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English Homework 26/5/17

Have a go at one of these SPaG games and tell us what you thought of it.

English Homework 19/5/17

Can children explain something they know well to me.  They could have someone video them doing a verbal explanation.  If possible, post onto google classroom so we can watch their explanations.

English Homework 12/5/17

Can you tell me about a myth or a legend you know of or have learned about.  Be prepared to present your myth or legend to the class.

English Homework 5/5/17

In guided reading we are going to be looking at text set in wars after half term.  I would like you to think of a book you have read or a film you have seen that is set during war time.  Can you recommend one for our class?  Why would you recommend it?  Tell us a little bit about the story.  Perhaps we can use it in our guided reading sessions.

English Homework 28/4/17

Look at some non-fiction books and leaflets.  Identify the features of this type of text.  Show me what you know about the features of non-fiction text in whatever way you choose e.g. you could photocopy a page from a non-fiction book and annotate it to show the features.