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Next week in Year 6...

Calculator Magic

Week ending 28th June 2019


Brilliant Sports Day - thanks to Mrs Jensen for organising!! year 6 has been praised so many times this week - on Monday for helping with the Y1 Multi skills and this morning, for helping with KS1 sports day!!


We've done some interesting Maths this week  in between rehearsals - creating pie charts using a compass and a protractor, creating regular 5+ sided shapes using a compass and protractor and today, we have had a calculator day. I'll put on the PowerPoint - you're children will impress you.


We had a French day on Tuesday which was tres bien!!


Next Week

No scripts!!!!! 

Monday - running through all the dances

Tuesday - acting day

Wednesday - Move up day - if your child is not attending their new school, they come to us as normal (I've plenty of jobs for them to do!!). If your child is going to their new school, they go straight there!!

Thursday - full run through - Y6 only

Soke Athletics

Friday - whole school run through 


I will be sending out a ParentMail next week - it's time for 'the talk'!! Further information to follow!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 7th of June 2019


Just to say thank you for Scarborough - the children were impeccably behaved, so many members of the public paid me compliments about their behaviour and obvious enjoyment of Scarborough!!


Writing, writing and more writing this week!! Whoever said that Y6 stop working after SATs couldn't be more wrong!! This week, we've written a narrative with a dialogue and a leaflet to persuade the current Year 4's  (and their parents) to go on a residential. We are also revisiting some of our earlier pieces to improve and edit!


We have started rehearsing for our production - it's very funny!


On Wednesday, the children watched a shadow puppet performance and then were fortunate to take part in a workshop. The singing that they did in such a short amount of time was incredible!!


Swimming was brilliant - great new instructors!!


Most of my transition visits have been completed now - just Queen Katherine, Spalding High and The Deepings to go.


Next week:


Continuing our assessment of writing......




Have a good weekend,

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 10th May 2019


At last.....we have revised everything that we have covered in Maths and English this year!!

The children are currently completing Grammar and Punctuation Graffiti sheets - they use any colour/type of pen and write down everything that they can remember! They share it with their partner and then wander around the room to look at all the other sheets to see what they can add to theirs. We will also do this for Maths next week.


Over the weekend, give your child plenty of time to rest so they will be ready for Monday!!

For the Grammar and Maths tests, the children can ask to have the questions read to them. Please encourage them to put their hands up and ask!!


Next Week:


Children to arrive at the normal time in their P.E. kits with their uniforms in their bags. We shall start with Just Dance in the hall.


Monday - Grammar and Punctuation written questions. Spelling test.

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Arithmetic and Maths Reasoning Paper 1

Thursday - Maths Reasoning Paper 2 - Mrs M's treat!!!

Friday - We shall announce the KS2 Production and give the children their scripts. If the weather is good, we shall head off to the park and have a picnic so could your child bring a packed lunch.


Have a relaxing weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen


Week ending 3rd of May 2019


More revision this week. The children have worked particularly well on the 10 - 4 - 10 revision packs and they have brought up areas that we need to go back to.

We all needed a change of pace, so this afternoon we've worked on our Science projects posters for The Energy Challenge. I shall be choosing a team to represent the class next week.

No Homework until after SATs - encourage your children to use the BBC Bitesize website......

Plans are coming together for the residential in Scarborough. There will be more ParentMail reminders coming through over the next couple of weeks.


Next week:

4 teaching days left!!

Monday - no school

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - revision!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 26th April 2019


Two days then a trip!!

We have really upped the pressure as we move towards SATs but the children are coping well. We are marking their Easter homework in small bits every day - every child completed the tasks!!

We are doing Maths and English as normal but adding in short bursts of revision within the lessons. We have also started a 10 - 4 -10 Maths, SPaG and Reading every day (short activities that follow test papers), 10 minutes per subject for the 10 remaining teaching days!! In the afternoons when I am teaching, we will break the afternoon into 3 sections and do a little revision for each paper - trying to make it as fun as possible so that it doesn't go stale.


The Guardian - see photos!!

An absolutely brilliant trip!! One of the best I've ever done in my teaching career!! The children were incredible - excellent behaviour, thoughtful, hard-working and enthusiastic and they produced amazing front pages!!

I must acknowledge the LNER staff who really went above and beyond for us!! I will be sending a thank you letter on our behalf!!

The children were very pleased to see that Jan at The Guardian tweeted about us and were even more amazed that I managed to retweet and reply!!!


This week!!

9 teaching days left!!!!!!

Revision, revision and more revision with a little art, PE and Science thrown in!!

Tuesday - some children will be chosen to do the UKMT maths Challenge

SATS Booster after school

Wednesday - staff from Bourne Grammar will be visiting to talk to myself and their prospective pupils


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 29th March 2019


I am unbelievably proud of the children this week; they have made incredible improvements in their SATs scores and the whole experience of testing in the hall did not faze them in the slightest.

The children have seen all their papers and we will be using them for revision next week. Over the next week, I will email the results to you individually.

I have prepared a booklet for Easter homework which the children will get next Thursday.. There is a daily arithmetic, reasoning and grammar question plus a reading task. This can be done daily or in longer blocks. I just would like the children to continue maintaining their progress up to SATs. I have told the children that this is one homework that MUST be completed - they need to return it on the day they come back. If it is not completed, I will be asking them to complete it at playtime and lunchtime.

I hope you like the Mothers' Day cards!!


Next week:

Monday - Eucharist service in church

Thursday - Science Fair. Easter holidays begin.


Mrs Mulqueen 

Week Ending 22nd March 2019


Sorry, I didn't post last week but we had an extremely busy day on Friday!

We were observing Science Week - we looked at the Circulatory System in Science, writing explanation texts and then writing the story of the Journey of a Red Blood Cell .

On Friday, we had a visitor from Astra Zeneka MediImmune. Anna Dally came to work with the children designing and conducting experiments to find the amount of food needed to produce 55Kjs of energy. This is part of a competition called The Energy Challenge. The next step is for each group to produce a poster about their experiment and the best design will be selected to be our entry in the competition. This group will then take their poster to the heats at the beginning of June.

This week, we have been completing our maths work on ratio with a very practical lesson making Mocktails. It was great fun!! We have just done two days on Scale factors and then we will be moving on to Coordinates next week.

I had the absolute pleasure of accompanying the Y5/Y6 football team to the SOKE tournament. The boys were incredible - well-behaved, excellent sports and extremely resilient. Well done to all - but special mention to Max and Gabriel for their goals!!!


Next week:


We shall be doing our Mock SATs this week under the same conditions as the actual week. This will give us further information to structure revision lessons as well as give the children the opportunity to see what the real week will be like.

There is no homework this week as Creative homework is due on Friday. There will be an Easter homework given out the following week.

There is a school R.E. day on Friday.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 8th March 2019


Revision has started in earnest in Year 6 with new Booster groups and the after school Booster session which went very well with 18 children attending.


We have spent this week using our Focus book 'Eragon' for English and Art. The dragon eyes that the children made are incredible - I will post photos when they are complete.

World Book Day was great fun as usual - the children's costumes were very inventive and I managed to be two characters - Harry Potter and the white crayon. I think the children enjoyed the staff's retelling of The Day the Crayons Quit. We also went to read to the children in pre-school, it was lovely to watch. We have already organised another visit for the Summer term.


We are racing through the Maths curriculum for Year 6. We are currently working on the Measures unit - metric, imperial measures, conversions, area and perimeter. We only have three more units to complete and then we will be able to revise during our maths lessons as well as in the afternoon.


Next Week - Science Week


We are going to research the work of Joseph Lister as our featured scientist. The children will be finding out how the circulatory system works and will use the facts in their writing - explanation texts and writing the journey of blood cells.

We are extremely fortunate to have a visitor on Friday who will be working with the class on the Energy Challenge which is a competition for Primary age children. The project has been organised by Astra Zeneca and Medimmune and their representative will be leading the children in an all-day science investigation which we will lead to a presentation in a local heat.

In Maths, we will be moving onto ratio and proportion.


As our Science Fair is not until the beginning of April, I have extended the time for the Creative Homework until the 29th of March.


Thank you to the parents who were able to join us on World Book Day - the children produced some lovely work.

I shall post pictures as soon as I can!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 1st of March 2019


We've had a brilliant but extremely tiring week!!

Thank you so much to all who attended the Cresset Primary Dance Showcase on Wednesday evening. The children were impeccably behaved on both days and a credit to you and themselves. I was so proud of their positive attitude, bravery and reaction to the other dancers. It was also the best performance they have given!!


Today we have unleashed our inner rock gods!!

The Year 6's led the school in our launch assembly for Times Tables Rockstars and have been on hand all day to support the other classes.


Now that the dance is over, our thoughts are turning to SATs. Revision has begun in the afternoon sessions - mornings are still for teaching in English and Maths. A new set of Booster classes will start during the school day and many children have signed up for my after school booster class.

As we have had such a busy day today, we will be marking the half term homework on Monday instead.

New SATs style practice sheets handed out today.


Next Week

As we have World Book Day on Thursday, we have chosen a text from the 100 books to read before you leave Primary School list - Eragon.

We shall be doing dragon themed activities all week in English, topic and art - combined with revision, of course.

In Maths, we are doing area and perimeter.


The children can dress up as their favourite character on Thursday or bring something that represents the character.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 15th of February 2019


Our Egyptian Museum was a success!! The creative homeworks were incredible!! See the photos on our Photo page!!

We finished off Algebra this week and have moved onto Measures - metric, imperial and converting.

Story writing has been the main focus in English this week - I'm really looking forward to reading them over the holidays!


The dance is almost perfected! Please remember costumes for the first day back after half term.


Thank you to all those who attended Parents' Evening - I really enjoyed sharing all the good news with you!!


Have a restful holiday!


Next School Week:

Monday - dress rehearsal for Cresset Dance.

Tuesday - technical rehearsal at the Cresset.

Wednesday - evening performance at the Cresset

Friday - TT RockStars Launch - release your inner rock star!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 8th of February 2019


I think we've all really enjoyed Arts Week. As a class, our chosen artist was L.S. Lowry. We have looked at his life and work; studied several paintings and used them to support descriptive writing. We even virtually 'went inside' a Lowry picture.

Yesterday, the children completed three different art projects with different members of staff. Myself and Mrs Douse tie dyed over 130 t-shirts!!

The children are allowed to wear their t-shirts to school on Monday.


Next week:


We will be finishing our work on Lowry - we're creating an enlarged version of Britain at Play and the children have used his techniques to create their own Lowry style picture of the school.

You will be able to see the results after school on Monday and at Parents Evening. 


Creative Homework is due in on Monday- the Egyptian Museum will be set up for business for Tuesday!!


We will be practicing our dance every day!!

Thank you for responding to the question about trips - it does look like the Guardian trip will be going ahead. It is an amazing opportunity, hundreds of schools sign up but only a few get chosen so we are very fortunate to be able to go!


I will share the children's SATs results with you at Parents' Evening and you will be able to take the papers home with you.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 1st of February 2019


The children have all worked extremely hard this week taking the 2017 SATs papers as a practice. I am very pleased with the results, they have all made excellent progress since the last one we did in November. I will give you the papers at Parents' Evening so that you can see where the gaps are.


We had a resident artist in on Thursday - we made paper Fair Isle pattern slippers!


Next Week:


Arts Week - We will be studying the work of L S Lowry in class. We will use his pictures for setting descriptions in English and look at his biography. The children will be creating their own Lowry style compositions throughout the week.

On Thursday, we will have a collapsed curriculum day and the children will be choosing two or three activities to complete throughout the day.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 25th of January 2019

On Tuesday, we had an assembly by the children's author, E.R. Reilly. We spent a very entertaining hour listening to him tell stories, share suggestions for improving writing and reading from his books. The children asked intelligent and probing questions. Many children had their books signed by him.


We have finally finished our work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages with our assessment task being completed today. Any gaps will be reinforced during Booster sessions in the afternoon.


I've been very impressed with the creativity in writing this week - we've been editing and improving our newspaper reports about the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, we've written letters from one character in Secrets of a Sun King and we've written instructions for mummification. Max was our 'deceased' Pharaoh and I mummified him in front of the class!!


In Science, we created our own circuits - testing conductors, adding cells and different components.


Next Week:


Year 6 Assessment Week - the children will be completing their next practice SATs paper. I will share them with you during Parents' Evening.


Maths - the dreaded Algebra!! It's fun, really!!

English - explanation texts about Egyptian Gods.

Topic - mummification of tomatoes and people!!

Science - Investigation - Does wire length affect how components work?


Thursday - we have a resident artist in school. 


Mrs Mulqueen



Week ending 18th January 2019


This week we have started reading our new novel 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll. We have been doing VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarising) questions about each chapter to help with SATs practice. We have also linked the story with our work on Egyptians - looking at Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922. The children have written a newspaper article about the story.

In Maths, we have been converting fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions and finding percentage equivalents.

In Art, we are still working on our Ancient Egyptian style self-portraits.

We looked at circuits and symbols in Science - it is incredible how many different plugs there are around the world!

On Monday,  had the privilege of accompanying our four Sports Ambassadors to their conference at AMVC. I was extremely proud of them - their behaviour was a credit to the school.


We have chosen a song for our Cresset dance and will start practising next week.

Our performance is on Wednesday 27th February, I think it starts at 7pm, the children need to be there at about 6:30pm. I will confirm details nearer the time. However, if you know that your child will not be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible. They will still learn the dance as we perform it to the school.


Next week:

Tuesday - we have a visiting author - E.R. Reilly.

Maths - Percentages of amounts, finding increases and decreases.

English - letter writing, idioms, subjunctive mood.

Topic - mummification

Art - cartouches

Science - volts

RE - Story of Moses


As an early 'heads up', we will be having an Arts week, starting Monday 4th February. Myself and Mrs Douse will be doing a tie-dye activity so each child will need a plain white cotton t-shirt for the Thursday of that week. You will be getting official notification via ParentMail.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 11th January 2019


What a wonderful end to our week of poetry! Each child memorised and recited a poem of their choosing - funny ones, moving ones, even ones with costumes!! We've read several Winter poems and written our own, displayed beautifully with the writing on tracing paper on top of a winter painting. We also used Kit Wright's poem, 'The Magic Box' to create our own versions which we presented inside a box!


The children have a Creative homework due in on the 11th of February. They have to make an Ancient Egyptian artefact to display in our museum.


Next week:

Clubs start

Monday - Sports Ambassador's Conference at AMVC

English - we are starting to work with our new novel - Secrets of a Sun King

Maths - dividing decimals, converting decimals to fractions and vice versa, word problems with decimals and investigations using fractions, decimals and percentages.

Science - Circuits and Symbols

RE - Story of Moses

History - Howard Carter and Tutankhamen

Art - Egyptian profile pictures


Thank you for sending in cereal boxes and Pringles cans...keep them coming!!

Mrs Mulqueen


Week ending 4th January 2019


Welcome back!

We've had an excellent start to the term - I'm so impressed with the way that the children have come into class in the mornings ready to start work.

Over the last two days, we have introduced the topic ( the topic planner is on our main Y6 page) by finding linking vocabulary, looking in different non-fiction books and watching the film 'The Prince of Egypt'.


Next week:

Maths - 3 decimal places, multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000, multiply and divide decimals by whole numbers.

English - Poetry - figurative language, reading poetry, writing poetry and performing poetry ( see homework page)

Science - Electricity - circuits

Topic - how do we know about Ancient Egypt?

Art - Ancient Egyptian paintings

RE - story of Moses


Friday - homework due back.


Please can you collect plastic takeaway containers and lids, Pringles tubes and cereal boxes for Art and DT?



Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 14th December 2018

We have completed our Victorian topic with an amazing display of the creative homework. I was so proud of the children who stood up in front of the class and presented their work. The effort that the children put in was incredible and really showed their understanding of the topic. I have posted the photos of all the creations.


Next week:


Tuesday - parties in the afternoon.

Wednesday - Sing out for Cancer 2:30.


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Mrs Mulqueen


Week Ending 7th December 2018

We are coming to the end of our units of work in English, Maths, Science and RE and have begun to look at some Christmas activities.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Christingle service on Wednesday - the Year 6 carol brought tears to my eyes!

We had a school-wide Christmas sing-song on Thursday which was great fun!!

The children have completed some assessments this week. They will be told their scores and be given the opportunity to correct their mistakes but the papers will not be sent home as it is an internal assessment. The children will be bringing home their last SATs papers today.


Next week:


SumDog competition has started!!

Tuesday - watching the dress rehearsal for KS1 nativity.

Wednesday - Xmas lunch.

Thursday - creative projects due back.


I have reminded the children but the deadline for expressing interest in the Scarborough residential is coming up soon!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 30th November 2018


Fractions, fractions and more fractions this week!! Plus, lots of Times Tables!!

We're a very competitive class! Every day, we have completed a times tables test sheet linked to TT Rockstars, we've compared times and scores - quickest so far - Vikita!! She's beaten me four times this week!!

I'm really pleased with the enthusiasm that the children are showing for TT Rockstars - we check the leader board every day and we are the top scoring school in the area!! In order for the children to appear on the leaderboard and upgrade their rockstar status, they need to do at least ten games in Studio and some in Garage too, rather than Festival and Arena.


The children are really enjoying Street Child - it is an incredible look at life for a child in Victorian times. This week, they have written a new chapter about Jim being forced to work.


Next week:

Sunday 2nd December PGSA Christmas Fair 2 -5.

Wednesday 5th December Christingle 6 -7:30 pm. I'm sure that there will be more details to follow. Please could you make sure that I know if your child will not be attending.



Homework is to learn the words to the poem!

English - persuasive discussions/writing linked to Street Child. Semi-colons.

Maths - Multiplying and dividing fractions.

Science - Finch beak experiment

Art - Clothes Peg dolls

RE - Christingle/Advent/Christmas around the world.


Mrs Mulqueen


Week Ending 23rd of November


Thank you so much to all of you for coming to watch our Learning Showcase, for helping the children to learn their lines and providing costumes. I could not have been prouder - they were fabulous!! I've put the photos up!


We've just started a trial for Times Tables Rockstars to supplement Tackling Tables. I gave the children their logins yesterday and showed them how to access the site. I have put a link in the Homework section. It got very competitive!! I have promised them dojo points if they tell me that they have been on one of the online homework sites - I can check!!


Some children have finished the Victorians Homework menu (Wow!!), they do have a creative homework to be getting on with and they can supplement with online homework tasks.


Next Week:

Maths - subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

English - Street Child - dialogue and action, hyphens, colon, tenses.

Topic/RE - preparation for Christingle and Christmas display

Science - Evolution scientists

Art - clothes peg dolls, cross stitch samplers



Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 16th November 2018.


This week has been Safeguarding and Anti-Bullying week. I have been very pleased with the acts of kindness that the children have been demonstrating.

On Monday, we had a workshop which looked at bullying through drama. The children worked ever so hard and really got a lot out of it.

On Tuesday we had First Aid training. The children were a little nervous but coped very well. They learned what to do when a patient was breathing but unresponsive, not breathing and unresponsive, choking or having suffered a burn. The asked lots of sensible questions and were very keen to try out the techniques themselves.

Thursday - Bike display (sorry, I missed it - the children can explain!)


Next week ;


On Thursday, we have our Learning Showcase from 9:00 to 9:30ish!

The children need to ensure that they have learned their words. No scripts from Monday. They also need a simple costume. They know what their character needs.


Maths - comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions.

English - Street Child, direct and indirect speech, speech layout and punctuation.

Topic - rehearse Learning Showcase

Art - cross stitch samplers

PE - hockey/ dodgeball

Science - evolution theorists

RE - Creation stories


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 9th November 2018

The children have completed some more practice SATs this week - so far, Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Arithmetic. When they are all completed, marked and analysed, I will send them home with the children.

We completed some Remembrance activities on Thursday and Friday, including using the plastic bottles to make poppies. We hope you like the display on the classroom window.


Next Week

Safeguarding Week

Monday - RESPECT workshop

Tuesday - Y6 First Aid training

Thursday - Stunt Bike Display

Friday - Children in Need - wear spots!!


Look out for the photos at the end of the week!


Maths - Fractions - simplifying, comparing and ordering

English - Street Child - Reading VIPERS, mini- write story and conversation

Science -  Theory of Evolution

RE - Hindu Creation Story

Art - cross stitch

PE - hockey/rugby


Thank you for collecting plastic bottles for us. Please can you start collecting Pringles cans for us for our topic next term?


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 2nd November 2018


I was extremely proud of the children on Wednesday at The Workhouse. They behaviour was absolutely superb and they were enthusiastic about becoming Workhouse children. There are lots of photos on the Photo page.


Next week:

Book Fair all week.

Structured Conversations on Thursday.

100 Years since the end of WW1 - to mark the occasion, we shall be making poppies. Please can you collect empty pop bottles. It would be good if we could make 100!

Maths - finishing BIDMAS, looking at mental strategies and reasoning using the four operations.

English - Street Child - looking at Jim's home, annotating designs, writing short descriptions, freeze frames, parenthesis, direct and indirect speech.

Science - completing biography of Charles Darwin

Topic - Completing explanation text and diary entry about the Workhouse.

RE - Hindu creation story

PE - hockey and rugby


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 19th October 2018


The children have had a wonderful time doing Bikeability this week and they will be awarded their badges and certificates today.

KS2 had a great assembly today - Internet Legends. The children were very enthusiastic and may ask to play the game - if you go onto Google and type in Internet Legends, the game will come up for free!


Next Week - half term


Week beginning 29th October 2018


Wednesday - trip to the Workhouse. Children need to be in school for 8:00 in order to leave at 8:15. They should be dressed in school uniform with sensible shoes and a warm coat. They do not need any money. Please provide a suitable packed lunch. We will be back for around 4:30.


Maths - BIDMAS

English - Street Child

History - The Workhouse and follow up.

Science - adaptation - Galapagos finches

Re - Aboriginal creation story

PE - Rugby, gymnastics


I am looking to reschedule our class assembly for 22nd November. I will confirm as soon as I can.


Have a good week.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 12th October 2018

First of all, thank you for your understanding regarding my absence last week. My son is now at home and on the road to recovery.

We had a great morning at AMVC for the Y6 Basketball Tournament. The Y12 Sports Leaders were amazing. I have put some pictures on the Photo page.

The children have been given all their practice SATs results and will bring home the papers after I have discussed the scores with you at Parents' Evening.


Next Week:

Monday to Thursday  Bikeability.

Please make sure that your child has their bike and helmet ( and coat!!) on Monday. Bikeability continues regardless of the weather. The organising of groups is extremely complicated and will change on a daily basis.

Maths - Multiples, Squares, Cubes, Primes and Bidmas

English - Narrative - settings, characters, similes/metaphors/personification, adverbs

Art - Rag Rug/PGSA Christmas Card

History - Inventions

Science - Charles Darwin

RE - Islamic Creation story

PE - Rugby/Gymnastics


Friday E - Safety Assembly

Oliver! (2005) film in the afternoon.


I look forward to seeing you on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Mrs Mulqueen


Week Ending 28th September 2018


The week started with a bang!! We launched the final rocket to commemorate the death of the last Glinton man in the 1st World War. I have some photos to add and the children have been given a card to explain who the soldiers were.

Tuesday saw the first Play Leader training which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

We had an incredible day on Wednesday at the Black Country Museum - the children behaved impeccably and were enthusiastic and positive throughout, even at the end, when it felt like we had walked miles!!


Next week:

Monday - school photos

Tuesday - Harvest Assembly KS2 10:30 in church

Thursday - Class Assembly 9:00     Play Leaders training


English - Biography/Modal verbs/Active and Passive Voice

Maths - Short division, factors and division, long division

Topic - class assembly

Art - silhouettes/William Morris

PE - gymnastics/rugby/Play Leaders

Science - evolution

RE - creation stories


Mrs Mulqueen



Week ending 21st September 2018

It's been quite a contrast this week from last week's mindfulness!! We've been completing our first practice SATs papers and I have to say, I'm very impressed with the resilience and perseverance that the children have shown. I'm slowly ploughing my way through them but, as you can appreciate, it will take me some time to mark and analyse 150 papers. I will report back on the scores at Parents' Evening. In the meantime, I will be using the information to plan Booster groups.

Thank you to those who attended on Wednesday, for those of you who couldn't make it, I've posted the presentation on our class home page.


Next Week

Monday - Final Rocket Launch 1:00

Tuesday - Learn with Your Child Event - come and do some Y6 maths....9:15 to 10:15. I will register the children and get them started on their Morning Tasks and then I will come and let you in through the front entrance.

Play Leaders Training (initial session - previous one cancelled due to illness)

Wednesday - Black Country Museum Trip - I will talk to the children on Monday about timings etc.


Mrs Mulqueen


Week ending 14th September 2018

We've had a very 'mindful' week which the children have enjoyed very much! I've put some photos on our photo page! Thanks to all the staff who contributed, especially Mrs Jensen for her incredible combat dance session!

We've spent this week setting up new systems in the classroom and they seem to be embedding well. The children are ready to work every morning.

The children have had log ins and passwords for three homework practice sites (the links are on the Y6 home page) and I have already received some great results.


Next week:

English - biographies

Maths - rounding and negative numbers

Science - inherited or adapted traits

RE - the Creation story

Topic - the life of Queen Victoria/British Empire


We will be doing our first practice SATs this week. I will share the results with you at Parents' Evening. The children have settled in enough now that it will provide a good benchmark and enable me to do some gaps analysis.

Wednesday - Open Evening - 3:30 and 4:00. If you can't make it, I will put the presentation on our homepage afterwards.

Thursday - Mrs Wilding from AMVC will be coming over to start Play Leader training. The children will need their PE kit.


Mrs Mulqueen

Welcome back!!

We've had a great couple of days, the children have settled in beautifully!!

I have given the children their homework....they understand that they can choose which piece to do and when. I will give them Dojo points and raffle tickets when they bring a piece in.

I am also signing them up for a variety of websites which will give them more practice. Details to follow.

I do not send any worksheet type homeworks at this stage of the year. If you feel that your child needs extra practice, use the BBC Bitesize pages or CGP practice books.

Please avoid using past SATs papers as we use them in school over the next two terms.


Next week - Mindfulness Week

Maths - Place Value

English - finish Narrative unit and move onto Biography

Art - silhouettes

PE - gymnastics and rugby

Topic - Queen Victoria

Science - Charles Darwin

RE - Creation stories


Summer homework due on Monday.

Bikeability forms by Wednesday.

Rocket Launch on Friday.


Mrs Mulqueen



Week beginning 25th June 2018


Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals continued!!!

Maths - making 3d shapes out of paper using nets. Kandinsky drawings using algebra.

English - our own interpretations of the King Midas myth

Topic - Greek vase scratch art

PSHE - transition video and discussion about what we think...what we know... and what we are wondering about....


On Wednesday afternoon, we did our own football World Cup. I've put some pictures on the main page. I was extremely proud of the Year 6 who were team captains and led by example. Round 2 the week after next!!


Next week:

Tuesday - Learn with your child day - I've got an amazing practical maths lesson planned!! All are welcome!

Wednesday (and Thursday for some) - transition day. Your child goes to their new school in Peakirk cum Glinton uniform.

Thursday - Soke athletics

Friday - full run through with whole of KS2.


Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 18th June 2018


We've spent more time in the hall this week than we've done all year!!! Rehearsals are continuing, we've been putting the dances together this week.

We've done a lot of probability in Maths this week - great lesson using Skittles, we used probability and created our own pie charts to investigate whether "No two bags of Skittles are the same!"...and out of the 7 we tested, they were all different!!

We've started making our Greek pots, just waiting for the paint to dry before we can scratch in our designs!


We've had a rather exciting week as we've been emailed by a published author...Tom Palmer who writes children's books on football and history. For the World Cup, he is writing a new story, one chapter every night after the last match is finished...he then posts the chapter the following morning! We're hooked!!


Sports Day was great!! I loved watching the class, they had so much fun and behaved impeccably!! I was so proud when they all thanked Mrs Jensen for her hard work!!


Next Week


Lots of scripts on stage. Costume requirements will be sent home early next week. The backdrop is done, programmes are being printed and we've started collecting costumes and props!!


Please encourage your child to learn their words, songs as well.


Creative Week - World Cup focus

Year 6 to Year 7 transition - we will be commencing our PSHE work on transition next week.


****The Peterborough Telegraph will be coming on Monday morning to do the Leavers Photo, please make sure your child has the correct uniform sweatshirts not Leavers hoodies, they can put them back on afterwards!!****


Enjoy the gorgeous weather

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 11th June 2018


World Cup Madness .....we have our own sweepstake...the children have been researching their World Cup country, looking at symmetry in their flags, etc.

Maths - we've done circles and more circles this week - using pi to find circumference and area, using string and chalk to draw big circles on the playground and compasses to draw small circles in our books. We then moved on to pie charts - reading, interpreting and, in some cases, creating our own. Finally, we have looked at mode, mean, median and range of groups of numbers - given and generated using dice and books.

English - we've been reading more of 'Who Let the Gods Out?' which has led us to learn about the signs of the zodiac, constellations, animals representing the constellations etc.

Science - we made blood!!!


We're doing well with rehearsals - solos are all assigned and we are beginning to block out each scene.

The children and I have now met with representatives from their new schools...transition activities will begin in earnest next week.


Next week:

Production, production, production.....and

Maths - probability

English - writing reports

Topic/Art - Greek vases

PSHE - transition

Friday - Sports Day...please ensure your child has the correct PE kit, hair tied up, no jewellery and trainers.


Mrs Mulqueen



Week beginning 4th May 2018

With a very early start to the week, 23 Year 6 children joined 25 Year 5 children on their way to the YHA in Wye Valley. As you can see from our blog, we had a fabulous time but I would like to add that it was an absolute pleasure to be with the children, they were so well-behaved and showed such enthusiasm for the activities. I can honestly say I have never seen children eat so much!!

On returning to school, I also had very good reports about the children who had remained in school.

For the remainder of the week, the children have been concentrating on our Greece Lightning topic - making mosaics and learning about the Greek gods through Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.


Next week:


On Tuesday, those children who are going to AMVC will be meeting some of their new teachers and I will be talking to the teachers about the children.

Maths - Circles, Pie Charts, Mean, Mode, Median and Range.

English - Who Let the Gods Out? Greek myths

Art - Greek Vases/Father's Day crafts

Science - function of blood - the children will need a plastic water bottle

RE - what is freedom?

History - Greek city states

PSHE - transition unit


We will be beginning full rehearsals for the production next week. I have posted homework as 'learning lines'!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 21st May 2018

The week started off in a brilliant way with our Greek Day on Monday (photos have been added). The children were split into three groups for the activities, which were an Ancient Greek quiz, playing a traditional board game and solving a tangram style logic puzzle. In the afternoon, they looked at an Ancient Greek soldier's armour and weapons, participated in a mini-Olympics and did some battle drills.

Maths - Statistics unit started - reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs.

English - choice of writing about the Ancient Greek day, beginning our class guided reading - Who Let the Gods Out? and The Lightning Thief.

Science - The Human Circulatory System

Today is RE day and we have visited different classrooms doing yoga, mindfulness colouring, planting seeds etc.

The children were given their parts in the production today. We will start rehearsing after we come back from the residential.


Next week

Half Term!!


The week after - residential. You will have received a ParentMail message today with final details.

Children are to arrive at school no earlier than 7:30am - there may not be staff at school before that time.

Try to ensure that they have a good night's sleep on the Sunday and a good breakfast before they get to school. If your child has been ill over the previous weekend, please let me know as soon as possible.

Those children not going on residential will be given a project to complete and will be in different classes around the school.


Have a good break

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 14th May

We've done it!!! I can't begin to express how proud I am of the children - they were resilient, sensible, resourceful and so positive throughout the week! I was especially proud of those children who were clearly ill but still came in for the tests each morning!

Please look at the photos so that you can see what we did with the rest of the week!!

The Production has been revealed. The children have their scripts and auditions will happen later next week.

I have given out a preview homework - it can be done anytime over the next couple of weeks!!


Next Week

Monday - Greek Day.

The children need to come in costume if possible - a white sheet will do.

There are still some parents who haven't paid using ParentMail, please could you pay as soon as possible. We love providing these opportunities for the children but we can only do so with your support.

Friday - RE Day

Maths - we will be looking at our final topic area of Statistics starting next week - line graphs, pie charts, mode, median, mean and range. There will be lots of practical data collection.

English - we will be starting our new class text, 'Who Let the Gods Out' in reading and we will be writing about Greek myths, mythical creatures and starting our Athens/Sparta Murder Mystery.

Topic - Greek Day

Science - The Circulatory System

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 7th May 2018

I am extremely proud of the effort that the children have put in this week! I have never given out so many Dojo points - our total this week was double some of the other classes. The children have had a lot of extra adult support this week with their revision and we have mixed it up by using online games, treasure hunts, codebreakers and verbal tests.

They are ready for whatever the SATs throws at them!!

I have reminded them today that the SATs only test English and Maths. They have so many other talents that they share with me everyday.

Please persuade them to relax over the weekend, get an early night on Sunday and have a good breakfast on Monday!


Next week:

Please can your child come in P.E. kit ready for Mrs Jensen's Combat Dance in the hall at 8:45.

Monday: Grammar and Punctuation Paper 1 Spelling Paper 2

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: Arithmetic  Reasoning Paper 1

Thursday: Reasoning Paper 2.

The rest of the week - see ParentMail!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 30th April 2018


I think we'll all be glad when the SATs have actually arrived - the revision is getting very intense!

We have been continuing with English and Maths - writing using a range of genres and editing and improving writing following different criteria; in Maths, we have been calculating missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals and recognising nets of 3d shape. We have now completed the Year 6 maths curriculum so following the SATs, we will be focusing on transitional maths, practical applications and investigations.


Next week:

Revision, revision and more revision.....four more teaching days to go!!

I've not set any homework - the children have a list of previously used spellings, grammatical terms and areas that we have covered in maths. They can use these to look for any gaps which we can cover next week.


Have a good Bank Holiday.

Mrs Mulqueen 

Week beginning 23rd April 2018


It has been a very long and tiring week for all of us!!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Cresset Dance Festival on Tuesday evening. The children were incredible!! Unfortunately, at this moment, I can't upload the video so I will put some still shots up.

We've also been doing lots of SATs boosters!! Lots more to come....

Maths - Ratio

English - Hot write flashbacks


Next week:

Boosters - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Maths - angles - measuring and finding missing

English - Pigeon Impossible Writing Menu


Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 16th April 2018

Welcome back, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

Year 6 have hit the ground running this week with our SATs preparation. The children received their results from the mock tests before Easter and will be bringing home their papers today. They are aiming for a standardised score of 100 or above. Please support your child with any revision but keep it low key and try to avoid putting them under too much pressure. We are running Booster sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with support from Mrs Wood, Mrs Fitzjohn, Mrs Douse and Mrs Payne. Please can you encourage your child to use this opportunity wisely and concentrate on areas that they may have difficulty with.

There are some Arithmetic, Reading and SPaG worksheets for homework.


Next week:

We will be continuing our SATs revision with Booster sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

In Maths, we will be completing our work on ratio and then beginning class revision. In English, we will be watching a stimulus and then creating different genres of writing.

Tuesday: The Cresset Dance Performance 6:15 to 9:30. Mrs Jensen and I will be at the entrance to the Cresset at 6:15 to collect children. Please be at the Cresset for pick up at 9:30. Also please let me know if your child won't be attending so I can alter the choreography if necessary.


Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 19th March 2018

Started revision in earnest this week with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - tenses, determiners and parts of a sentence. In English, we have been writing about 'The Piano' and using DADWAVERS!. This week in Maths, we have been looking at area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, compound shapes and triangles. We have been looking at the 40 Acts in RE and the meaning of Resurrection. In Art, we have been making our totem poles using the Pringles canisters. Jack and May launched a rocket in memory of Sidney Freeman.

Students will be bringing Parents' Booklets home over the next week as well as practice SATs papers.


Next Week:

We will be doing SATs papers every day next week, following the plan for the actual week:

Monday - Punctuation and Grammar, Spelling

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Arithmetic, Reasoning 1

Thursday - Reasoning 2

I will use these results to complete a gap analysis to enable me to target our Booster sessions effectively.

Tuesday - Eucharist, Soke Netball Final

Wednesday - Rocket launch

Thursday - Creative homework due back; last day


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 12th March 2018

We started this week with an amazing workshop - Capoeira drumming and dance (see photos!!). If you would like to see the professionals, follow this link:

As it has been Science Week this week, we have conducted a variety of investigations - mixing acids and alkalis to create carbon dioxide, taking our own fingerprints and looking at loops, whorls and arches, forensic science workshop, finding out what kind of taster we are, making lava lamps and creating slime.

For Sports Relief, the children have dressed up, did a warm up routine at playtime, walked/ran a mile at lunchtime and a danceathon in the afternoon.


Next week:

Tuesday - Soke netball

Wednesday - Rocket launch

PE - a mile a day plus other daily PE activities.

English - flashback stories

Maths - geometry, area and perimeter.

RE - Easter

Art - totem poles


This week will be the last week of Review Homework. I am putting together a pack of revision which can be completed until SATs. I will print some sheets but the rest will be available on the website.

Mrs Mulqueen



This is just a reminder that information about what your child's class is doing is updated weekly on this class page. Teachers will post what is coming up, how you can help your child and suggest things that you could do at home. This is because we feel it benefits children to look at the curriculum before they are taught it and helps you know what is happening in the class before it happens rather than after it has occurred.

In the same way homework is called 'preview homework' and will focus on what the children are going to be learning about. We feel it is helpful to your child if they complete preview homework suggestions or activities. However we know that families are busy, have activities out of school etc and that this is not always possible. Therefore preview homework is optional and your child should not be penalised for not completing it and you do not need to provide an explanation to the teacher as to why it has not been done. There may be rewards and incentives for those who do complete their preview homework, but no sanctions for those who do not.

Please remember to check this page for weekly forthcoming class information and copies of preview homework posted.

Week beginning 5th March 2018

This week we tackled The Beast from the East!! Well, in writing, we did! Mr Kendall helped me fool the children into believing that Year 6 (and only Year 6) would have to make up the missing snow days. I showed them a letter from the authority signed by a Mr B Lizzard....they were very surprised and shocked to be told that they would have to stay until 7 o'clock or come in on a Saturday or during the Easter holiday. I told them that they needed to respond using a formal letter which they truly did. I had to own up by playtime, they were not very impressed but their writing was excellent. We then used the snow storm as a stimulus for newspaper reports and poetry.

In Maths, we are looking at metric measures and converting between measures.

I was extremely proud of the class yesterday for World Book Day. We completed WBD maths, writing activities and a couple of quizzes. At the end of the afternoon, the children went to Pre-school and Reception to read with the children - they were incredibly sweet and patient!

Next Week:  Science Week

Monday: Capoeira drumming workshop. Please can you make sure that you have completed the payment on ParentMail.

Tuesday: Class photos

Wednesday: Science workshops

Thursday: Science activities

Friday: Sports Relief - children can wear any type of sports clothes.

Maths - converting m to km; imperial measures and problem solving using measurement.

English - flashback stories, SPaG review

Science - lots of practical activities.

PE - sports relief activities daily.

RE - Salvation - linked to Easter


The Dance Festival has been rescheduled for Tuesday 24th April. 

Please have a look at the photos of Creative Homework and World Book Day!


Mrs Mulqueen



Week beginning 19th February 2018

We've welcomed a new member of Year 6 this week...Kai.

It's been a busy week with dance rehearsals daily, lots of suspense writing and the dreaded algebra in maths!!

We are still competing in the Banagrams Challenge....round 2 next week. We've been learning about Charles Darwin in Science, looking at the different geographical features of South America in Topic and reading the Mayan Creation story in RE.

If you haven't responded to the ParentMail request regarding the Cresset show, please could you email me before Monday.

Next week:

Monday - dance rehearsal, Soke cross country

Tuesday - Cresset rehearsal (9:30 - 12:30) packed lunch required.

Wednesday - Cresset performance 6:15 - 9:30

Thursday - World Book Day

Friday - RE Day


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 29th January 2018


We have been doing lots of writing this week - writing a report about a U.S. state for our Hot Write, this was then edited using purple pen, peer marked and then the best paragraph was chosen to be written out in 'best' handwriting. The children have been working really hard on their handwriting as they know that in order to get 'expected' for Year 6 they must use a neat cursive style.

We did our fractions hot task this week and every single child improved their score dramatically. We are now working on coordinates in all four quadrants, reflections and translations.

In RE, we continued to work on our Creation comic strips, aboriginal 'dot' totem animals and we read an Apache creation myth.

Today we began our Bananagrams Challenge. I can highly recommend the game for spelling and vocabulary improvement. It was amazing to watch children wandering around the room with dictionaries in their hands.


Next week:


Lots and lots of dance practice - information to follow next week

English - narrative stories with suspense

Maths - Hot task for coordinates, cold task for algebra!!

Last swimming - distance awards


I'm looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday and Thursday at Parents' Evening.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 22nd January 2018


In Art this week, the children have completed their Lichtenstein Pop Art posters which are now on display in our shared Art Area and have begun work on Andy Warhol. Their repeated photo montages are very interesting!!


We have been looking at specific elements of non-chronological writing this week: introductions with rhetorical questions, bullet pointed lists, fact boxes and different ways of starting sentences in a formal manner.


We have been converting fractions and decimals to percentages; working out percentages of amounts and finding equivalents. 


In Science, we have continued to look at evolution; the children have been introduced to some of the famous scientists including Charles Darwin.


In Topic this week, we have started to look at the history of the U.S., specifically the first settlers and the Native Americans. The children have researched different tribes to find out how they lived.


We are continuing to build up our dance for the's starting to take shape!!


Next week:

English - Hot Write - non-chronological writing about a U.S. state.

Maths - Hot task for Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Cold task for Geometry.

Science - mini-biographies about evolutionary scientists.

RE - Creation stories

Art - Cartoon drawing/cooking

Topic - continues research on Native Americans, Revolutionary War.

PE - Mini netball, swimming, Cresset dance


Please can you continue to collect empty Pringles cans!!! We're using them for totem poles after half term.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 15th of January 2018


This week, we have been working on our dance for the Cresset showcase....I will let you know details about costumes soon ( it won't be anything complicated!!) Tickets are already on sale - we are doing the Wednesday performance.

Our Sports Ambassadors went to a conference at AMVC.

In English, we have been reading non-chronological writing, text-marking and analysing specific features. We have looked at prepositions, statements, commands, questions and exclamations. On Monday afternoon, we participated in the BBC Live lesson for the 500 word story competition. For this week's homework, the children need to plan their story as we will be writing it in class over the next couple of weeks.

We've had a very busy week in Maths, covering multiplication and division of decimals by whole numbers and converting fractions to decimals. We took part in a SuperMovers Live Lesson on fractions, decimals and percentages this morning.

For RE, we have compared the Christian Creation story with the Islamic story. We have read the Aboriginal Creation story and we are beginning to create our own Aboriginal totem pictures.

In Art, we did some further work on our Lichtenstein Pop Art pictures.

We have looked at adaptation in Science; how creatures have specific adaptations for their habitats and environments.


Next week;

Maths - comparing fractions, decimals and percentages; finding percentages of amounts - completing our Hot Task. We shall then do the Cold Task on Position and Direction.

English - 

We will be writing lists using commas, colons and semi-colons, using the perfect and continuous form of verbs and using parenthesis with relative clauses (brackets, commas, dashes).

Art - Year 6 will be cooking and doing Art with Mrs Clayton - learning to draw in a comic strip style.

Topic - looking at the different environments in the U.S.

Science - adaptations of a specific animal

RE - Creation stories



Could you be saving Pringles tubes? We would like to use them to make totem poles!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 8th of January 2018


The children have worked extremely hard this week with the practice SATs. I will share the results with you at Parents' Evening. We launched our Amazing Americas topic, looking at the continents of North and South America, the countries in each continent and then we looked at the states in the USA. The children have already begun their research on an American state for their creative homework.

In Maths, we have been looking at place value including numbers up to 3 decimal places and what happens when you multiply by 10, 100 or 1000.

We have begun our unit on Non-Chronological writing by writing about North America.

We have begun discussing different Creation stories in RE and have made a comic strip about the Christian story. We have looked at inheritance in Science; those characteristics that are inherited from our parents and those which are acquired from our environment. We have just started to devise our dance for the Dance Festival at the Cresset at the end of February.


For this term, homework is becoming less Preview and more Review with lots of SATs practice.

Next week:

Maths - dividing integers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000; multiply and divide decimals by integers; decimals to fractions; fractions to decimals and percentages.

English - features of non chronological writing, formal language, specific/technical nouns, sentences, commands, questions and exclamations, commas, colons and semi-colons.

Art - Lichtenstein Pop Art

Topic - geographical features in North America

Science - adaptation, mutation

RE - comparing the Islamic Creation story with the Judeo-Christian story.

Thursday - swimming


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 15th December 2017


We've had a great time this week completing our activities with a Christmas theme - we've done lots of Christmas fractions! The children have made a card, bauble, calendar and various paper decoration.

I love the Christmas jumpers!!


Next week:

Monday - We shall be watching 'Goodnight Mr Tom' on Monday morning and we have our party in the afternoon. The children should wear their school uniform in the morning and they can get changed into their party clothes in the afternoon. We will be using two rooms - Year 5 will be a quiet room and Year 6 will be hosting party games. We then have our disco session in the hall with Mr Weston. School will provide a drink and biscuits for the children.


Tuesday - Sing Out for Cancer


Next term: 

We will be starting our new topic, Amazing Americas, beginning with North America in the first half term. I will be giving out a creative homework in the first week for the children to research a North American state.

English - non-chronological writing

Maths - fractions, decimals and percentages.

Science - Evolution

RE - The Creation

Geography - North America

Art - North American artists, Native American art

PE - swimming will start the second week in January.


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 8th December


A huge thanks to all the children and parents who came to the Christingle service on Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful night - all the children sang so well and the soloists nearly reduced me to tears, I was so proud. I can't wait to start casting the KS2 production!!


The children have decided that they would like to do a class Secret Santa. We looked at all the options and decided to do a Lucky Dip box instead. Each child is going to buy a present for £1, wrap it and label it either 'boy', 'girl' or 'either' and pop it in the box. We shall draw them out on the last day.


Next week:

Wednesday is Christmas Dinner Day.

Friday is Christmas Jumper Day ( on top of normal uniform, just replacing the red sweatshirt or cardi). We also have Kinder Transport on Friday which will make a very dramatic end to our current topic.


Looking forward to next term - our topic is North and South America, if you have any artefacts you could share, we would love to see them. I will be setting another Creative Homework early in the new term for the children to research a North American state so you could be thinking about it over the holiday.


Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 24th November 2017

On Tuesday, we had an amazing time at the cinema. The children were extremely well-behaved and fun to be with. It was very quiet on the coach on the way home...the whole back seat was asleep!


This week, we completed our Hot task on Multiplication and Division. I was very pleased with the improvement. We also did our Cold task for Fractions.....needless to say, we have a lot of work to do before Christmas. Any practice that can be done at home will be helpful!!

We are continuing our work on newspapers...they are very good at creating funny headlines! I've given them a purposeful preview homework - creating headlines for the KS1 Christmas Performance.


Next week:


We will be comparing and ordering fractions (with same and different denominators and numerators), completing our unit on journalistic writing with our final Hot Write, looking at evacuation in Topic, reflection in science and Christingle in RE.

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 will be hosting a Vintage Tea from 1pm to 3pm. The children will be singing and would like to listen to personal memories of the war. If you could support us by providing cakes, that would be very helpful. If you have a friend, neighbour or relative that would like to share their memories, please invite them along.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 17th November 2017

We had a wonderful visit to Bletchley Park - it was a fascinating glimpse into part of our 'secret' history. The children were extremely well-behaved and asked excellent questions. They even got to try out an actual Enigma Machine.

Thank you to all those parents who came to see our class assembly. The children really enjoyed performing for you and have now managed to persuade me to sign us up for an assembly in the Spring Term.


Next week:

Tuesday - Cinema trip to Wisbech to see Captain Underpants

Friday - Fund-raising Christmas cards due back.


In Maths this week, we will be completing Hot and Cold Assessments on Monday, ready to move on to fractions on Wednesday.  We are continuing journalistic writing in English, looking at alliteration, hyphens and word play in headlines, writing orientation sentences, looking at formal and informal writing and how to shift between the two. We are going to look at evacuation in more detail using Goodnight Mr Tom as our starting point.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 10th November 2017


This week has been all about cycling!! They all performed extremely well on their bikes and will get their certificates and badges in Celebration Assembly this afternoon. The Bikeability trainers were very impressed by their behaviour and the improvement in their cycling skills.

We have been doing Code Breaking in class this week in preparation for our visit to Bletchley Park. There is also a code-breaking element to this week's preview homework.


Next week:

Friendship Week

Tuesday - visit to Bletchley Park. The coach is due to leave at 8:15. Please arrive for 8:05. The children need to be in school uniforms and school shoes. Please make sure that they are dressed warmly as there will be times when we will be outside. They need a packed lunch and a drink. They will not need any money.

We hope to be back at school for 3:45 but as usual I will let school know when we are on the coach en route!

Thursday - Class Assembly 9:00 am start.

English - continuing to write Newspaper reports

Maths - long division

Science - light

Topic - Bletchley

Art - Make do and mend

RE - Hinduism


Mrs Mulqueen



Week ending 3/11/17

We've had a very busy first week back with SATs practice papers every day. We followed the plan for the actual week with SPaG on Monday, Reading on Tuesday and Maths on Wednesday and Thursday. So far, we have marked the SPaG, Reading and Arithmetic and I'm pleased with the progress made since the last assessment. 

We have begun our work on World War 2 by looking at the events that led up to the start of the war, listening to the original radio transmission and looking at artefacts. We've begun our science topic of light and the children have some research to complete for preview homework.

Today I have introduced the children to the Literacy Planet website. They are all extremely enthusiastic about solving word puzzles, playing against their friends and earning rewards by completing tasks that I have assigned to them. I would also like them to continue to complete tasks on Study Ladder too.


Next week:

Bikeability - Monday to Thursday

The children will be placed in one of three groups. On Monday, there will be two groups - morning and afternoon; for the rest of the week there will be three groups alternating times - 9:00 to 10:45, 10:50 to 12:35 and 1:15 to 3:15.

Please make sure that your child's bike is safe and that they have a well-fitting helmet.


We shall be continuing Maths and English lessons next week but on a rolling programme so that no child misses an activity. We will use the remaining time for Topic - specifically looking at codes and code breaking in preparation for our visit to Bletchley Park.


Have a good weekend and take care with the fireworks!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 20th October 2017


Thank you all for coming to Parents' Evening. It was lovely to meet you all!!

The children have been busy writing biographies and autobiographies this week.I'm looking forward to reading them over half term.

We have conquered long multiplication!! Well, at the moment!!


Next week:

Half Term

The children do have homework!!


Week beginning 30th October 2017

We shall be testing again this week. I'm going to follow the order that it will be in the actual SATs week - Monday SPaG, Tuesday Reading, Wednesday Arithmetic and Reasoning 1 and Thursday Reasoning 2. We are using the second set of papers so will be able to compare the results directly.

Maths - short and long division

English - Journalistic writing

Topic - WW2

Science - Light

RE - Diwali


Bikeability begins on Monday 6th of November. Please make sure that your child's bike is in good working order.

Trip to Bletchley Park - Tuesday 14th November

Year 6 Class Assembly - Thursday 16th November.


Have a good half term.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 13th October 2017

We started the week with our World War 1 rocket launch at the park. Toby and Charlotte did the honours by pressing the button.

We were at AMVC for basketball on Wednesday. It was a great experience for the children and they were extremely well behaved.


Next week:

Parents' Evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are beginning multiplication and division in Maths next week, concentrating on the written methods for long and short multiplication and division. I have put some Maths web links up, please could you encourage your child to practice their times tables. Quick and accurate recall will be extremely helpful for these topics.

In English, we shall be continuing our work on biographies and autobiographies, with a closer look at verb tenses and the active and passive voice.

In Science, we shall be making series and parallel circuits. In RE, we shall continue our work on Hinduism by looking at the story of Rama and Sita and it's significance in the festival of Diwali.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at Parents' Evening next week - I shall share the results of the assessment that we have done so far.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 6th October 2017


We finished the Play Leader training this week. Mrs Wilding was very impressed with the children's skills. I really enjoyed watching them teaching each other games, they will be great leaders!!


Next week:

We have another rocket launch on Monday - 1:15 in Glinton Park. The children will bring home a momento of the occasion.

On Wednesday, we will be playing basketball at AMVC from 11:00 to 12:30. The children can come in their PE kit that day - red/white top, black shorts/skorts/leggings or tracksuit bottoms, warm sweatshirt and trainers. They will also need to have a packed lunch on that day as we will be late back for lunch.


I'm very pleased with the children's preview homework. It is a pleasure to read every week!! They have all logged on to Study Ladder today and have tried some of the activities. The activities are not differentiated and they may find some of them too challenging. I will be encouraging them to have a go but not to panic if they can't do everything.

There is a new Sumdog competition soon so I've given the children a copy of their login details to keep in their homework book.

We have had a great time in SPaG this week - I've added the links to the independent clauses and adverbs songs!!

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 29th September 2017


What a brilliant week we've had!! Fabulous fairy tale character costumes and some really incredible art work and writing. We've all enjoyed reading the 'fractured' fairy tales which were written from a different perspective.

We have just finished our Place Value unit in Maths - I was very pleased with the improvement in the scores from Cold task to Hot task. We are now working on the four rules of number, starting with column addition and subtraction.

I shall upload some photos from the week on our page.


Next week;

Monday - we will be having our assessment day for Play Leaders.

Tuesday - Harvest festival in church at 10:30


In English we will be returning to our Superhero stories, using dialogue to start stories and move the action along. We shall be planning, writing and editing our own Superhero adventures.

In Maths, we will be using column addition and subtraction to solve problems.

In Science, we will be making our own circuits and drawing the correct circuit diagrams.

In Re, we shall be looking at where Hinduism comes from and where the religion is practiced today.

Preview homework is already uploaded and the children have also been a log in code for an online homework program. I will put the link on our class page. They will also be staring Sumdog this week.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 22nd September 2017


Great start to the week with Mrs Wilding teaching the children how to be play leaders. They thoroughly enjoyed playing the games that they will be leading.

Our day out at Duxford was brilliant. I was extremely proud of the children; their behaviour was excellent and they were enthusiastic all day even though we walked for miles!! I have uploaded the photos from the day.


Next week:

Fairy Tale Week

We shall be beginning the week with a 'drop down' day....there may even be some 'special' visitors in our Collective Worship! KS2 will be running different activities in each classroom.

To keep up with the theme, we will be looking at alternative fairy tales where the traditional story is told from a different point of view or set in a different time period or place.

We shall be problem solving in Maths through different stories aswell as moving onto our new unit of addition and subtraction.

In Science, we shall be making circuits and drawing circuit diagrams, we shall be looking at Harvest for RE and continuing greetings and numbers in French.

Mrs Wilding will be in on Wednesday to continue play leader training.

Dress down day on Friday - fairy tale characters.


Mrs Mulqueen

Thank you to all those parents that attended the Open Evening. If you couldn't make it, I have added the PowerPoint onto the Year 6 page.

We've had a very hard-working week with our first taste of SATs assessment...results to follow!


Next Week:

Monday - Mrs Wilding will be teaching the Year 6 how to be Play Leaders. The children will need to have the 'proper' P.E. kit...particularly trainers ( I don't mind what colour they are, as long as they have a good grip!!).

Wednesday - Duxford ( decision made as yet)


Advanced Warning - Fairy Tale Week ( week beginning the 25th of September) There will be a 'dress up day' on Friday 29th - favourite fairy tale character.


Maths - rounding, negative numbers, hot task and then moving onto addition.

English - story openings, describing settings and characters using expanded noun phrases. Correct punctuation of dialogue.

Topic - Duxford trip

Science - history of electricity

Art - completing ww1 silhouette images.

P.E. - Play Leaders/outdoor games


Mrs Mulqueen

Welcome to Year 6

I am looking forward to meeting you next week for our 'Meet the Teacher' Open Evening. I will be talking about the expectations for Year 6 and the day-to-day issues that may arise. It is a general meeting rather than an opportunity to have individual discussions; Parents' Evening is later in the half term but I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. The children have already had the same information.


The children have had a fabulous start - they have really impressed me with their effort, enthusiasm and behaviour. I've thoroughly enjoyed the week as we've been doing lots of practical tasks - problem solving in Maths, drama in Topic etc.


Next week

Baseline Assessment week - we'll be having a go at our first SAT style tests (in class). Scores will be reported back at Parents' Evening.

Wednesday - Roald Dahl Day - we will be taking part in the Virtually Live event in the afternoon

                      Rocket Launch at the park - 1:15

                      Open Evening 3:30 and 4:00

Maths - large numbers place value and rounding, negative numbers

English - types of nouns, expanded noun phrases, use of commas, story starts

Topic - life in the trenches

Science - light and electricity

RE - Hinduism

PSHE - changing your mindset

PE - Games


The children have had their Preview Homework books and I have uploaded the activities onto the Homework page.

If your child would like to email homework, the address to use is:


Mrs Mulqueen