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Learning Powers

At Peakirk cum Glinton, we believe in promoting positive attitudes. We feel it is crucial that our children develop positive attitudes about themselves and towards those around them. There is far more for our children at Peakirk cum Glinton to experience than simply engaging with a broad and balanced curriculum - we want to help them grow as people by nurturing the key attitudes to success that we feel will help them

in school and beyond...   



Our School Learning Powers help our children to reach their full potential by building and developing particular habits of mind to enable all our pupils to face challenges calmly, confidently and creatively and so be better prepared as lifelong learners.


Have you met our Learning Power Superheroes?!


Our Learning Powers are Resilience, Relationships, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness & Risk Taking


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Each week a child in each class will be chosen as the Superhero of the Week. They will be awarded with a certificate that relates to the Learning Power they have displayed that week and be presented with it in Friday's celebration assembly.