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Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine


First thing in the morning, children self-register by putting their names on the board. We then have a short free flow playing and learning time in continuous provision. Children are then asked to sit on the mat for a short time so that registration can be done by a member of staff. Following this we open the doors for free flow playing and learning both inside and out. We also offer the option of tumble tots at this time. During the free flow play, children are developing skills across the seven areas of learning and adults support this by extending their play.


This is then followed by some key working time which allows the staff to sit and play/work in a small group with key children focusing on their next steps. During the morning, the children are offered a snack and drink using a rolling snack time so that the children can choose and pour and eat a tasty healthy snack before returning to play.


After this is tidy up time when we encourage all the children to help put the toys away, before sorting the children into groups for some circle, story, song or listening activities.


Now we get ready for lunch. All children are helped to wash hands and those children going home get ready.


After lunch we have a short time on the carpet for afternoon registration before opening the door for some more free flow playing and learning with some small group key working time. We offer another rolling snack time in the afternoon before tidy up time. Once again all children are encouraged to help tidy the toys ready for our final circle, song, story and listening activities.


Now our day is done it is time for us to go home.