

In science we will be following on from our investigation into thermal insulators as we learn how do to a scientific write up. If time allows we will be testing materials for their electrical conductivity as well.

In orienteering, we will be using maps of the school to find stations. Children will need warm PE kits as the weather is definitely getting colder!

Other reminders – SUMDOG goes live at 8am on Friday 24th and will run until Thursday 30th at 8pm. This time last year this class won the competition – no pressure but we are very competitive!! 😉

Hope the Creative homeworks are progressing well? We are looking forward to seeing them in school on TUESDAY 12thDECEMBER.



Dear Parents

Looking forward to next week we are excited for the cinema trip on Tuesday morning (children should just bring their normal healthy snacks) to see ‘Captain Underpants’.

In maths we will be continuing our unit of work on addition and subtraction, working on using rounding before applying their knowledge to problem solving (always a challenging area and one a lot of children still have outstanding on their targets). We also noticed this week that a lot of children are struggling with number bonds to 100 – for instance what goes with 67 to make 100, so we will also be working on improving this basic mental maths skill too. In shape, children will be learning how to translate shapes and using co-ordinates describe the new position of the shape. Tackling tables has seen more children move up levels and we also had some success in the Primary Maths Challenge this week with one child beating the Year 6 children who entered too! The group of target children who entered all worked extremely hard against some quite challenging problems. GO YEAR 5!

Sumdog maths competition will also be starting at 8am on Friday 24th November running until 8am 30th November. Children will be given this as their maths homework this week, so it doesn’t need recording in their books, but can you encourage them to take part.

We will begin a unit of work on narrative writing in English, working from a short film connected with our topic (keeping the film a secret until after next week). Our spellings last week focused on Modal verbs, which ties in with Y5 grammar (they are verbs which work with another verb and show the possibility that the verb will happen: should, could, can, must, might) – when used in writing they can lift the quality of the skills shown. Children will also learn about active and passive voice as part of the grammar lesson and will practise reading skills and comprehension of text in book talk.

Topic work will include art and DT (shelters, posters and also beginning work on a montage of war pictures) and also looking at evacuation and rationing. Our WW2 afternoon tea is rapidly approaching and we are wondering if any of you would be kind enough to volunteer to make some cakes to help us entertain our visitors please? Time seems to be running away with us as we plan for this and the Y5 assembly on Thursday 30th November! Also if you have any relatives who may like to come and share their experiences with us please could you let us know so that we can plan for the event? Thank you to those of you who already have.

In science children will be investigating the best thermal insulator to keep lunch bags cool. They will be thinking scientifically about how to conduct the experiment, what resources they will need and how to make the test fair. Continuing our RE topic, children will be making a creative piece to express their ideas about injustice and equality. As part of our orienteering unit in PE, children will be finding stations outside, as well as developing teamwork skills.



Hi everyone

And quickly to the end of another week!

Looking forward to next week, we have of course got our exciting trip to Bletchley Park on Tuesday. A reminder that we will be leaving school at 8:15am so we will let the children into school to register at 8am. We will be returning between 3:45 and 4pm depending on traffic. Normal school uniform with a warm coat, comfortable shoes and a packed lunch, drink etc in a bag that they will be carrying around with them.

Teaching wise, in English we will be completing our unit on explanatory texts with taking notes and completing a ‘hot write’ about solar and lunar eclipses. Spelling as usual on Monday. Children will also be learning about active and passive voice. Maths we are moving onto formal calculation for addition and subtraction as well as linking 3D models to volume and recognising the volume from a 2D representation.

PE on Mondays is temporarily suspended due to KS1 nativity rehearsals, but we will pick up and complete our gymnastics unit towards the end of this term or the start of next. The time will be used instead for more focused art and DT lessons, which is fabulous timing for us to design and build bomb shelters in groups and also to prepare for our afternoon tea with posters and invitations. Children will continue with orienteering on Thursdays, developing map reading skills and orientating themselves in an area.

We will also be completing our Tackling Tables but this week it will be on Wednesday, as will the music lesson and children are reminded to bring their musical instruments on that day. In science we will be starting a new unit on materials. Children will start by looking at properties of materials and testing the properties of a variety of materials. In RE children will be planning a creative piece to express their thoughts and reflections on our unit ‘Beliefs and Actions in the World’.



Hi Everyone,

This week has been really busy settling back into the routine of school. The classroom seems to be getting smaller, so we are assuming the children are all growing!

Next week sees the exciting start of the ‘Kindertransport’ project. It starts with a full day drama workshop on Monday and will (hopefully) culminate with Year 5 being involved with a Peterborough performance, with other schools. More details will follow later, however those of you who have older children involved two years ago will, I am sure, agree that this experience is a memorable one. We are very lucky, as schools are usually only involved in the project once, but with a little arm twisting, Mark Curtis (a friend and an excellent actor/drama coach) has agreed to involve us again. It is particularly poignant as it ties in with our Battling Britain topic and helps the children realise the effect the war had on children and their families.

Due to the Kindertransport workshop on Monday, spellings MAY be delayed until Tuesday, however, if a slot opens up in the day we will endeavour to keep them in as usual. Sometime soon, the children will also be completing some simple spelling dictations, to see if they have retained spellings learnt last half term, an essential base for their English in Year 6. Having completed a ‘Cold writing task’ this week other English work will be working with the features of explanation texts. We have been using the 1st chapter of ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’ as a guided reading text this week and will be looking at comprehension questions to do with this text next week.

In Maths we have started working on addition and subtraction and at the moment we are looking at mental maths methods, trying to encourage the children to ‘think’ about shortcuts to calculations, for instance if asked to add or subtract numbers such as 19 or 29, it is quicker to add 20 and then take 1 away. Most children worked really well with this, with only a few children trying to use a formal method. We are trying to build confidence working with calculations. Tackling tables saw a few children hit 100 and move onto a new level (hurray!) and it seems lots of children are enjoying playing on the times tables websites (links on our class page on the website). We will be also be looking at 2D representations of 3D shapes including recognising 3D shapes by their nets and understanding plan, side and front view points.

In topic we have just started looking at the Outbreak of war and which countries were involved, so that will continue next week, along with producing posters to advertise out ‘Wartime Afternoon Tea’ on Wed 29th November from 1:30 – 2:45pm. Please feel free to invite anybody with wartime recollections that they would be willing to share with groups of children that afternoon. We do have some recollections kindly emailed to us from Eden’s great-grandfather which we will look at to tie in with the Afternoon tea week. Our Spanish will continue with embedding the knowledge of Spanish numbers to 100 and the date. In RE children will be planning a creative piece of work to reflect their ideas about poverty and fairness in the world. Next week we will be finishing our science unit on Earth and Space as we conclude with an explanation of our Moon, how it moves, and the phases of the moon. In PE we have started a unit on orienteering. We will be outside most weeks on Thursdays, so please can children have suitable clothes and footwear for the weather.

Always busy, busy, busy!



Last week before half term – 1/6 of the way through Year 5 already!

Next week should see us wrapping up a lot of different areas: completing Number and place value (Roman Numerals and end of unit assessment); Finishing off Private Peaceful book and working on a week of persuasion in English; finishing our paintings from WW1 and our clay poppies in art and DT (with hopefully the addition of a look at the persuasive posters from the war) and finally looking at the events leading up to the end of WW1 in topic.

We will be starting our last week of spellings too (although the test will happen on the first day back) and by the start of the new half term, children should have completed 6 of the activities from both the spelling and reading menus.

In Spanish we will be looking at conversational greetings and also revising days of the week and months of the year, extending this to saying ’today is .......’

We have now completed our maths unit on Angles, though this comes into our work on shapes in the coming weeks. We have started finding missing lengths of rectilinear shapes and will continue with this as well as finding missing angles in shapes as well. In science we will be practising recording skills as we record differing shadow lengths throughout the day. We have already discussed what makes the sun appear to move across the sky each day.

Children will have chance to use ICT as we analyse the effectiveness of charity website and as children to continue making imovies about internet safety.

Obviously it is a busy week all around, with parents evenings and appointments for us – we will all be ready for a break! Enjoy your half term break and we will update you with what is planned for the new half term on our return to school.



Hi everyone, 


Can you believe we only have two more weeks until half term? The weather seems to be  very autumnal all of a sudden! Talking of which can we please ask that all children have a coat with them every day now? Monday we are off to the park to see another rocket launched, another poignant moment! 


Next week in maths we will be looking at negative numbers and their use in the real world as well as starting to look at Roman Numerals, we will be using the Roman Numeral work the children produced for homework, which will be a great help.   We will also be using our knowledge of rectangles and rectilinear shapes to deduce missing lengths and angles.  Tackling tables work is ongoing and we now have several children at top scores, about to tip into the next levels (hurray!) 


In English we will continue our work on character descriptions as well as continuing studying Private Peaceful. We are hoping to show the children the film version of this book at the end of half term, so that we can work on a book and film comparison as the two are quite different, as we did two years ago. This film obviously has sensitive issues in it as it is about World War 1, which is portrayed quite carefully and it is classified as a 12 certificate because of this. Should you not want your child to watch this, please let us know and they will be given an alternative activity during this session. Alternatively please ask to borrow the school copy of the DVD to preview it for yourself. We will also be continuing with our spelling and handwriting work.


Spanish, Art and DT lessons will continue as previously mentioned, although this week there will not be a PE lesson on Monday due to the rocket launch - we will enjoy a extended art and DT session instead.   PE will be as usual on Thursday though, as we improve batting skills.  In topic we have two more lessons before half term and will be looking at what life was like for children in WW1 and then finally moving onto significant events in WW1 and  how it came to an end.   In science we will be looking at what causes night and day and why the suns appears to move across the sky.  In RE we will be focusing on Islamic relief and the beliefs that drive the action of the charity and Muslims.



Hi Everyone

Can you believe how quickly this half term is flying by?

Monday is individual class photos in school and we have our KS2 Harvest Festival in church on Tuesday morning, which we are looking forward to.

In English we will be using Private Peaceful for looking at characters and how they are brought to life, rather than just a description. We will of course be having our spelling lesson as usual and handwriting. We will also be practising using commas correctly for different purposes including lists and to mark clauses. In maths we will be continuing with rounding and applying that knowledge to problem solving situations. We will also be learning to calculate missing angles within right angles, straight angles and whole turns.

PE will continue our gymnastics sequence work and cricket skills. In art and DT we will continue as previously. In our WW1 topic lesson we will be looking at life in the trenches in more detail. In other lessons we will be developing our basic Spanish vocabulary and also our multiplication knowledge work in Tackling Tables. Just to remind you the recommendations from the Education Department are that all children should know their tables up to 12 x 12 by the time they leave Y4, which we are still striving to achieve. This is the same as working on blue extension level or beyond in Tackling tables (having achieved blue multiplication, division and mixed and the same for green and red also).

We will be looking at the movement of the planets in science. Children need to understand the difference between orbit and rotation. In RE we will be looking at case studies from Christian Aid and write a report about the things Christian Aid are doing to improve injustice in the world.



Hi Everyone


Next week is Fairy tale week so we have an exciting week in store, starting off with a creative morning to launch  the week, including a variety of practical activities. During the week we will be exploring a specific fairy tale and its features and having some fun with alternative endings. 


Maths and other subjects will continue as normal although spellings will be tested on Tuesday this week due to the creative morning. In maths we will be revisiting counting forwards or backwards in steps of powers of 10 for any given number up to 1000000 and starting to use reasoning to apply our knowledge as well. We will then be looking at rounding numbers.  We may even find time to solve some fairytale maths problems.


In art we will still be working on our WW1 artist work and also our poppies. We will also be continuing with tackling tables, which, if you have been keeping up to date with education changes, is stepping up in priorities again with a new test coming into schools for Year 4, by when children are expected to know all their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.  We obviously need to ensure we encourage and support all Year 5 children to learn them as soon as possible as this does impact hugely on many other areas of the maths curriculum. Spanish will continue with basic words and phrases of greetings and topic will continue looking at major events of WW1 and putting them onto a timeline. 


In PE we will be focusing on fielding skills such as catching and throwing from longer distances.  We will put them into practise to play cricket.  For RE this week we will consider the motivation of Christians to help others as we start to look at the work of Christian Aid.  In Science we are focusing on Mars - investigating how volcanic eruptions changed to face of Mars and Olympus Mons.


Don't forget, on Friday children can dress up as a fairytale character as we conclude fairytale week.



Hi Everyone! 


Welcome to Year 5! The children are settling well with only a few still referring to themselves occasionally as Y4 but they will soon get used to being Y5.


On Monday this week, Mrs. Clayton will be doing first aid training so Mrs. Marsden will be teaching the class.


In Maths, the children will continue to work on place value, ordering and counting forwards and backwards in 10, 100 and 1000. They will also be looking at angles and learning to measure and draw angles using a protractor.


In English children will be working on developing their writing skills in recounts. They will finish this unit with a recount about their day at Duxford Imperial War Museum.


We have introduced a new reading session in school which we tried out for the first time last week. We call the session 'Book talk'. Children have the opportunity to read and discuss texts in groups and feedback to the class. This is an excellent way to encourage the children to talk about books and hopefully they will come home and be able to talk to you about the books they are reading in a similar way. We are encouraging them to support their ideas using evidence from the text.

We have been using maps to identify the countries involved in WW1 and will be moving onto placing major events from WW1 onto a timeline, after our trip to Duxford. We have also started looking at the work of four WW1 artists and their interpretations of the war in art. In DT we have started making clay poppies. 


In cricket we are learning to bowl overarm with increasing accuracy. We will put batting and bowling skills in to practise with a game of Kwik cricket. In gym the children will continue learning how to perform a strong balance and transition into and out of different balances moving towards a sequence. 


In science we will be doing a planets speed-dating to help children learn about the different planets in our solar system and some of their features.


In RE we will consider what we would change about our world if we started our own charity. In PSHE we will be thinking about laws that we have and laws that we would create in our country.