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No set homework for Easter holidays but children may wish to write a story for the Young Writer's Award (see attached document).

English homework 17/3/17 Due back 24/3/17

170313 Improper fractions and Mixed numbers matching game

English Homework 10/3/17

Children have been asked to design a wanted poster for the Highwayman.  They have a template but can design their own if they like.

National Curriculum words for Year 5 & 6 for your reference

English homework 3/3/17 Due back 10/3/17

170227 Math homework Arithmetic half 'test'

Homework Fri 10th Feb - Due back Fri 3rd March

Research the role of Highwaymen in the 16th Century and find out some information about the most famous Highwaymen.

170206 Maths homework to be completed in grey maths homework books

English homework 2nd Feb

English Homework 20/1/17

English Homework 27th Jan

170116 Tudor Creative homework due 13th Feb 2017

English Homework Fri 13th Jan

English Homework Fri 6th Jan