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Next week in Year 6...

Week Ending 17th November 2017

We had a wonderful visit to Bletchley Park - it was a fascinating glimpse into part of our 'secret' history. The children were extremely well-behaved and asked excellent questions. They even got to try out an actual Enigma Machine.

Thank you to all those parents who came to see our class assembly. The children really enjoyed performing for you and have now managed to persuade me to sign us up for an assembly in the Spring Term.


Next week:

Tuesday - Cinema trip to Wisbech to see Captain Underpants

Friday - Fund-raising Christmas cards due back.


In Maths this week, we will be completing Hot and Cold Assessments on Monday, ready to move on to fractions on Wednesday.  We are continuing journalistic writing in English, looking at alliteration, hyphens and word play in headlines, writing orientation sentences, looking at formal and informal writing and how to shift between the two. We are going to look at evacuation in more detail using Goodnight Mr Tom as our starting point.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 10th November 2017


This week has been all about cycling!! They all performed extremely well on their bikes and will get their certificates and badges in Celebration Assembly this afternoon. The Bikeability trainers were very impressed by their behaviour and the improvement in their cycling skills.

We have been doing Code Breaking in class this week in preparation for our visit to Bletchley Park. There is also a code-breaking element to this week's preview homework.


Next week:

Friendship Week

Tuesday - visit to Bletchley Park. The coach is due to leave at 8:15. Please arrive for 8:05. The children need to be in school uniforms and school shoes. Please make sure that they are dressed warmly as there will be times when we will be outside. They need a packed lunch and a drink. They will not need any money.

We hope to be back at school for 3:45 but as usual I will let school know when we are on the coach en route!

Thursday - Class Assembly 9:00 am start.

English - continuing to write Newspaper reports

Maths - long division

Science - light

Topic - Bletchley

Art - Make do and mend

RE - Hinduism


Mrs Mulqueen



Week ending 3/11/17

We've had a very busy first week back with SATs practice papers every day. We followed the plan for the actual week with SPaG on Monday, Reading on Tuesday and Maths on Wednesday and Thursday. So far, we have marked the SPaG, Reading and Arithmetic and I'm pleased with the progress made since the last assessment. 

We have begun our work on World War 2 by looking at the events that led up to the start of the war, listening to the original radio transmission and looking at artefacts. We've begun our science topic of light and the children have some research to complete for preview homework.

Today I have introduced the children to the Literacy Planet website. They are all extremely enthusiastic about solving word puzzles, playing against their friends and earning rewards by completing tasks that I have assigned to them. I would also like them to continue to complete tasks on Study Ladder too.


Next week:

Bikeability - Monday to Thursday

The children will be placed in one of three groups. On Monday, there will be two groups - morning and afternoon; for the rest of the week there will be three groups alternating times - 9:00 to 10:45, 10:50 to 12:35 and 1:15 to 3:15.

Please make sure that your child's bike is safe and that they have a well-fitting helmet.


We shall be continuing Maths and English lessons next week but on a rolling programme so that no child misses an activity. We will use the remaining time for Topic - specifically looking at codes and code breaking in preparation for our visit to Bletchley Park.


Have a good weekend and take care with the fireworks!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 20th October 2017


Thank you all for coming to Parents' Evening. It was lovely to meet you all!!

The children have been busy writing biographies and autobiographies this week.I'm looking forward to reading them over half term.

We have conquered long multiplication!! Well, at the moment!!


Next week:

Half Term

The children do have homework!!


Week beginning 30th October 2017

We shall be testing again this week. I'm going to follow the order that it will be in the actual SATs week - Monday SPaG, Tuesday Reading, Wednesday Arithmetic and Reasoning 1 and Thursday Reasoning 2. We are using the second set of papers so will be able to compare the results directly.

Maths - short and long division

English - Journalistic writing

Topic - WW2

Science - Light

RE - Diwali


Bikeability begins on Monday 6th of November. Please make sure that your child's bike is in good working order.

Trip to Bletchley Park - Tuesday 14th November

Year 6 Class Assembly - Thursday 16th November.


Have a good half term.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 13th October 2017

We started the week with our World War 1 rocket launch at the park. Toby and Charlotte did the honours by pressing the button.

We were at AMVC for basketball on Wednesday. It was a great experience for the children and they were extremely well behaved.


Next week:

Parents' Evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are beginning multiplication and division in Maths next week, concentrating on the written methods for long and short multiplication and division. I have put some Maths web links up, please could you encourage your child to practice their times tables. Quick and accurate recall will be extremely helpful for these topics.

In English, we shall be continuing our work on biographies and autobiographies, with a closer look at verb tenses and the active and passive voice.

In Science, we shall be making series and parallel circuits. In RE, we shall continue our work on Hinduism by looking at the story of Rama and Sita and it's significance in the festival of Diwali.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at Parents' Evening next week - I shall share the results of the assessment that we have done so far.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 6th October 2017


We finished the Play Leader training this week. Mrs Wilding was very impressed with the children's skills. I really enjoyed watching them teaching each other games, they will be great leaders!!


Next week:

We have another rocket launch on Monday - 1:15 in Glinton Park. The children will bring home a momento of the occasion.

On Wednesday, we will be playing basketball at AMVC from 11:00 to 12:30. The children can come in their PE kit that day - red/white top, black shorts/skorts/leggings or tracksuit bottoms, warm sweatshirt and trainers. They will also need to have a packed lunch on that day as we will be late back for lunch.


I'm very pleased with the children's preview homework. It is a pleasure to read every week!! They have all logged on to Study Ladder today and have tried some of the activities. The activities are not differentiated and they may find some of them too challenging. I will be encouraging them to have a go but not to panic if they can't do everything.

There is a new Sumdog competition soon so I've given the children a copy of their login details to keep in their homework book.

We have had a great time in SPaG this week - I've added the links to the independent clauses and adverbs songs!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 29th September 2017


What a brilliant week we've had!! Fabulous fairy tale character costumes and some really incredible art work and writing. We've all enjoyed reading the 'fractured' fairy tales which were written from a different perspective.

We have just finished our Place Value unit in Maths - I was very pleased with the improvement in the scores from Cold task to Hot task. We are now working on the four rules of number, starting with column addition and subtraction.

I shall upload some photos from the week on our page.


Next week;

Monday - we will be having our assessment day for Play Leaders.

Tuesday - Harvest festival in church at 10:30


In English we will be returning to our Superhero stories, using dialogue to start stories and move the action along. We shall be planning, writing and editing our own Superhero adventures.

In Maths, we will be using column addition and subtraction to solve problems.

In Science, we will be making our own circuits and drawing the correct circuit diagrams.

In Re, we shall be looking at where Hinduism comes from and where the religion is practiced today.

Preview homework is already uploaded and the children have also been a log in code for an online homework program. I will put the link on our class page. They will also be staring Sumdog this week.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 22nd September 2017


Great start to the week with Mrs Wilding teaching the children how to be play leaders. They thoroughly enjoyed playing the games that they will be leading.

Our day out at Duxford was brilliant. I was extremely proud of the children; their behaviour was excellent and they were enthusiastic all day even though we walked for miles!! I have uploaded the photos from the day.


Next week:

Fairy Tale Week

We shall be beginning the week with a 'drop down' day....there may even be some 'special' visitors in our Collective Worship! KS2 will be running different activities in each classroom.

To keep up with the theme, we will be looking at alternative fairy tales where the traditional story is told from a different point of view or set in a different time period or place.

We shall be problem solving in Maths through different stories aswell as moving onto our new unit of addition and subtraction.

In Science, we shall be making circuits and drawing circuit diagrams, we shall be looking at Harvest for RE and continuing greetings and numbers in French.

Mrs Wilding will be in on Wednesday to continue play leader training.

Dress down day on Friday - fairy tale characters.


Mrs Mulqueen

Thank you to all those parents that attended the Open Evening. If you couldn't make it, I have added the PowerPoint onto the Year 6 page.

We've had a very hard-working week with our first taste of SATs assessment...results to follow!


Next Week:

Monday - Mrs Wilding will be teaching the Year 6 how to be Play Leaders. The children will need to have the 'proper' P.E. kit...particularly trainers ( I don't mind what colour they are, as long as they have a good grip!!).

Wednesday - Duxford ( decision made as yet)


Advanced Warning - Fairy Tale Week ( week beginning the 25th of September) There will be a 'dress up day' on Friday 29th - favourite fairy tale character.


Maths - rounding, negative numbers, hot task and then moving onto addition.

English - story openings, describing settings and characters using expanded noun phrases. Correct punctuation of dialogue.

Topic - Duxford trip

Science - history of electricity

Art - completing ww1 silhouette images.

P.E. - Play Leaders/outdoor games


Mrs Mulqueen

Welcome to Year 6

I am looking forward to meeting you next week for our 'Meet the Teacher' Open Evening. I will be talking about the expectations for Year 6 and the day-to-day issues that may arise. It is a general meeting rather than an opportunity to have individual discussions; Parents' Evening is later in the half term but I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. The children have already had the same information.


The children have had a fabulous start - they have really impressed me with their effort, enthusiasm and behaviour. I've thoroughly enjoyed the week as we've been doing lots of practical tasks - problem solving in Maths, drama in Topic etc.


Next week

Baseline Assessment week - we'll be having a go at our first SAT style tests (in class). Scores will be reported back at Parents' Evening.

Wednesday - Roald Dahl Day - we will be taking part in the Virtually Live event in the afternoon

                      Rocket Launch at the park - 1:15

                      Open Evening 3:30 and 4:00

Maths - large numbers place value and rounding, negative numbers

English - types of nouns, expanded noun phrases, use of commas, story starts

Topic - life in the trenches

Science - light and electricity

RE - Hinduism

PSHE - changing your mindset

PE - Games


The children have had their Preview Homework books and I have uploaded the activities onto the Homework page.

If your child would like to email homework, the address to use is:


Mrs Mulqueen