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Next week in Year 5...

Week commencing 15th July 2019

This is the final weekly news for Year 5! Where did that year go? The children have worked tremendously hard this year!

Firstly let me say how proud we are of the class and their dance for the show on both Tuesday night (awesome space for them to show off their talents) and also Wednesday afternoon (where space was very limited!) They all behaved impeccably and sat still for long chunks of time, but also sang beautifully and with enthusiasm. I have been sent a brilliant video of the whole dance which I am still working on getting onto a computer to show the class (& hopefully onto the website too!) #proudproudteachers

FYI Mr. Bell will be in school this week for his final week and has now qualified to teach! He is looking forward to starting his new job in September and I am sure you will join us in wishing him every success there. Mrs. Stevens will be in school as usual, Thursday and Friday and then she is done for the year. And then it’s just me and the TA’s hanging in there until the very end! Ha ha 😂 I’m sure we can find a few exciting activities to complete on those two days 😉

The children will need to bring a strong bag into school this week, as we will be handing out most of their work to come home (their latest maths, english books and sketch books go up to Year 6) – it will probably happen next Monday 22nd July. There is a LOT of stuff to come home!

PE WILL be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we will send their kit home.

Mrs Mulqueen has asked us to tell you that she will be sending out some summer homework packs this week. 

Whilst there are still a couple of final assessments (& revisiting areas that the children are not yet secure in) to complete on fractions and decimals, we will be completing some more Topic and Art based activities the rest of the time, as well as trying to sneak in a little bit more Spanish.

We will finish our RE work on Salvation. 


On Thursday we will be helping Mrs Smith and Mr Donnelly to put up the bird boxes in chosen positions in the school. Please keep your eyes peeled for photos of the fun DT session posted on the website of the class with Gracie's grandad. We will also be taking part in some fun cookery sessions.

On Friday the class have requested some extra ICT time and so we will complete some fun coding sessions. 


Thank you for your continued support throughout the year this year. Wishing you and the children every success in Year 6.

Week commencing 8th July 2019 

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we are so close to the end of your child’s penultimate year in Primary School?


As I am sure you are all aware, next week is the KS2 production. We will be having a dress rehearsal on Monday in school, followed by the main production itself on Tuesday evening (7 P.M at Queen Katherine Academy children to arrive at 6:15pm) and then the performance in school on Wednesday afternoon. As previously stated, the children can wear anything they will feel comfortable in (dance clothes, snazzy tops etc) but no spaghetti straps or crop tops. It is vital that they bring in their costume on Monday for the dress rehearsal (or they will be put in their P.E kits) if they haven't already done so. After the evening performance at QK on Tuesday, they then need to remember to bring their costume back into school for the Wednesday afternoon performance.


We will be continuing to explore decimals and percentages next week in Maths while also revisiting place value. Tackling tables will happen on Tuesday afternoon this week - one of the last chances the children have of moving up another level!


In English, the children should (finally!) get round to creating their own balanced arguments - the timetable has been difficult to arrange with the rehearsals and 'bikeability' taking place in the same week!


On Thursday, the children will form groups and have a go at creating their own bird boxes, where they will help design and then erect around the school to help the local bird population. Thank you to the parents that donated offcuts of wood for this project


Enjoy your weekend.

week commencing 17th June 2019

Hello everyone,


Let's hope this miserable weather is well and truly behind us! 🤞🌞


Don’t forget PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday at the moment. 🏃🏼🏃🏼🤸🏼


This coming week in Maths, we will be looking at rounding decimals and how to order and compare them and then, in the later part of the week, revisit our unit on angles and measurement. 🤷🏼


In English, we will be investigating balanced arguments, looking at various examples and unpicking the pertinent features with the view of writing their own balanced argument at the end of the unit. The children have been great at attempting to use semi-colons in their writing, our latest grammar target. Very pleased! 👊🏼


In Art, we will be exploring the Terracotta Warriors, where the children will be drawing their own warriors, with the view to creating their own warrior out of clay in the coming weeks. 🎨


For Science 🔬, we will be revisiting classification keys, where the children will look to classify animals into separate categories. 


In Topic,  our focus will be on the Shang Heroine, Fu Hao and in RE we will continue looking at our Christianity unit on 'Salvation'.


The Year 5 have been so enthusiastic about enforcing the recycling 🌎 in the school and if you have any blue, orange or yellow plastic bottles tops we would love to have them please to finish our artwork.

Gardening club 🌼also need old tights, preferably a natural or beige colour so please send any in.


Enjoy your weekend! 👨👩👦👦

Week commencing 10th June 2019


Hello everyone,


Please note that P.E. lessons will now be taking place on Tuesday afternoon with the sport's coach (Mr McCloud) and on Wednesday (with Mr Sanderson) where they will be learning how to play cricket. Please ensure that the children have their P.E kits in school at all times however, as with the weather improving (hopefully!) we will try to utilise as much time as possible outdoors. 


In Maths next week, we are continuing with our units on decimals where we are exploring decimals as fractions and also starting to look at thousandths and thousandths as decimals. Later in the week, we are maintaining our focus on volume, where we will be comparing and estimating. Tackling Tables has been going well and the children are making some decent progress, with many levels being gained by the children. Fantastic effort!!


In English, we are finishing off our unit on Myths and Legends; the children have just written their very own story (brilliant effort) and they have shown tangible improvement in their writing which is very pleasing! We will be starting our unit on non-fiction texts, focusing on instructions which is linked to imperative verbs and adverbials of time.


In Topic, we will be continuing to look at the Shang Kings, where the children will be creating a persuasive piece of writing. 


In Science, we have just had our butterflies hatch (which the children are very excited about!!) and we will be looking to release them next week. Mr Donnelly has kindly allowed us the use of his camera, and we have filmed the hatching of the butterflies from their chrysalises. The children will be using this to aid them in our lesson about the life-cycles of insects. 


In Art, the children will be painting the 'Four Gentlemen' (linked to their topic of the Shang Dynasty).

 In PSHE we are continuing to look at Recycling and are trying to improve the whole school's recycling process after finding that some recycling is being rejected due to normal rubbish being in there. The children have written to the PGSA about helping to fund new recycling bins for the playground and we have invited the children to research 'reasonably priced' and attractive recycling bins for the playground. They are going to post their findings on 'Google Classrooms'.

Summer 2 week commencing Mon 3rd June 2019


Hello everyone,

We hope you have all enjoyed the half-term break and the glorious sunshine – welcome to the start of our final half term of the year (wow, where has the time gone!?) As usual it will be a very busy half term but we will try and remind you of events as and when they occur.

A new reading and spelling grid will be handed out to the children this week and they will have a spelling test tomorrow on words given out before half term, as usual.

We are starting our new topic of decimals in maths, where we will explore how to sort to two decimal places and looking at decimals as fractions. On Thursday and Friday, we are exploring the topic of volume and capacity. Tackling Tables as usual this week.

For English, we are finishing our unit on Myths and Legends and the children will plan and write their very own story!

We will continue with our Chinese dragon drawings in art, incorporating some of our calligraphy skills into the pictures.

On Wednesday there is the added excitement of watching a Shadow Puppets show ‘The Thought Machine’ after break.

Please remember to bring in full P.E kits to school, including trainers. We have our scheduled lessons on a Tuesday afternoon with the P.E. coaches and Thursday afternoons with Mr Bell. However, as the weather is getting nicer, we will try and get outside as much as possible and therefore it is important to always have the kits in school.

week commencing 20th May 

Hello everybody,


I can't believe we are in the final week of the half-term already! 


Next week is our environmental week and we will be participating in numerous activities throughout the week relating to the environment, starting off on Monday with a special assembly along with some litter picking to help clean up the school and surrounding area. We still need lots of bottle tops for our Art so please keep collecting! We are also looking to make our own bird boxes for the school grounds so if anyone has any old wood off cuts, please let us know.


Please remember that Creative homework is due in on Tuesday, so do what you can to bring in your work to show off to the class!


In Maths, we will be finishing off our unit on fractions and introducing our new topic of decimals. We will also be looking at volume on the final two days of the week. Please keep up the hard work with revising times-tables with your children. 


For English, we are completing phase 2 of the unit, where the children have had a great time manipulating the text of Beowulf and adding their own unique twists to the story. This will lead on to them creating their own myth or legend from scratch. We have seen such a big difference in their writing and they are trying so hard to add complex sentences and exciting vocabulary. 


In Topic, we will continue exploring about the Shang Dynasty's Gods and Kings. Unfortunately in RE this week, our visitor had to attend to family matters so will post phone his visit until another time, we will keep you informed. Instead we will look at our new topic of Salvation. In ICT we are going to showcase our websites to the rest of the school children.


Tackling Tables and Spellings as usual. 

Week commencing 13th May,

Hi Everyone,

We have a timetable change that we would like to inform you about: Our first P.E lesson of the week will change from a Monday to a Tuesday afternoon, swapping with Art. In Art, we will be looking at Chinese Calligraphy. Year 6 SAT’s will be taking place this week, which may affect the times we have our break times.

In Maths, we will be continuing our work on fractions, exploring how to multiply non-unit and mixed number fractions. We will also be looking at how to find fractions of amounts. On Thursday and Friday, our focus will be on converting units of measurement between metric and imperial so far we have looked at converting centimetres, millimetres and metres. We will have our weekly tackling tables lesson on Monday afternoons as normal.

For English, we will be moving onto the next phase in our unit on Beowulf where we will be manipulating the text and the children putting their own spin on the story. Our grammar focus will continue to be on how to create more cohesive paragraphs within our writing. Spellings as usual on Monday – fabulous results last week by the way – so many full scores and most children increasing their scores!! Reading will be looking at some texts ready for comprehension work the following week, putting into practice all the skills we have been learning over the last weeks.

Our Topic on the Shang Dynasty has been a great success, with several amazing pieces of homework coming in already. We will continue to look at the social structure of the Shang cities and about their Gods and Kings.

Our focus for British Values will continue with exploring Democracy and the children will have an opportunity to write a short speech and take part in a democratic vote!

In RE on Friday we will be having a visitor in to talk to the class about Sikhism and the Five K's .On Google Classroom there is a post inviting the children to make any suggestions for Environment Week which will be coming up on 20th May so hopefully the children will make some great suggestions. We also spoke to the class about Google Classroom being a safe place to chat and a safe alternative to some social media sites/apps.

Have a great weekend.

week commencing 29th April 2019

Hi everyone


Welcome back to the last term of Year 5 (& also to Mr. Bell who has returned from his second school placement). We hope you all had a lovely time with your children.


There have been a few timetable moves this term but points that you will need to know are:


PE days are now Monday afternoon (sports coach) and Thursdays, where we will be focusing on striking and fielding techniques. Please could everyone make sure they have their PE kits in school and if anyone does have any old spare PE type clothing we could use as spare kit in school that would be greatly appreciated as we are lacking in spare kit for older children. 


Our staggered start to the day with a variety of ‘morning tasks’ is working well and this will be extended from Monday. We will be giving the children a new book to record this work in (it also helps reduce bits of copied paper floating around the classroom! FYI the children complete a number of tasks, maths – arithmetic and reasoning, word of the day, handwriting, spellings and grammar tasks.


In maths we are continuing with fractions for several weeks on the first 3 days of the week – this week subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. On Thursdays and Fridays we will be learning about units of measurement.


English we are moving onto a new genre which is Myths and Legends. We are very excited about this and judging from the reaction of the children when they were told, they are too! Next week we will be exploring what exactly fables, myths and legends are.

Spellings & grammar are continuing on Monday and again we are noticing a drop off in some children learning the rules. Please support them (& us) with these. The children should all by now have a new reading and spelling half term overview stuck into their homework books. Reading skills and comprehension lessons will be on Tuesdays and Wed – Fri will see text immersion and writing skills lessons. Spanish will move to a morning slot (whenever we get a chance) Tackling Tables will be on Mondays and art will be on Tuesdays.


Wednesday will see the launch of our new topic The Shang Dynasty, new not only to the children but to our school too. All will be revealed! They will also be given a new homework menu connected to the topic next week. We will also be including some British Values lessons this half term.

 For Science, our topic this half term will be on life cycles and habitats. Next week, we will be continuring to look at the life cycles of flowers and plants, investigating how they reproduce.  

In RE we will be looking at Salvation and we will also be welcoming a visitor to talk about his life as a Sikh after looking at Sikhism last term. 

As Mr. Bell’s teaching commitment steps up, Mrs Stevens and myself will be working with targeted support groups wherever possible, whilst also supporting in class. You may also notice that Mrs. Atkinson (our TA) has been ‘borrowed’ this half term to support KS1 with phonics work – we are hoping she will be back after half term but we do now have Mr. Murza for additional help with classroom admin tasks.


SUMDOG news – the 13 Y5 children who participated worked amazingly hard and won the Peterborough competition! We were delighted with their effort and have been heaping dojo points onto them!


As our school ‘Daily Mile’ track is now complete, we will be taking the children out to complete the daily mile at least 3 times a week but possibly daily (why is the school day not elastic so that we can squeeze more time in?) This will not require them changing clothes or shoes as they will complete it in their school uniform. Please can we also take this opportunity to remind you of the school uniform policy which is available on the school website if you need a refresher. The areas that we frequently find we need to pick up on are wearing inappropriate school shoes, nail varnish and jewellery.


Looking forward to an action packed half term!


Week Commencing 1st April, 2019,

And so quickly we have arrived at the last week of term! Where does the time go?


Sumdog (Peterborough competition) launched on Friday 29th March and we have our reputation to defend so PLEASE encourage your children to participate – dojos a-plenty for support with this! It finishes at 8pm Thursday 4th April.


Next week the children have a supply teacher on Monday as I am out on mentor training (for Mr Bell) in the morning and visiting him at his placement school in the afternoon, getting ready for his transition back to us next term. The children should have brought their dioramas home and know that the space this creates is for putting their bags of equipment for Easter Gardens in ready for Wednesday. The children will still be doing their cold and hot spelling tests and a grammar lesson (causal conjunctions) with the supply teacher and PE (gymnastics) and art in the afternoon – finishing off our abstract work – time allowing.  There will also be a Eucharist Service on Monday morning.


It should be an exciting but busy week with lots of activities and changes to the normal timetable.

Tuesday should be a ‘normalish’ day, with maths – adding fractions which make a total more than 1, the spelling lesson to teach them the rule from the cold test they completed Monday and English lesson working on the reading skill for repairing a breakdown (skill 6). We will also be doing Tackling Tables in the afternoon before music.  


On Wednesday  we will be making the gardens as well as participating in the annual class by class Easter Egg hunt and the Easter Bonnet competition. Celebration Assembly is happening on Wednesday this week due to the talent show finals and the Science fair events on Thursday. We are hoping to fit in some topic work around these events on Wednesday – writing up our shadow experiment, looking at time zones around the world, describing the movement of the earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system, (explaining the seasons and to describe why they happen). We will be continuing the topic for the first week or two after the holiday before moving onto the final topic of the year – The Shang Dynasty. Busy, busy, busy!

On Thursday (last day) we will be practising some Science demonstrations in the morning  ready for the Science Fair (for the children) after lunch and then this will be followed by the school Talent Show.



Thank you for your support throughout the year so far – we are beginning to see some quite rapid progress and with Mr Bell returning after Easter, we will be starting more intervention groups to further boost progress, getting the children ready for Y6 - their final year in Primary school. In reading we have noticed how the children have found the questioning language difficult with words such as 'contrast ' in questions like;

'Can you find two contrasting sentences to describe the city at the beginning of the story and at the end?' and also thinking of other words to describe the same thing (Synonyms). We will be doing lots of work on this. 


Wishing you all a fun and relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you after the holidays for the LAST term of this academic year!


Week commencing 25th March;

A few reminders before we get into the regular updates


WEDNESDAY 27TH SPACE CENTRE trip – please can the children be in school at 8:15am for registration and a prompt 8:30am leave? We are leaving the centre at 4pm so should be back in school at 5:30pm. We will ring school if there are any changes to this.


EASTER GARDENS – don’t forget to be getting the equipment ready to bring to school on Monday 1st April (where it will stay in the cloakroom area until Wednesday)


Next week maths work on fractions continues with adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and also adding more than 2 fractions with different denominators. Tackling Tables as usual on Monday (more success stories this week and certificates presented). On Thursday and Friday the children will be continuing their work on Converting units of measurement  and looking at problem solving, converting units and then working out the price of items. So far we have looked at 'kilo' in kilometre and kilogram, 'milli' in millimetres and metres, next week we will look at centimetres. 


Our work in English will continue with explanatory texts – it is taking longer than usual with the exciting curriculum days which so limit ‘normal’ English lessons. We will be continuing developing reading skills looking at ‘breakdown’ next 😉. Spellings as usual on Monday and it is excellent seeing more children achieving higher scores and dojos marking their progress. Grammar will continue to look at tenses – present perfect this time!


We will be trying to fit in a quick topic lesson on Tuesday looking at the position of planets (in readiness for our trip the next day). PE (gymnastics) on Monday. On Thursday it will be the last week for swimming, the children will have a fun session as well as swim for certificates. We will also practice our science experiments ready for our school science exhibition to the rest of the school. Hopefully we will also have time to work on our websites, the children have now created a school account with 'Wix'.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Week commencing 18th March,

So just 3 weeks to go in this half term, but still as busy as ever! This week the children will be completing timed tests in Maths, Reading and GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling).


Our normal lessons will continue with Fractions in maths (comparing and ordering, adding and subtracting fractions) and Tackling Tables, after our amazing results week last week, continuing in our new Monday slot. On Thursday and Friday they will be converting metres to kilometres and centimetres to millimetres and completing measurement problems.  English will continue with Explanatory texts (the children had a go at writing one in topic last week, explaining night and day and also after making 'edible' slime in Maths) . Spellings and grammar (past or present tense)will be on Monday. We will also be looking at a ‘shortie’ reading test, using the reading skills learnt so far and how to structure answers. We are also hoping to read more of our class book Kensukes Kingdom.


In Space  we are beginning to get excited about the trip to the National Space Centre on 27th, and this week the topic is moving onto describing the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the Solar System, although if it is a sunny day we may take the opportunity to look at shadows. We started looking at the work of space artist Peter Thorpe last week as well as learning about perspective, This week we will be starting our abstract background pictures. In Science they will complete an experiment to explain why the moon glows and hopefully they will have time to create their website in ICT either this week or next week.  

Early warning Sumdog Peterborough competition starts Friday 29th March 😊 we have our reputation to maintain! 😉


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

week commencing 11th March 2019

Hello Everyone,

First of all apologies for the lateness of this weeks news – busy life!!

What an exciting week we have just had with World Book Day, the children all looked fantastic in their costumes and it was nice to see so many parents and grandparents in the classroom. The children had a great time with you and also enjoyed sharing books with Reception.

Next week is an exciting week too as it is Science week and as a class we have chosen to look at Stephen Hawking  and his contributions to Space. On Friday the children also  have a practical silly Science workshop with an organised education group. 

Our English unit continues with Explanatory texts, starting to draft their own samples of texts later in the week after a look at the features of this style of writing. Spellings as usual on Monday – remember if your child have the words to hand or does not show you the words – they are always available either on the website (where the whole half term has been uploaded) or in their green homework book. Our grammar this week will begin to look at using parenthesis with dashes, commas or brackets. We will also be continuing with learning our new reading skills which the children really seem to enjoy.

Fractions work continues in maths looking at converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, number sequences and also comparing and ordering fractions less than 1. Tackling Tables will continue but please note we now do this on a Monday. Mrs Mulqueen is keeping an eye on the Leader board for Times table Rockstars and will start giving out certificates for high achievers during assemblies on Tuesdays so children need to keep playing in the studio and garage areas at least 10 times.  In Maths on Thursday  the children will tie in their Measures work with Science week and work on measuring amounts of liquids and convert it into equivalent units.

Our gymnastics unit on balance continues on Monday and on Thursday we are swimming as usual. We will attempt to arrive back in time but with so many roadworks in Peterborough at the moment it is quite difficult especially as we want the children to enjoy their full lesson but we will try!

Our topic on Space is causing a lot of discussion and we will be using the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.

Busy times!! I have attached a copy of the Easter Gardens letter – detailing equipment the children will need to participate in this exciting event which is now only 3 weeks away! Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense – or catch parents of previous Y5 children who will hopefully remember what is required.

Also, as a final note (and a bit of early warning), Mrs Stevens and I have allocated next week as ‘end of term assessments’ week as the tests need taking, marking and analysing before 27th March. The children will complete timed tests in Maths, GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and Reading. We are quite happy to share these results with you once they have been processed, so that you can track your child’s progress.

Week commencing 4th March ,

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term!


As we move into the second half of Year 5 you may find our expectations of your child increase (in both work and behaviour) as we begin to prepare them for the rigours of Year 6. They have certainly made a good start this week and have really been working hard and seem much more mature and settled.


There is plenty of fun ahead his half term with our National Space Centre trip, World Book Day and Silly Science workshops as well as making the now legendary Easter Gardens (more details to follow shortly).


Our English unit of non-fiction, looking at explanatory texts has now started and will be taught over several weeks, culminating in a report connected with Space. We have also started teaching specific reading skills to help the children with developing their inference skills which are necessary for achieving well in reading assessments. This week we have looked at ‘background’ getting the children to be ‘active’ readers, bringing their own knowledge into the reading activity. We have also started working on ‘adverbs’ which sounds quite easy but is actually proving quite challenging. We have looked at recognising and using them and will now be moving onto recognising and using adverbs for indicating degrees of possibility. The language the children have to deal with is quite difficult but they must get used to it as it will form part of the GPS testing process, so we do encourage them to use this whenever possible. Spellings will happen as usual on Monday, hot-testing the 2nd lesson on the -ough pattern and cold testing the new rule, before teaching it and also using the rule in handwriting practice. The Reading Challenge is still roaring along with several more certificates being awarded with a few children nearing the end of the challenge. There is certainly much more of a buzz in the class and a lot more talk about books read and intended reads. There were also several handwriting pen certificates awarded this week – excitingly!


Multiplication and division is now complete in maths and I am hoping the children will  shine in the ‘hot’ test showing their skills learnt capably. We will be starting lessons on fractions on Tuesday with a look at equivalent fractions and then moving onto improper and mixed fractions. Again the use of language is essential in helping them embed their learning and feeling more confident.  Tackling Tables is working well with 3 more children achieving levels this week (although they have not yet received their certificates). With the launch of ‘Rockstars’ today we are hoping to see accelerated progress. This is a website where children can either challenge each other on Times Tables or play on their own  in order to earn enough coins to dress up their avatar and become a 'Rock Legend'. The children all loved this website today  and they all have usernames and passwords, these have been  stuck into their school planner books. Please ask them for their rock names too, they are quite interesting!


In PE on Monday we will be continuing our work on a gymnastics unit, combining balance and sequences. Our topic started this week with a discussion about the flat earth theory versus the spherical theory and we will be continuing with finding out about the size of the Earth, Sun and Moon and how far away from each other they are. We ‘might’ even get a Spanish lesson squeezed into the week (fingers crossed) Our art will be topic related too – looking at sketching effectively this week.


Remember on Thursday for World Book Day, parents/grandparents are welcome to come in and join in with some fun book activities with your child. The children can dress up as a chosen book character or  if they would prefer, bring in a prop for a favourite character. Please could they also bring in their favourite book to share and if you or any grandparents would like to bring in your favourite children's book too, that would be great.


In Maths on Thursday and Friday the children will begin their new Maths unit on 'Measurement and 'Converting Units' which ties into their Fraction, Multiplication and Division work as we will be converting  grams  into Kilograms, metres into Kilometres and litres into millilitres. On Friday in Science we will look at Friction and conduct and record another experiment as well as begin our work on creating websites in ICT.


By the way we thought you should know that the swimming teachers at Jack Hunt were so impressed by the class and their swimming skills. They said they were the best class they had ever seen!! We thought you would all appreciate knowing this and nice to know the efforts of rushing them to swimming lessons have paid off. We felt very proud of them!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Week Commencing 11th February, 2019,

Can you believe how quickly the year is flying by? We are looking forward to meeting with most of you in the week ahead. 


Art week was a success and the children's art work will be displayed in the hall on Monday  if you would like to see it after school.


On Tuesday the children will be sharing their creative homework with the class, the report and the creative element. We are hoping to display these ready for you all to see at the parents evenings.


Our English unit on adventure stories will come to a conclusion this week with the resolution and ending of their stories. We are really focusing on looking at examples of story writing and the techniques authors use to engage the reader and create excitement and atmosphere. Spellings will be tested as usual on Monday and new one’s will be taught and cold tested  – to be tested on the first day back after half term. Handwriting will reinforce the pattern being taught. Grammar will be tied in with developing writing skills - expanded noun phrases.


We are moving towards the end of our multiplication and division unit (it will go into the first week back after half term) by looking at a formal method for division. Tackling Tables will happen on Wednesday this week due to looking at the creative homework. On Thursday and Friday the children's maths will be touching on time once again and looking at timetables  to work out how many minutes journey's are and will be adding up hours and minutes in  investigations. They will also be using their maths knowledge to create a table of results in Science to plan an investigation.


Topic will review lines of longitude as Arts week impacted the work we had planned to do. In RE we are planning to catch up with work on the Sikhism place of worship the Gurdwara as we ran out of time last week.  In ICT next week we will continue to look at Internet Safety and consider our behaviour on the internet and action we can take to keep us safe.  The children have also uploaded their Stop Motion animations to Google Classroom and to their Google drives. 


We hope you have a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to catching up with some of you next week. 

Week Commencing 4th Feb,

Hi everyone,


Difficult to believe in just 2 weeks your children will be half way through Year 5!!


Next week is arts week and we will have a variety of activities going on -  on Monday we will be looking at the work of Salvador Dali as he has been selected as the Y5 artist. On Thursday the children will have an art morning where they will get to choose an art activity of their choice based on the theme of 'Winter' exploring different techniques. The week also includes ‘internet safety day’ and the children will be doing some PSHE activities on staying safe online.


In Maths we will be continuing to look at models of formal calculations for multiplication. By all means ask your child to show you the method we are using (which you can also find in a document called ‘Helping your child with mathematics at Peakirk cum Glinton’ on our school website but please do not show them the method you were taught as, for less confident mathematicians, this can confuse them further. Your support reviewing our method is more than welcomed and for some of you – it may be the method you were taught. On Thursday and Friday the children will look at different  types of timetables in their Statistics lesson and answer problems that will reinforce their knowledge of time. Reading timetables was an area they found difficult at the start of the topic so if they could read these when out and about with you this would be fantastic.



English sees the Adventure story (narrative) writing unit continues with the children beginning to write their own stories, section by section – we are hoping to see some real skills used as their writing is completed in more depth (& length). Grammar will support this learning with work on expanded noun phrases. Spelling as usual on Monday and hopefully this week we can complete the assessment on Y3/4 words (there is a list of these on the school website year 3 4 statutory word list.

Spellings | Peakirk-Cum-Glinton C of E Primary School

Peakirk-Cum-Glinton C of E Primary School




PE and music lessons as usual this week. Topic will be looking at the lines of longitude and how these, along with the lines of latitude, can be used to locate places around the world. 


Thank you for those of you have already paid for our school trip to Leicester in March. As some of you will have noticed, the cost is higher than usual, one of the factors for this being that it is just for Year 5 so the bus price is shared amongst 30 children rather than the 60 of 2 classes. We also have a fabulous workshop which will is targeted specifically at the area of our topic in Spring 2. We make the most of the trip by extending the school day so that we are at the centre for most of their opening hours. The children will have a fabulous time there, with the hands-on exhibits, the workshop and the Planetarium Show.


Also don’t forget that booking slots for parents evening closes on Tuesday 5th Feb and as usual, Mr Bell and I will be at the Tuesday parents evening (12th) and Mrs Stevens will be at the Wednesday parents evening (13th). AFA children will have slots after half term, but please feel free to come into school over parents evening to look at your child’s work.

Week Commencing 27th January,


Next week will see us continuing with our multiplication and division unit in maths, revisiting using multiples as some children found this very challenging, and then moving onto using the inverse operation and starting to multiply using a formal method. Tackling Tables is back to its usual slot of Tuesday afternoon. On Thursday and Friday the children will continue their Statistics work by reading and interpreting two way tables. 


In English our newly started unit on adventure stories will continue by exploring and comparing different texts, focusing on the various features authors use to create excitement and suspense.  We will be keenly looking at how using effective punctuation, verb choices and varied sentence lengths help set the atmosphere in a story. Spellings as usual on Monday morning and grammar continuing with modal verbs, (indicating the possibility of something happening... could, should, would, might, will). We are hoping to check the children’s understanding and recall of the Y3 & 4 spelling words this week and will obviously share the results with you at parents evening, coming up in a few weeks. We are working very hard on all round presentation skills and this week may see the award of the first pen in Y5!! 🤞 The Reading Challenge is going really well with the children showing great enthusiasm for reading and writing book reviews. If you get a chance, helping them write a book review on Amazon is always a rewarding experience (please feel free to ask if you are not sure how to do it). 


There will not be a topic lesson (or Spanish) this week due to the Table tennis festival at AMVC on Wednesday afternoon, but the children will hopefully get to complete their African sunset art on Monday afternoon.


On Thursday and Friday the children will continue looking at Sikhism. In Science the children will continue their investigation work with 'Forces' and record their findings. 


The animation work is nearly completed on everyday objects coming to life and we will upload the finished films onto Google Classroom.  We have been  really impressed with the children's creativity and ideas so far!



Week Commencing 21st January, 2019,


We hope you have all seen the new homework menu that ‘should’ have been stuck into their homework books. Apologies for the mistake – the purple header

should say ‘English’. It was a tough job!!! Also the box at the top ‘Creative Homework’ has been explained to the class. I was aiming to avoid using a separate piece of paper. Creative homework often fires children to explore and research areas they are interested in and they are so creative at expressing this knowledge it never fails to amaze us!  – and the date when we will spend ½ a day looking at / listening to this work is also given on the homework menu.


We still have 1 or 2 children who do not have their homework book in school  which makes it very difficult to help them become organised. Please can you check your child has their ‘packet’ in school every day and that it contains their current reading book, their homework book and also their student planners.


Next week we are hoping to complete our English unit on poetry with some class performance work in school. I have also asked the children to ‘prepare’ a poem they would like to share with the class. This will be during Wednesday’s English lesson. It is for them to bring in a poem they have found (they don’t have to write it) and be prepared to either read or perform it to the class. They are welcome to have the words in their hands with them. We will ask them to write a sentence about why they chose this a particular poem and what it is called and who wrote it. One of the Year 5 targets is ‘to prepare poems to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone and volume’ and we hope that this is an opportunity to do this in a fun way. For any children wary of reciting their poem to the whole class, we can include a group challenge with the same activity.


You may also have hear the children talk about the ‘Book Challenge’ we have launched in Year 5. We are trying to fire up (or further) a love of reading and have a variety of activities to help us do this. We are asking the children to review each book as they finish it, in whatever form they would like to – maybe they would like to film a book review, or give an oral report in class or the more traditional writing a book review. We have discussed (and looked at) some reviews and highlighted that a review should not contain ‘spoilers’ more how the book made them feel – could they empathise with the characters? Could they ‘see’ the story? What they liked about it and why. Apart from helping them become more confident readers and writers, this also feeds into targets for Y5: ‘explain and discuss understanding of what they have read including formal presentations and debates’ AND ‘ participate in discussions about books that are read to them and those that they read themselves, building on an their own and others ideas and challenging others courteously’  It is also a personal passion of mine!


Spellings as usual on Monday and last week it was great to see so many more children receiving dojo points for increasing scores and full scores – thank you. Grammar will continue looking at Modal Verbs, with the children learning how to use them. All of these grammar lessons will help them to upskill their writing if they feed this knowledge into their written work.


Having worked on multiples, factors, common factors, prime numbers, prime factors, square and cube numbers our maths this week begins to move to calculating within multiplication and division. We start by looking at multiplying by 10, 100 & 1 000, then dividing by the same and finally this week using  multiples to help calculations. Tackling Tables will happen although it may not be Tuesday afternoon as we have an author visiting and taking a longer assembly (possibly squeezed into Wed afternoon). Well done to the children who are logging onto Tackling Tables to ‘play’ -we are seeing a real improvement for lots of children.

On Thursday and Friday the children will be linking their statistic work to the RSPB School birdwatch and the children will be recording the results of the birds they can see in the school grounds and recording this data in a bar chart.


In topic we will be looking at lines of latitude to start with and what difference position in the world makes to temperature, rainfall etc before moving onto looking at lines of longitude. The children will then learn to locate places in the world using these lines as references, helping their understand the purpose. We are hoping to get some Spanish in at some point during the week too. We have recently been looking at learning to ask and say ages adding to our conversational skills.


In Science the children have started their work on 'Forces' and next week will carry out an investigation to look at 'Upthrust' and consider fair testing when planning their experiment.


In RE the children have began a discussion on Sikhism and we will explore their key questions generated and consider communities and groups the children also belong to. 


In ICT the children will continue with their Stop Animations and as soon as they are completed we will upload them to the website or to Google Classroom. 


We will also carry on with our Arabic DD Mix dance unit  where the children are completing their own dance routines, there are some really fantastic dancers within the class and they have worked so well together on creating new moves!


We hope you all have a great week, take care.


Week Commencing 14th January

Looking forward to another exciting week in Year 5!


Advance notice (reminders) of a couple of dates: Year 5 Table Tennis tournament at AMVC Wed 30th January and Parents Evenings 12th and 13th February.


The children have enjoyed looking at a variety of poetry this week (Shakespeare – Macbeth, Haiku and personification) they will continue with this work next week, looking at further examples of Shakespeare as a poet in Romeo and Juliet, Limericks and Clerihews before choosing their favourite poem to write up to presentation standard for display. Spellings continue as usual with their first hot test of the term and a lesson to introduce the new spelling pattern to be taught. They will also be completing handwriting on this new pattern to help embed their learning. Grammar will be starting to look at Modal Verbs.


Our maths lessons, still within the multiplication and division unit, will be revisiting square numbers, introducing cube numbers and then looking at the inverse operations, connecting the prior learning on multiples and factors and therefore obviously multiplication and division. Tackling Tables will have its usual slot on Tuesday afternoon and for any of you that may have missed my email – we now have access to fun interactive games to reinforce these skills via the website the children all have a log on. You can also access paper copies of the tasks we use in school if you would like to rehearse at home first. Also, as a result of Year 5 winning SumDog in December, we have been set up with a 6 month free subscription to their paid for resources. Immediately the children can access more games that previously. There is also the capability for them to have practice for specific skills such as multiplication tables (once I get my head round how to set it up!) I’ll let you know and set the children up for the tables they are working on atm. I cannot stress enough how important multiplication knowledge is for the children and that means ‘rapid recall’, especially for the part of the unit we are moving onto after this week, when they will need to call on their knowledge almost every lesson going forwards. 

Home | Tackling Tables

How it Works By playing the Tackling Tables cards, students see the power of number relationships rather than times tables in isolation. This is a fun and effective way to help them learn multiplication and the corresponding division facts “off by heart”.


 On Thursday and Friday the children will continue looking at data with Mrs Stevens and will continue working on line graphs and solving problems with them. As part of the Statistics topic we will be taking part in the RSPB School birdwatch in a couple of weeks and if you  would like to get involved too at home, families can take part and request a free pack from . It would be great if the children could bring in their results to share with us that week on the following Thursday (31st January).

Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 | Join the fun - The RSPB

The dates are in! Join us for Big Garden Birdwatch 26 - 28 January 2019. Registration opens 12 December 2018! Find out more.


We launched our topic last week ‘Where in the World?’ with a look at the continents, tropics, the equator and the oceans. The children also had the opportunity to look at countries within those continents. They will be moving onto the UK, GB and The British Isles this week, the differences between them and then using map skills to identify major cities within the UK. Some children may go further and identify patron saints, rivers and mountain ranges. In art we will be starting a whistle stop tour of art from around the world, with the children choosing, between options, where we start.


We will begin our new RE topic of Sikhism this week and in ICT we will continue making our Stop Motion animations linked to the poetry of the personification of everyday objects. We have had everything from dancing scissors to hungry books! PE will be our new Arabic Dance unit where the children will create their new moves after learning some key moves like the 'Shimmy' and 'Walk like an Egyptian'.


 Also the new homework grid for this topic is now up on the school website. Children will be given a paper copy to put into their homework books tomorrow (which should be in school in their packs every day please for the one or two children who forget – most children are brilliant at this!) I have also uploaded the half terms spelling and reading menus which the children were given last Monday, along with their individualised weekly spelling lists.

Week commencing 7th January 2019

Hi Everyone,


Happy New Year ! We hope that you have had a fantastic Christmas and break with your family, we have certainly heard some of the exciting things the children have been up to. Thank you so much for the cards and presents we received, it was very kind of you.

There have been a few changes in school, including times to the timetable, but the children have had a settled start to the new term. P.E. days remain the same, Monday and Friday afternoons.

Next week in English the children will be starting a new unit on Poetry. We will be looking at a variety of poetry and the children will be composing their own poems to match each style. We will be asking them to also learn a poem that they really like to ‘perform’ (say aloud) to the rest of the class towards the end of the unit, this enables us to tick a box for a target on the Y5 English curriculum, and the children seem to enjoy this activity, once the first brave few have started. Spellings recommences on Monday and handwriting will be tying in the pattern learnt. Grammar will be completing looking at relative clauses and how to use them.

Maths will continue to look at our multiplication and division unit, but following on from our work on factors and multiples we will be focusing on common factors, prime numbers and square numbers. Tackling Tables will be back on Tuesday as usual. On Thursday and Friday in Maths the children will be continuing their new unit on Statistics looking at Line graphs and Tables answering questions and comparing data.

In Science we will be concluding our unit  by looking at 'Irreversible' changes and then looking at new materials and the scientists behind them. In ICT we are going to begin a new topic of Stop Animation and link it to our forthcoming poetry and adventure unit. It is really great to see the children chatting on Google Classroom, please let Mrs. Stevens know if your children are having trouble logging on.

Here’s to a great term!

Week Commencing 3rd December

Next week will be an exciting one as the first celebration of the festivities begins on Wednesday night 'Christingle'. The children will be rehearsing their items on Wednesday afternoon so we may not get a topic lesson in, although we will endeavour to carry on with our sewing on Monday. We are also hoping to start making some peg dolls too!


English continues with our unit on  Oliver Twist, particularly  focusing on characterisation. It may help if you can find character descriptions in their reading books and discuss how effective they are and what makes them effective (or not). We have talked about how to become a better writer and the impact of reading on upskilling their ideas. We will be starting our final spelling pattern of the term on Monday before the grand spelling check of all patterns covered during the term. 



Next week will also see the children complete end of term assessments (timed) for Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.



In maths, having finished our unit on addition and subtraction, we will be completing the hot test and also the cold test for the next unit, multiplication and division. More children moving up levels in Tackling tables, however we still have 11 children who have not moved up any levels yet. sadly. We are focusing on these children to try to help them make progress - can you please support them to speed up at home - maybe try the internet games?  On Thursday and Friday the children will look at 3d shapes and their properties and will also start to look at the nets of shapes.

Next week (Friday) will see the launch of the termly Sumdog competition - not that I am competitive (OH YES I AM!) but Y5 normally feature some children in the top 10 and have won the competition several times too - NO PRESSURE 😉 


In RE the children will be finishing their topic on Christian Aid and Islamic Relief in RE and in Science will continue to look at the properties of different materials.


If you happen to have driven past and seen your child laying in the playground with an old blanket on, please don't be alarmed as they are still filming  Street Child book trailers on  imovie as part of our ICT, hopefully these will be completed soon and shared with you.





Week commencing 26th November 

Here’s hoping you are all having a restful and fun weekend.

Is every week a busy one? It appears so as we are starting to prepare for lots of activities and celebrations.

On Tuesday the children will be attending the Eucharist service in church which starts at 9.30am. In preparation the class are making a kindness paper chain, where, if a child does something kind, they can write it on a class paper chain. We are keen to see how long this can become, ready to display in the service.


In English we will begin work on our exciting new Oliver Twist unit, firstly looking at Charles Dickens and his life, then developing the children's understanding of the characters and settings within Oliver using both the original black and white film and a more modern version, along with the child friendly version of the novel. Spellings and handwriting will take place as usual on Monday. Grammar this week will begin to look at Year 5 work starting with ‘Recognising Relative Pronouns’.


In Maths we are hoping to finish our + and – unit after working on applying this knowledge to problem-solving and then the ‘hot’ assessment. On Thursday and Friday we will continue to look at irregular and regular polygons and identify different types of 3d shapes. Tackling Tables as usual on Tuesday afternoon.


We will be continuing our work on the Victorians, launching independent research projects on Wednesday , and also carrying on with our Victorian Sampler sewing on Monday. Still trying to find time to resume our Spanish lessons too!!


In science we will continue to look at materials. Thank you to Grace Baker for telling us about the exciting BBC Dr Who Live Lesson on Space where we further reinforced our knowledge of the properties of different materials. 

In RE we will be looking at Christmas/seasonal  wishes such as non-material sentiments we would like for Christmas such as kindness and health ready for the Christingle service on Wed 5th Dec at 6pm.


Any queries please feel free to drop us an email.

Week Commencing 19th November,

Well after another busy (but fun!) and successful week (assembly, RESPECT workshop and an anti-bullying cycle stunt workshop) – what does next week hold in store for us all!


In English we will be working on the Highwayman Narrative poem, learning about characters and feelings and how stories can be viewed from a different viewpoint. Hopefully by the end of the week the children will have planned and written their own alternative ending. Spellings and handwriting will be happening Monday, the spelling pattern the children should be learning is the -ency pattern. It is important children make some effort to learn these spelling patterns and then use these words in their writing. Soon we will be giving the children a dictation test checking the retention of all the rules covered this term (12 rules). We will also be taking a final look at the children’s retention of the Y3/4 spelling words. In the New Year we will be looking at the knowledge of Y5/6 words.

FYI both spelling lists are included on the Y5 page on the school website. In Grammar we will be looking at apostrophes, the last Y4 revision unit! 


Maths continues on addition and subtraction and the formal methods used. We will also look at approximating, inverse operations and finally applying this knowledge to problem solving. Tackling Tables will happen as usual on Tuesday and this week saw another 3 children move up levels with several more making dramatic improvements in scores, so we are expecting more next week! The number of children working ‘At Age Related’ is improving slowly and there are several children nearing this target. Mrs Steven's will be looking at Area and Perimeter on Thursday and Friday. 


Thank you for your support with helping the children learn their tables and also their spellings. We do appreciate that it is not easy for all children although it is very clear the effort most children put into this.  


We are going to start designing and sewing our own bookmark ‘samplers’ in art on Monday (hopefully) and aiming to have a Spanish lesson too later in the week (fingers crossed). Topic will be looking at famous Victorians and why they are famous.


On Thursday the school  will be visited by some police officers who are going to discuss Road Safety and cycling which is useful with the winter nights  drawing in, we will continue to look at that in class during PSHE and link it to our Science by considering reflective materials.


It has been nice to see some children chatting on Google Classroom and sharing some photographs, please ask if your child is having trouble logging on.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow . 


Week Commencing 12th November,

Two weeks into half term already – can you believe it? Thank you to those of you who came and joined in with our maths lesson on Wednesday – we hope you enjoyed seeing a snapshot of how we work.


As you may have read on the school newsletter, children are being asked to make sure their PE kits include a tracksuit to keep the warm as the weather turns colder. PE lessons will be outside as KS1 need the hall for nativity Rehearsals so please make sure your child is prepared for outside conditions.


Also having spoken to a few parents about supporting your child with learning their times tables, if you search on youtube ‘times tables songs’ you will get a lot of choices for fun songs to learn (depending obviously on which tables they are focusing on. If you are not sure – remember the class page on the school website has a list of the tables covered within each level (under the website tab on Y5)! There are also links to some webpages we have found that children can access for ‘electronic’ practice!


Next week in Y5 will be another busy one as we prepare for our assembly at 9am on Thursday.


On Monday morning, as part of Safeguarding week, Y5 children will be taking part in a RESPECT workshop on Monday morning. There will be other activities happening throughout the week for them too.


In maths we will be reviewing our marking (children seem to read the marking comments and say ‘ok’ but don’t actually attempt their corrections ........ until now) MWHAHAHAHA !!!!!  Really we are working very hard in all subjects to see the children improve their feedback to marking to make it a worthwhile experience – giving them advice and them acting upon it. This week saw us do the same with English books (their idea of ‘I have done it’ and ours is still differing a little at this point!) and we are really stressing the importance of presentation and taking care of the basics (like punctuation, spelling and grammar) so that the children’s work is more reflective of a Y5 standard. No pen licences have yet been awarded in Y5 for this very reason. We will be continuing our addition and subtraction unit in maths as well as 10 children from Y5 (along with 10 children from Y6) being put forward for a primary maths challenge which will happen on Tuesday morning. Tackling Tables should happen on Tuesday (we missed a week this week due to other events in school).


English – spellings will continue as usual, we are looking to reward children whose scores increase from one week to the next, with additional dojos for children who gain full scores (the same as we do with Tackling Tables) and we are hoping to continue with out Highwayman work, continuing look at older unfamiliar words and their meanings as well as poetic style in Narrative Poetry. In grammar we will be rerevising (is there such a word?) direct and indirect speech and the correct use of punctuation. We have been working on ‘Active punctuation’ to try to make it a bit more memorable – ask your child for a demo but try not to laugh!


We are still trying to complete the work on William Morris (printing) but should hopefully be moving onto designing and stitching Victorian samplers soon. Our topic lesson this week will be comparing the lives of poor children to those of the rich (from last week) and looking at reforms that helped the lives of children.


Enjoy your weekend.


Week Commencing 5. 11. 18


We hope you had a brilliant half term. We are looking forward to another busy and exciting term.


This week sees the ‘Learn with your child’ event in Year 5 on Wed morning from 9 until 10:15am. I am intending it to be a normal maths lesson so if you want to see what we do – feel free to join us. It may be a bit of a squeeze until the children move onto independent work but after the lesson we can hopefully spread out a bit. Advanced reminder too – Thursday 15th November is our class assembly from 9 – 9:30 a.m.


In maths this week we will be starting to work from our new unit, addition and subtraction, once the last few hot tests on Number and Place Value are complete and also the cold tests for Addition and Subtraction. Tackling Tables as usual on Tuesday afternoon! Next week in maths with Mrs Stevens, the children will continue measuring the 'Perimeter' of shapes and estimating missing lengths.


In English the children will complete a couple of reading comprehension activities, firstly about Guy Fawkes and secondly one using poetry about bonfire night. This will help them prepare for a reading assessment which will take place soon.  Spelling and handwriting as usual on Monday (tomorrow). Grammar will focus on identifying and using fronted adverbials correctly.  We will hopefully get a chance too to work on our Highwayman Narrative poetry unit, but we didn’t want to miss the chance to embed some British History with Bonfire Night being this week. With Mrs Stevens they will make a book trailer using ' i Movie' for Street Child and in Booktalk they will look at a series of poems. They have actually become very good at listening to and evaluating each other's answers.


Topic work over the next few weeks will be comparing the lives of rich and poor children in Victorian times, starting with a look at the lives of the wealthy. Art will be completing our William Morris designing and printing wallpaper designs. We are hoping also to get back to our Spanish lessons!


In PSHE and linking to RE and charity the children are planing their own games to raise money for Children in Need and will need to pitch their ideas in our own 'Dragon's Den' to one of the 'dragons' aka Mr Kendall! to see if their idea is chosen. They will continue using Google Classroom and Google Sheets to design a spreadsheet to add up the profits from each game.


The school council will shortly be deciding how to dress up for Children in Need day so please bear with us for this information.

week commencing 15th October 2018

Can you believe that we are only 1 week away from half term?


We are looking forward to seeing most of you at parents evening in the week ahead. Those of you with appointments after half term, your child’s books will be out in their tray on both nights, so please feel free to come and look through and share them whenever is convenient.


With Mrs Clayton in English having completed the diary unit of work with Street Child we will be doing a mini-week unit on biographies focusing in on Doctor Barnado and Lord Shaftesbury who were both Victorian reformers and connected with the story Street Child. Spellings will be on Monday as usual and the children should have completed most tasks on both the spelling and reading grids. New ones will be issued after half term. The Victorian homework menu will continue – thank you for all the inspired homework we are seeing. In grammar we will be working on direct and indirect speech to support the work on biographies. On Thursday and Friday we will continue with Book Talk, reading skills and will be planning and producing a book trailer on Street Child using Imovie.


In Maths – we are getting to the end of the Numbers and Place value unit, which will be assessed after half term to measure progress. Tackling Tables is as usual on Tuesday afternoon and many children are moving up levels which reflects the hard work they are all putting in. In geometry with Mrs Stevens they will be looking at perimeter and looking at properties of rectangles.


PE will be as normal this week.


In topic the children should complete their research into Workhouses, which will help prepare them for their visit on 31st October. If time allows they will work on a timeline of Queen Victoria. Art – we will be designing Christmas Cards in school and hopefully getting onto the William Morris work also (we run out of time frequently!)

In Science we will continue looking at reversible and irreversible changes(hopefully none of the children reconstructed last week's experiment of Mentos and Diet Coke in the house for you!) In ICT we will practice downloading work into Google classroom. In RE we will further reinforce our work on charity and Fair Trade by playing a game to show how unfairly certain workers are treated and paid.


Wishing you all a happy and restful half term, if the children complete their normal homework during the week this week, they should have a rest from school work during half term (apart from keeping an eye on spellings and reading please). Enjoy family time and child friendly activities like kicking up the autumn leaves!



week commencing 8th October


Hi Everyone,


Next week it ‘looks’ like it may be a normal week (famous last words!) Don’t forget to book your parents evening slots if you haven’t already as booking closes early next week.


In English we will be continuing on our Street Child work linked to diary writing, there's spellings as usual on Monday and grammar will be looking at expanding noun phrases. In 'Book Talk' the reading teams will be working on their inference and comprehension skills and trying to score points with amazing answers and vocabulary.

In Maths with Mrs Clayton, the children will be looking at number and place value and Tackling Tables on Tuesday . On Thursday and Friday the class will be using their knowledge of shapes to find missing lengths and angles. We are going to refer to the clock and time more as we noticed some children needed reminding on reading clock times on quarter to/past and half past , it will be great if the children talk about time too at home.

For PE the class will continue activities with the coach outside and working on passing and signalling in benchball on Friday.

In Art the class will be looking at the work of William Morris.

Topic work will be looking at specific events that occurred during the life of Queen Victoria (a timeline of events) and considering what her life may have been like.

With Spanish we will be looking at basic greetings when meeting people.

In Science we have looked at dissolving materials and how to retrieve them again , we will see what has happened to our sugary solution that we left on the windowsill and next week conduct experiments on 'reversible' and 'irreversible changes'.

IN RE we will look further into Islamic relief and their charity work.

IN ICT we will be showing the class 'Google Classroom' and will be sending details of this out to them, also we showed the children how to login to '' and showed them how to start their pretest, they seemed really keen to do this.

Please remember we need newspapers if you have any spare.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

week commencing 1st October 

Hi Everyone


Sorry for the later weekly news – it’s all a bit busy atm! Firstly we have to say how brilliant the children were on their trip last Wednesday – it was a pleasure to take them out and we think they got a lot from the day. We were very proud of them all despite the long journey! The children entertained themselves (and us) all the way!


Next week we have individual photo’s on Monday in school and we will try to keep the class as neat as possible until Y5 are called (no promises though!) Tuesday is KS2 Harvest in church at 10:30 and we will be showing our skills during the service (not giving anything away 😉 but they might ask to bring a baseball hat and sunglasses in on Tuesday)


Maths is still progressing through the place value unit, working on developing reasoning and problem solving problem skills alongside. Tackling Tables as usual on Tuesday. English we are still working on Street Child and will be for the rest of the half term, at the moment working on diary writing skills especially description. We are stressing to the children the importance of always showing their skills and they all have a list of non-negotiables as a bookmark to remind them of our expectations, particularly in punctuation. We will be having our usual cold and hot spells and handwriting tomorrow and starting to look at grammar later in the week , revisiting Y4 objectives starting off with pronouns.


 PE will now be taken by a PE coach on Mondays, straight after assembly and children will need to make sure they have their OUTDOOR PE kit ready in school. For girl who wear tights, they will need to have a pair of socks in their PE bags as they will not be allowed to wear tights for PE.


In art we will be looking at the work of William Morris (a Victorian artist) and will be designing and printing our own patterns eventually. We are hoping to start Spanish lessons this week too, looking at numbers 1-10 and basic greetings. Topic will be making a timeline of the Victorian Era.


We are hoping to be able to award our first pen licences this week too, for children who consistently form their letters correctly and write in a fluent and joined up style.


Mrs Stevens says:


Next Thursday and Friday we will be extending our work on Angles by relating degrees to turns on a clock and compass turns. In English we will complete book talk in our new teams to try and win points then ultimately smarties!

In Science we will continue our investigations into Solubility and look at the factors that affect substances to dissolve quicker, completing fair tests and then learning scientific reasoning behind it. In PE , to further strengthen team work we will look at improving our positioning in Bench ball and work on passing and moving the ball forward.

21st September 2018


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Thank you to all the parents who came to the Open Evening presentations on Wednesday. For those of you who were unable to get there, the presentation powerpoint has been uploaded onto our class page for your information. Please let us know if you have an queries.

This Wednesday sees the school trip to the Black Country Museum. Early start and late return. We will be talking to the children about the trip and what to bring etc but we need to stress the importance of comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved. They will be recording the trip details in English with Mr Bell on Thursday.

On Monday the children will be witnessing the final rocket launch, remembering a local WW1 soldier killed in the line of duty. This will mean that the afternoon will be shorter and there will not be time to do P.E. We will be doing an art lesson on silhouettes.

In Maths we are continuing with our unit on Number and Place Value and Tackling Tables. With Mrs Stevens we will be continuing to use protractors to measure and draw angles, estimating if they are acute, right angle, obtuse or reflex angles.

In English we will be continuing reading Street Child and discussing the themes in Book Talk, and we will be starting to use the features of diaries in our own writing. Spelling and handwriting will continue this Monday as usual. Also, as we discussed during Open Evening, please keep an eye out for your child's user name and password details for the online reading resource , where your child can access different reading materials online and practice answering comprehension type questions. The first time they log on will be an assessment type activity whilst the site levels your child’s individual level. Activities following this will be specifically designed for your child.

In RE we will be continuing the topic of Charities and considered if Christian Aid and Islamic Relief can change the world.

We have also looked at Internet Safety and the dangers of sharing personal information online.


Any queries please drop us an email.


Sarah Clayton, Becki Stevens & Richard Bell

15th September 2018

Hi Everyone


The first full (and hectic) week completed and we have been busy in 'Wellbeing' week , trying different kids of exercise, cooking apple crisps and painting pebbles. We were also lucky enough with Year 6 to watch a rocket being launched in memory of a local soldier who fought in the First World War and to hear about his life. Next week ‘should’ see us settle into a ‘normal’ school week.


Thank you for being so prompt with the payments for the Black Country Museum Trip! It makes it a lot easier for us to plan exciting events for your children when this happens 😊


The children should have all brought home their homework book, including a menu of homework tasks for them. There will also have been reading and spelling menus for them to choose an activity each week. Please can you tick and date the activity they have chosen each week - we give out dojo points for children who have completed homework tasks. The children have all got a list of 10 spelling words to learn. Next week we hope to be highlighting the specific words they need to learn (having missed off any they have shown us they already know). Dojo points are awarded for improving scores and also full scores. Spelling tests happen on Mondays.


Tackling Tables has been started with two children already completing levels (there are dojo points available here both for improving scores and new levels too!) Any children who are not yet working at ARE (age- related expectations) will have been given a sheet to bring home so that they can practice. Tackling Tables tests happen on Tuesdays.


We will be starting PE lessons next week so PE kits In school Mondays and Fridays please.


Please can you help your child get themselves organised and have their home school pack in school every day, with their planner and homework book and reading book in it? We have had a few children this week who did not have their planners (which are also their reading records) in school when required.


Next week the lessons should be as follows:

Maths – Number & Place value and Angles

English – Streetchild & grammar as well as spellings and handwriting. Booktalk for reading.

Art – Victorian Silhouettes

PE – gymnastics and team work.

Topic – History timeline

RE - Charities and their impact.

ICT - Internet safety



Don’t forget our Open Evening on Wednesday with talks at 3:30pm or 4pm. Please come and see us and have a chat and feel free to bring any questions with you about the routine in Y5.



Hi Everyone!


Welcome to Year 5 – an exciting and enriching year for us all we hope! We hope you have had a good summer! We look forward to talking to you more about life in Year 5 at the Open Evening on Wed 19th September. If the email address we have used today is not the best one for you – please email us the correct address and we can change it on our parent email list. Likewise if both parents want to receive our weekly ‘gems’ then again just let us know!


The children have had a good start to the new term over the last few days and have been awarded lots of positive dojo points.  If you look in their new weekly planners given out Friday you can see that the children need 15 points a week to collect their weekly stickers towards a bronze, silver and gold award. The planners went home in their new home/school folder,  please could these come in every day.


We have spent two days getting to know the children and looking at the class rules, writing holiday news, contributing to class displays and assessing the children on their Angles knowledge for the next block of Maths work on a Thursday and Friday. We have used the ipads to complete a poster and we are looking forward to using 'Google Classroom' and creating book trailers. In PE we have worked on team building and have been completing orienteering challenges in pairs using obstacles and blindfolds and this will continue after well-being week.



Mrs. Clayton is looking forward to working with the children next week, although on Wednesday, is out of school on a course so Mrs. Lakey will be teaching the class. On Monday the children will bring home their homework book, with a half termly menu. They will also bring home half termly spelling and reading menus. We ask that the children choose one of each of the activities each week and that you sign and date the activity completed.


Next week, as I am sure you have read in the weekly bulletin, is ‘Well-Being’ week, so there will be some exciting activities planned, alongside the start of some of the ‘normal’ lessons in the curriculum. Due to yoga and combat fitness sessions, PE lessons will start the following week. For this half term lessons will be on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons although children will benefit from having their kit in school all week.

On Friday, the children will be helping commemorate the life of a ‘fallen soldier’ who died 100 years ago witnessing two Y6 children launch a rocket. They will bring home a card to share the details of the fallen soldier with you afterwards.


In Maths, the children will complete a brief assessment to check their overall understanding of maths taught in Year 4 before beginning the first unit of work on place value. We will be starting Tackling Tables too and it won’t be long before we are ‘nagging’ children to improve their levels. If you look on the Year 5 page on the website you will see an overview of Tackling Tables showing you expected levels. You will see that at this point in their school career, all children should have completed Blue, Green and Red levels.  


In English children will be working on a narrative writing unit closely following the class read 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. We will also be having an initial spelling assessment and sending home the first spellings of the year to learn, ready for a test next Monday.

In 'Book talk' we will be using the 'Street Child' book . Children will have the opportunity to read and discuss texts in groups and feedback to the class. This is an excellent way to encourage the children to talk about books and hopefully they will come home and be able to talk to you about the book they are reading in a similar way. We are encouraging them to support their ideas using evidence from the text.

This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

Homework will be set via a half termly menu and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete homework suggestions or activities. We know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and this menu allows you to choose when your child completes their homework and what they complete. Homework, although strongly encouraged, is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There will be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of homework posted.