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New to Reception September 2019

We look forward to welcoming your children to our school in September.

We really want to make the transition to school a successful one and begin a purposeful partnership with school and home.

Although you will get a lot of the information at parent meetings and though various communications, we are posting a lot of it here so that you can look at it in your own time.  

It can be really overwhelming to take it all in during one information session so we have already populated the page here with information, links, support and advice which we hope that you find useful.  You may have the chance to read some of this before the school meeting or before September.

You will find below:

The presentation we will be using

Steps to starting school Guidance

Ready to Start School Documents

'What to expect, when?' Document

Phonics guidance link

Playdoh disco link

Tapestry Information


Steps to Starting School

Ready To Start School

Tapestry for Parents guidance