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Next week in Year 6...

Summer Term Last Blog!!


Sorry I haven't completed this for a couple of weeks but I'm sure you can appreciate why!!


This week: dress rehearsal/ two productions/ 'the video'/ Kings Maths Challenge.....

It's been a tiring week but fabulous - the children made me very proud...they are all my Super Heroes!!! It's very rewarding to see how much they have changed and grown through their performance ( and the whole year, come to that!!!) and the Voyager was incredible!!

I've been sent some wonderful photos....thank you for that!


Tomorrow: Report day - I'm a firm believer that the children should be able to read their own reports. I will give them out towards the end of the day and give the children chance to read them. Their SATs results will be included and I will explain what they mean to the children. This will be my final report to you as well. The assessment on the report is my teacher assessment and was completed just before I wrote the reports - not in May when the SATs were taken (there may well be a difference!)


Next week:

Tuesday - Gullivers.- you should get a reminder but here are the important bits!!

 Children are not to arrive in school before 8:15, travel sickness pills to be taken before they leave home and put in an envelope for dosage on the way home,  they need suitable clothes (not school uniform), suitable shoes (not flip flops), check the weather - sunscreen, hat, pack-a-mac, money, packed lunch, they may have their phones but they are responsible for them - no internet posting (I will talk to them about it!!!). I will go through all the rules on Monday in class and they will organise their 'buddy' groups.

The bus will leave at around 8:30 and we hope to be back at school by 5:00 at the latest. As always, I will keep school posted about timings - GPS on the phone is an amazing tool for teachers on a school trip. 

I can now answer the 'are we nearly there, yet' to the nearest minute!!!

Wednesday - Leavers' Service - Church 7:00 p.m. 

Thursday- Leavers' Service - School/ Last day


Thank you for your support this year. Good luck to you and your children with transition (they're ready!!!) and for the future!!!


Summer Term  Week ending 16th June 2017


What a long week!!

I won't write much about Finborough as we really covered it all in the blog (actually, can't claim credit for that - Mrs Clayton and Mrs Marsden spent two hours every night working on it with photo contributions from Mrs Douse, Mrs Fitzjohn and Mr Donnelly) but I would like to say that your children were a credit to you, the school and themselves!! Their behaviour was exemplary, all the centre staff complimented us on how polite and well-behaved they were - the manager told me that they had never seen a group of young people who worked so well together! It was also wonderful to see them playing with the children from the other school that was visiting.

Watching children being so brave, challenging themselves, helping each other and really stepping out of their comfort zone was an absolute privilege for all the staff.

I would also like to thank Mrs Clayton, Mrs Marsden, Mrs Douse, Mrs Fitzjohn and Mr Donnelly for all their hard work; we didn't get to bed till midnight and were up again at six and were with the children constantly for three days!! But it was so worth it!!!


I would also like to thank the children who remained at school; they got on with the work that I had planned for them and were very helpful to the teachers that they were with! Now they're having to put up with the rest of us 'going on' about Finborough!!


Next week

Monday and Tuesday will be spent on Finborough follow up ( alternative work will be provided for those who didn't go). We shall be creating graphs about our favourite activities and writing a brochure about the residential for potential Year 3 and 4 visitors. They shall also be writing a guide for parents.

On Tuesday, can all the children wear their full school uniform with proper school shoes and bring their Leaver's Hoodies as Mrs Wright will be taking photos for the Leaver's books.

Later on in the week, Year 6 will be supporting the Year 1 Festival of Fum which is being held at our school.

We have cricket on Thursday with Mr Sanderson and Den Day on Friday. We shall also be looking in more detail at rivers and beginning our science about plants and animals.

We shall be kicking into a higher gear for the production preview homework, learn your words!! We will begin our acting on Monday. 

Request for Wednesday - proper PE kit please, all the class will be ambassadors for the school and should be wearing the correct kit!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Summer Term Week Ending 9th June 2017


This week we welcomed Caiden to our class - he has fitted in beautifully!!

Lots of writing this week; balanced arguments about spinners and keeping tigers in captivity - great discussions about zoos, elections and drugs and alcohol.

In Maths, we have constructed line graphs correctly using statistics from science and geography. This is a valuable skill needed for Year 7 upwards.

In RE, we are looking at freedom and justice which again has linked well with national and international events over the past few weeks. We are currently summarising a Buddhist story about justice.

Great weather for PE this week - rounders and cricket; both good fun!!

The KS2 production is moving along well!!


Next week: Finborough!!

Lots to look forward to - be prepared for smelly and wet clothes and very tired and happy children!! Don't believe them if they say they've been up all night!! Not a chance - bedtime at 10, sleep by 10:30 at the latest!! 

This is a great opportunity for a step towards independence - all needed for next year. I know it's hard but try to let them go on Monday with a minimum of fuss - they'll have a great time, I promise!!!

Remember - old clothes, layers, old shoes, old towels, no electronics, no toys, £5 maximum, medications bagged and labelled and ready to hand in, at school for 8 (no earlier)!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Summer Term   week ending 26th May 2017


Fidget Spinner Week!

We've used them for Maths - data handling, rotational symmetry and probability. Today we are solving a mathematical mystery over who put the fidget spinners in the paint - using maths to solve a series of problems which lead to clues.

We've used them for art and English - writing reasons why we should ( or should not) be allowed to have them in class. After half term, we will use them as the stimulus for writing a balanced argument.

The KS2 production has been cast!! We've started learning the songs in class, they're very catchy!!


Next week - half term - I've set a preview homework with alternatives, see the homework page.


Week beginning 5th June

Writing assessment week - balanced arguments, short story writing.

Maths - continuing bedroom design, data handling - line graphs, pie charts

Science - drugs and alcohol!!

Topic - geography/science of rivers

PE - starting cricket with Mr Sanderson

KS2 Production rehearsals to begin!!!


Have a lovely holiday!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Summer Term week ending 19th May 2017


We started using the Preview homework as part of our lessons this week and I was very pleased with how it went. Gave us a great starting point for extended learning.

As promised, a very practical week - measuring and calculating area and perimeter. We had Outside Education Day with the whole day spent outside - measuring the KS2 playground, looking at ways we could improve the facility - creating better play spaces, utilising areas better, updating and/or tidying different areas, using the space for outdoor teaching, improving it for playing etc. It was a brilliant day!!

We have started our design a bedroom project - the children didn't expect the labour costs to come out of their budgets!! Carpets and skirting board chosen first!!


Next week is entitled - 'If you can't beat them, join them!!' or 'Fidget Spinner Week'!!

We are going to use the fidget spinners in a variety of cross-curricular ways - in Maths for rotational symmetry, probability and data-handling, in English - reading information about them, looking at tri-words, creating odes to them, describing them etc, in Science - investigating the engineering and performance, the 'why it works' and in Art and DT  - creating our own rotational designs, making our own versions......

The Preview homework is stuck in Homework Books and I will upload it on the homework page.


Do not be persuaded to buy one specially - I have spares!!!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Summer Term Week ending 8/5/17


Finally over!! Time to look forward to the best bit of Year 6 and contrary to popular belief (!), Year 6 don't stop working!!! But I would just like to say thank you for all your support this week - the children have been incredibly calm and sensible over a stressful few days. Tests are never easy but these were very challenging.....they all coped marvelously and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.


Now for next week -

Maths - area, perimeter, volume with practical applications.

English - diary writing about the Plague and Great Fire using Samuel Pepys as a model. Read through of SuperStan

Science/PSHE - healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Geography - rivers in the UK

RE - justice

Music - learning songs for SuperStan

French - naming familiar objects/colours/days/months/numbers

Art/DT - constructing Plague masks

ICT - shape designs, measuring area

PE - rounders/net/wall games


I've added some pictures of the revision activities we did this week alongside our in-class 'cooking'!!!


I will let you know when we have scheduled auditions for the KS2 production. We have watched it online (the children loved it!!) and the children know the parts available. They are already making contributions to choreography, script changes and character changes!!

I have posted the homework in the summer folder. It is preview homework so we will be building on the work that the children have done at home ( which is why I have dated it). The children now have a homework book to use for notes, diagrams, photos etc. I am leaving it up to them how they can present it.


Mrs Mulqueen


Summer Term week ending 5th May 2017


Just a few more days!!! We've worked very hard with loads of revision in class this week - time for the children to relax over the weekend, have a lie-in, catch up with family and friends etc!! The best advice I can give is to take a break from it all for a couple of days (I've given them some ideas for the 'homework'!!!), go to bed early on Sunday night and have a good breakfast on Monday morning whilst opening their letter from me!


Each morning will begin at normal time (8:45) with a quick register then Combat Dance with Mrs Jensen so I've asked the children to come in their PE kit. They will then get changed into their school uniform and we shall begin around 9:30. The session after play will be revision for the next day with more practical activities in the afternoon.


Our last test is on Thursday morning. Please do try to get your child here in plenty of time and let us know immediately if they are going to be absent as we have to make special arrangements.


Mrs Mulqueen

Summer Term Week 1 Week ending 28th April 2017


The countdown has begun!!!!

We are going through the Sample papers this week - the children have seen their scores and whether they are currently 'working towards' or 'expected'. As part of their revision, we will be looking at the 2016 papers but not using them as an actual test.


There will be no official homework for a while!!! I have spoken to the children about the best things that they could be doing in the run ups to SATs.


Here are some ideas which will support what we are doing next week:

SPaG -

  • practice apostrophes for contraction - does not to doesn't etc. Remember to leave a space for the apostrophe - don't join!!
  • apostrophes for possession - the girl's coat, taking particular care with plural nouns like children and women.
  • practice punctuating speech - write a quick conversation, punctuate it, find one in a book...


  • practice the four rules - add, subtract, multiply and divide - challenge yourself with bigger numbers
  • tables, tables and more tables!!
  • think about what you may find difficult - check out these websites -

BBC Bitesize and Maths is Fun

Reading - read a 

  • chapter in a book
  • a poem
  • a news article
  • a comic strip
  • a non-fiction book

Find new words, look them up in the dictionary, learn to spell them...


Spend up to (no more) an hour a day doing little activities from each section.


Next week:

Monday - no school

Morning Boosters

Tuesday - Spag/ Maths/ Reading/Writing about the Plague and Great Fire of London/ RE - Justice

Wednesday - SPag/Maths/Reading/Newspaper Reports/ PE

Thursday - SPaG/Maths/Reading/ Art

Friday - SPag/ Maths/ Reading/ ICT


Week Ending 7th April 2017

The early part of the week was all about SATs - feeling what it was like to sit in the hall, be silent, work to a deadline etc. I have just begun to mark them (Easter holiday job for me!!) so will share the results with the children after the holidays.

Wednesday saw us visiting Burghley House for our Tudor Experience. I can honestly say it was one of the best trips I've ever done with a class. It was near, well-organised and really enjoyable. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and the information that they shared with the children was excellent. However, it was the children that were outstanding - in each room there was an opportunity to ask questions; in every single room, at least 15 children asked a sensible and thought-provoking question.

The children will be bringing home their Easter baskets that we have made over the week - lots of glue involved!!


They will also be bringing home some Easter revision - SPaG, Maths and Reading. The message I've given them is little but often ( daily, if possible). To accompany the reading, there is a Parent Information pack and there is an answer booklet for the maths. I've asked them to bring it back by the end of the first week back.


There will only be 8 full teaching days after the holidays before SATs start on Monday 8th of May. It will be a very intensive return!!


Have a wonderful Easter!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 31/3/17

We started off Poetry Week with an amazing assembly with some special visitors - ex-pupils of our school. George and Judy left the school in 1951! George told us all about life in the village and then read a poem about our school in which Judy was mentioned.

Year 6 learned Ten Things in a Wizard's Pocket 'off by heart' which they performed admirably in class today and they also did  'The Boneyard Rap' for the whole school in assembly. The children have written a poem about a robot and will be continuing to look at poetry next week.

Maths has been all about shape - 2d, 3d shapes and angles. A very practical week for Maths!

In Science, the children talked about the transportation of nutrients and water and in RE looked at the Easter Story.

With Mrs Woods, they have been working on their amazing collages which are huge!!

We did our first practice SATs paper in exam conditions in the hall on Thursday. I was very pleased with how well the children coped and how efficiently they managed their time. More to follow next week!!


Next week

Monday - KS2 Eucharist in church at 10:30. 


Wednesday - Burghley trip


Friday - last day of term. The children will be bringing home some Easter revision booklets!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending: 24/i03/17

We have completed our fractions unit and assessments, I'm really pleased with the progress; some children have jumped by over 40 marks!! I think we might finally have cracked fractions, decimals and percentages! We definitely have some work to do on Geometry though!! We've started by drawing shapes to specific measurements in terms of length and angles which was very tricky!!

Still completing our informal and formal writing unit - we have been using fronted adverbials and sub-ordinating conjunctions to make our writing more formal and learning how to switch between the two styles when necessary.

The children will be bringing home their Mothers' Day cards - hope you like them and manage to have a restful day.

Year 6 represented the school well at the Soke Netball and Football tournament. I was proud to hear how well they played and how well they behaved.

The week ended with the Year 6 Performing Arts Leaders Dance-Off! What a marvellous event - the leaders were outstanding.


Next week: 

Poetry week - English homework will be to learn a short performance poem to be performed in the classroom as well as using the structure to write their own. We have some special visitors to assembly on Monday who will be sharing a very special poem with the school. The week will culminate with each class performing a poem for the rest of the school on Friday.

Spelling homework will be learning how to spell the names of 2d and 3d shapes - some very funny variations in their assessments!!

Week ending: 17th March 2017

Bananagrams News: Luke W is our class winner through persistence and patience. He will be facing a couple more challengers over the next couple of weeks!

Maths - we've just completed our fractions unit, ending with finding %.

English - we are looking at more formal persuasive writing.

Science - we've just started the Human Circulatory system.

History - we are researching Elizabeth I in order to produce a written report on her reign.

Art - lots of art - collage, clay and salt dough

ICT - cargobots


Homework is coming in well - keep up the good work; very useful for gap-filling and Booster sessions!


Next week: Soke netball and football


Week beginning 6/3/17


Our visit from Peter Skinner was very interesting on Monday afternoon; he shared the stories of three Glinton soldiers who died in WW! 100 years ago this year. Traditionally, Year 6 fire the rememberance rockets on the date the soldiers died. Unfortunately, there are only two dates this year in term time - details to follow.


Lots and lots of SATs practice this week - revising fractions and decimals, active and passive, subjunctive mood, exclamation sentences and modal verbs. We have been analysing persuasive texts and writing our own formal and informal introductions including the grammar we have revised. Your children can be very persuasive!!!


To compensate for our hard work in the morning, we have been more creative in the afternoons - playing netball on Monday, painting our salt dough from Prayer Day and working on our clay Tudor Roses. We have so many models that we are running out of display space! In Science, we created our own fossils and looked at how human being evolved.


We have reached the Bananagram final - the finalists are Jack W and Luke W!! The final will take place next week.


We had some incredible news this week - 21 Year 6 pupils will be having their Crazy Creatures 100 word stories published in a book. We will be receiving a copy for school - can't wait to see our 'published authors'!!


Next week:

Bananagrams final

Starting a new unit in Science - the human body

Completing fractions, decimals and percentages in maths, moving onto Shape!


Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 27th February 2017


A very busy week to start the half term:

Tudor afternoon on Monday - the children learned a Tudor dance with myself, created a swete bag with Mrs Douse, made and used a quill pen with Mrs Warne, baked Maids of Honour with Mrs Fitzjohn and designed their own shields with Mrs Clayton. It was a brilliant afternoon!

In English, we are working on persuasive writing - adverts, formal and informal letters, then moving onto arguments for and against. We started by creating a poster to recruit a new wife for Henry VIII, then we watched a variety of adverts to look at techniques used by advertisers to persuade us. We have written a formal letter to persuade the CEO of Apple to give us a class full of free MacBooks (!!!)

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions.

We are continuing our work on the Creation and Evolution in Science and R.E. prompting some very philosophical discussions!

Thursday was World Book Day - we launched the Reading Challenge in assembly. Thursday is Booster Day so the rest of the morning was a little more intense.

Today we have had our Prayer Day. The children have spent all day moving round the school experiencing different activities - it has been a thoughtful and rewarding day. Thanks to Mrs Lawson for all her hard work!


Homework this week was rather late due to technical difficulties! It is all now given out and posted on the relevant pages. The return date is later to compensate. All homework will be SATs related.


Next week - we will have a visit from Peter Skinner on behalf of the Parish Council. He will be talking about WW1 soldiers from Glinton.

Week beginning 13th February 2017


Testing week this week. These tests will compare with the tests that we did in the first week back. Results to follow after half term.

We are on the final stage of Round 2 of the Banagram Challenge. Semi- final 1 Joshi vs Jack W. 2 Daniel vs Luke W or Lucy.

As we have had quiet intensive mornings, we have been creative in the afternoons - Aborginal Totems and Hans Holbein Tudor Style selfies. They are amazing!!

Jack W won the Table Tennis final on Wednesday..Congratulations!!

I was very impressed by the standard of the Creative homeworks brought in over this week. I shall add some pictures to our page. Unfortunately ( or fortunately depending on your point of view!) there will be no more Creative Homework until the Summer term!!

Play week at swimming was fun!

We used Editing Stations today - very successful and I'm looking forward to reading their finished fictional instructions over the holiday!

I have given out SPaG homework today but it is not due back until the Wednesday of the first week. Please encourage your child to learn the SPaG terms and their meanings.

Thank you for all your support at Parents' Evenings - I enjoyed the evenings very much!


Week 8

We will be having an in-school Tudor afternoon on the first day back - crafts, dance, music etc. We will not dress up for this ( advance warning - Tudor dress for our trip on the 5th of April - details to follow!!).

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March

RE Prayer Day Friday 3rd March


Have a restful week!

Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 5/2/17

Mrs Stevens did an Internet Safety Assembly - please talk to your child about being safe on the internet. Some of the apps that they are starting to talk about have been raising concerns.

Round 2 of the Banagram Challenge - first semi-finalist....Joshi Grant!!

We are finishing our Instructions unit this week with our Hot Write about building a time machine.

Fractions, fractions and more fractions this week!! We have been ordering, comparing, simplifying, finding equivalents, multiplying and dividing. Please help your child to practice all the above...SATs question setters love fractions!

Punctuating dialogue has been another focus this week using text messages from Henry VIII !

In Science, we have looked at famous Evolution scientists and theorists.

In R.E, we have compared the Christian Creation story to the Aboriginal Creation story and created our own animal totems.

Swimming was amazing this week - assessment week! Some fabulous swimmers in Year 6!!


Next week:

Creative homework due

Structured conversations - Tuesday and Wednesday

Parents' Evenings - Wednesday and Thursday

Last week of swimming.


We shall be doing some more SATs practices this week which I will report back to you at Parents' Evening.


Week ending 3rd February 2017


Lots of exciting days this week! We had our fabulous visitor on Monday, Claire Cunningham...what an inspirational speaker! On Tuesday, we took part in a 'live' science lesson over the internet for Terrific Scientific...look at the photos of the blue tongues...have they asked you which kind of taster you are? Throughout the week, we have been competing against each other using Banagrams (again, I've uploaded some photos). We will finish Round 1 today and launch Round 2 next week. Swimming was great yesterday - sorry about the late returns, nothing we can do about it unfortunately!!

Next week: Round 2 of Banagrams, starting to look at the second lesson of Terrific Scientific and assessment week in swimming.

Week Ending 27th January 2017


This week Year 6 have been concentrating on following both written and verbal instructions with some very amusing results!! We have looked at a range of instruction texts; looked at features and ways to improve our own instructions. Their recipes that they completed for homework look yummy!! We shall be putting them up on display and creating a Year 6 Recipe book. In SPag, we have been building up our vocabulary with prefixes, using parenthesis for relative clauses and finding appropriate adverbs to use with imperative verbs. We have been concentrating on reading poetry in Booster time as traditionally children find these quite difficult to analyse on SATs Reading papers.

Maths has been very interesting; lots of 'light bulb' moments this week.....the dreaded....long multiplication and division. Actually, they have grasped it pretty quickly and it is the method that most parents were taught themselves....everything is cyclical in Education!!!

We have been memorising Henry VIII's wives using a great Horrible Histories song and have worked in teams to find out more about them. On a side note, there are lots of events in Peterborough this weekend to celebrate the Tudors and Katherine of Aragon. Look on the VIvacity website for details.

Year 6 took part in the BBC's Terrific Scientific experiment on you know what type of taster you are? We have collated our results; uploaded them to the BBC and will be taking part in the live lesson next week.

Today we have begun the first round of the Bananagram Challenge. It was a great way for the children to use instructions in a practical way; build up their vocabulary and check their spelling skills.


Homework Reminder: Please don't stress about homework. No piece of homework should take more than 45 minutes ( except Creative - and I would still recommend that is broken down into manageable pieces). There may be questions that your child can not answer; let them try and if they can't complete them, let them move on. That is what will happen in any assessments that they have to do. Your child knows to do what they can and then bring it in to school. We are using Booster time to support them individually and in small groups.


Next week:

Monday: Claire Cunningham visit - Year 6 will be doing their circuit first. Children can either come in P.E. kit or change as soon as they get to school.

Tuesday: BBC Terrific Scientific Live lesson

Thursday: Swimming