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Spellings and phonics

W/B 11.06.18

Mrs Holt's group: This week the children who did not pass their phonics screening in Y1 will be retested.

Mrs Jensen's group: 'or' written in different ways (al as in walk, our as in pour, augh as in caught).

Mrs Harley's group: Revising KS1 spellings and revisiting use of apostrophe for possession and contraction.


Mrs Harley's group and Mrs Jensen's group SPAG practise for Sats.

Mrs Holt's group Y1 phonics screening resit practise papers

W/B 23.04/18

Mrs Jensen's group: 'ere' pronounced 'air' (everywhere, there, where, nowhere)

                                  'ear' pronounced 'air' (bear, tear)

W/B 16.04.18

Mrs Jensen's group: 'al' and 'a' pronounced 'ar' (palm, calm, father, path)

                                  'or' pronounced 'ur' (work, world, worth)

                                  'ear' pronounced 'ur' (Pearl, earn, earth)

Weeks 5th - 19th March

Mrs Jensen's group: silent letters (wr, mb, gn, kn, st), se pronounced 'z' (cheese, please), alternate spellings for ear (ere - here, severe, eer - deer, cheer)

Mrs Harley's group: From now on will be keeping journals of phase 6 phonics

W/B 26/02/18

Mrs Jensen's group: wr (wrong, wrench), mb (lamb, climb), gn (sign, gnat)

W/B 29/01/18

Mrs Jensen's group: All ways to write sound pronounced 'ee' (ey, y, e-e, ea, ei, e)

Mrs Harley's group: To begin phase 6. Applying to reading various pronunciations 

W/B 15/01/18

Mrs Jensen's group: 'ou' pronounced as 'oo' (soup, group, troupe). Spelling would, could, should

Mrs Harley's group: Alternate pronunciations of 'oa'

W/B 4/12/17

Mrs Jensen's group: 'y' pronounced 'igh' (sky, fly, reply), 'y' pronounced 'ee' (funny, very), 'y' pronounced 'i' (Egypt, gym, crystal)

Mrs Harley's group: 'ie' (lie, tried), 'y' (cry, why), 'i-e' (prize, ripe), 'igh' (light, bright)

W/B 27/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: pronunciation of a after 'w' and 'sq' (wallet, watch, squash). Long vowel a (Amy, baby, acorn)

Mrs Harley's group: 'ea' (least, sea), 'e-e' (Steve, theme), 'ie' (thief, field), 'y' (sadly, funny)

W/B 20/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: ie pronounced 'ee' (chief, shield,thief), ea pronounced 'e' (head, read)

Mrs Harley's group: oul pronounced 'oo' (should, counldn't), u pronouned 'oo' (pull, put) review ay, a-e, ai

W/B 13/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: alternative pronunciations of u (put, stupid), alternative pronunciations of ow (slow, grow, down, window)

Mrs Harley's group: al pronounced or (walk, always), our pronounced or (four, your) augh pronounced or (caught, naughty)

W/B 6/11/17

Mrs Jensen's group: c pronounced as 's' (city, icy), g pronounced as 'j' (magic, giant)

Mrs Harley's group: a pronounced 'ar' (father, rather), al pronounced 'ar' (calm, almond), or pronounced 'ur' (world, work)

W/B 30/10/17

Mrs Jensen's group: i (milk, fish), i (find, child), o (no, go, open) o (not, polish)

Mrs Harley's group: a pronounced ar (father, rather), al (calm, balm, halve), or pronounced ur (worth, world, worm), ear pronounced ur (pearl, earn, search)

W/B 16.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group: i_e (side, kite), o_e (note, woke), u_e (rule, blue, computer, cube), zh sound in words pleasure, treasure, television, usual

Mrs Harley's group: o pronounced u (mother, month, worry), ere (here, severe), eer (career, steering)

W/B 9.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group: oe (toe, Joe), au (August, dinosaur), ey (key, monkey), a-e (came, made), e-e (Pete, even)

Mrs Harley's group: S sounds (whistle, glisten, bristle), se (purse, mouse), z pronounced s (please, cheese)

Over half term children will also bring home some high frequency words they have been personally targeted to learn from misspelling in their writing.

W/B 2.10.17

Mrs Jensen's group sounds wh (which), ph (phonics), ew (flew)

Mrs Harley's group sounds gn (sign), kn (knit), wr (wrote) mb (lamb)

W/B 25.09.17

Children will be learning these sounds: oy (boy), ir (girl), ue (blue)

W/B 18.9.17

Sounds being learnt:  ay, ou (loud), ie (cried), ea (meat)