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Weeks commencing  13 November and 20 November

Our core story over the next two weeks is The Stick Man.

We will be discussing what happens in the story, the main characters and how we think the Stick Man feels.
We will be making props linked to the story, collecting sticks from the school field and using them in lots of different ways e.g. painting with them, making marks in various different ways and building things with them.

In phonics we will be looking for rhyming words in the story and around preschool and finding the beginning sounds of our names.

In mathematics we will be comparing the sizes of the sticks we find (who's got the longest, shortest), comparing quantities (who's found the most) and counting them.

To help at home you could:

  • Practise counting objects.. It helps to encourage your child to touch the objects when they count them.
  • Read stories, remember to talk about the story afterwards and encourage them to join in with repeated phrases e.g. "Oh no it's the Gruffalo".
  • Encourage your child to help put their own shoes and coat on e.g. they could pull the zip up once it's fastened at the bottom or fasten the Velcro on their shoes.