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Spellings and phonics

Weeks 5th - 19th March

Mrs Jensen's group: silent letters (wr, mb, gn, kn, st), se pronounced 'z' (cheese, please), alternate spellings for ear (ere - here, severe, eer - deer, cheer)

Mrs Harley's group: From now on will be keeping journals of phase 6 phonics

W/B 26/02/18

Mrs Jensen's group: wr (wrong, wrench), mb (lamb, climb), gn (sign, gnat)

W/B 29/01/18

Mrs Jensen's group: All ways to write sound pronounced 'ee' (ey, y, e-e, ea, ei, e)

Mrs Harley's group: To begin phase 6. Applying to reading various pronunciations 

W/B 15/01/18

Mrs Jensen's group: 'ou' pronounced as 'oo' (soup, group, troupe). Spelling would, could, should

Mrs Harley's group: Alternate pronunciations of 'oa'

W/B 4/12/17

Mrs Jensen's group: 'y' pronounced 'igh' (sky, fly, reply), 'y' pronounced 'ee' (funny, very), 'y' pronounced 'i' (Egypt, gym, crystal)

Mrs Harley's group: 'ie' (lie, tried), 'y' (cry, why), 'i-e' (prize, ripe), 'igh' (light, bright)

W/B 27/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: pronunciation of a after 'w' and 'sq' (wallet, watch, squash). Long vowel a (Amy, baby, acorn)

Mrs Harley's group: 'ea' (least, sea), 'e-e' (Steve, theme), 'ie' (thief, field), 'y' (sadly, funny)

W/B 20/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: ie pronounced 'ee' (chief, shield,thief), ea pronounced 'e' (head, read)

Mrs Harley's group: oul pronounced 'oo' (should, counldn't), u pronouned 'oo' (pull, put) review ay, a-e, ai

W/B 13/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: alternative pronunciations of u (put, stupid), alternative pronunciations of ow (slow, grow, down, window)

Mrs Harley's group: al pronounced or (walk, always), our pronounced or (four, your) augh pronounced or (caught, naughty)

W/B 6/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: c pronounced as 's' (city, icy), g pronounced as 'j' (magic, giant)

Mrs Harley's group: a pronounced 'ar' (father, rather), al pronounced 'ar' (calm, almond), or pronounced 'ur' (world, work)

W/B 30/10/17

Mrs Jensen's group: i (milk, fish), i (find, child), o (no, go, open) o (not, polish)

Mrs Harley's group: a pronounced ar (father, rather), al (calm, balm, halve), or pronounced ur (worth, world, worm), ear pronounced ur (pearl, earn, search)

W/B 16.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group: i_e (side, kite), o_e (note, woke), u_e (rule, blue, computer, cube), zh sound in words pleasure, treasure, television, usual

Mrs Harley's group: o pronounced u (mother, month, worry), ere (here, severe), eer (career, steering)

W/B 9.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group: oe (toe, Joe), au (August, dinosaur), ey (key, monkey), a-e (came, made), e-e (Pete, even)

Mrs Harley's group: S sounds (whistle, glisten, bristle), se (purse, mouse), z pronounced s (please, cheese)

Over half term children will also bring home some high frequency words they have been personally targeted to learn from misspelling in their writing.

W/B 2.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group sounds wh (which), ph (phonics), ew (flew)

Mrs Harley's group sounds gn (sign), kn (knit), wr (wrote) mb (lamb)

W/B 25.09.17

Children will be learning these sounds: oy (boy), ir (girl), ue (blue)

W/B 18.9.17

Sounds being learnt:  ay, ou (loud), ie (cried), ea (meat)