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Horstead 2020




Please check here for updates and pictures of our March 2020 residential for Years 3 and 4


4:30 pm

We had a great time at Go Ape. All the children attempted to go up into the trees with their harnesses on. Some went all the way around, some just did the zip wire and some came straight back down.

We washed our hands a lot and enjoyed lunch in the sun.

We had a pleasant drive to Horstead and got straight into activities.....outdoor wall climbing, group challenges, the games room and outdoor cooking.

Later  we will go to our rooms, wash our hands and get ready for tea. An outdoor campfire is planned from 7 until 8. Hopefully they will be ready for bed by then!


We all ate a great meal of jacket potato, cheese, beans, sausages followed by apple crumble and custard. We have dropped bags off in our rooms and are now sitting around the 🔥 


All the children have enjoyed marshmallows by the fire and told stories and riddles to each other.  They have brushed their teeth and most are now snuggled in bed with a book.  It will be lights out soon so hopefully they will be asleep soon!


Most rooms are sleeping soundly so we have had a bit of time to upload some photos.  Sorry if your child isn't in one of them - we have been in groups so we haven't been able to get pictures from all the devices yet!





Everyone is up and have already made beds and packed their bags for coming home.  The children are currently making their own sandwich for lunch before sitting down for breakfast.


Everyone has eaten and just enjoying some free time in the games room and outdoors before completing their final activities....the ones from the list they didn’t do yesterday.

We anticipate arriving back at school at 3:30. Please can adults wait on the playground? We plan to bring children off the coach into the playground to hand them over to you. While doing so we will take bags off the coach and you can collect them on the way home. This should ease congestion on the pavement.

New photos are being added to the slideshows so please check for updates.