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Welcome to Autumn 2018! 

We spent the first days and weeks settling all the children in - new and existing. We got to know each other, familiarised ourselves with new key groups and started to learn about preschool boundaries and routines. 

All of our topics are aligned with the EYFS and the Characteristics of Effective Learning to ensure we cover all aspects of child development. With each topic we introduce a wealth of new vocabulary to the children.  The children have all enjoyed our weekly sports session on a Friday morning so a big thank you to Mr Weston and Miss Hughes. 


Thank you to all our parents who have taken time to get involved in our home learning challenges. These are optional but will always support our learning in preschool and are provided for each of our topics. 


Here is an overview of our topics to date this term......... 

All about me
The children enjoyed creating their own self portraits, using the mirror to study their eye colour, hair colour, number of eyes, ears etc. The children enjoyed scented playdough and singing action rhymes such as ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We also enjoyed learning about children from around the world and their pets, toys, clothes food and language. 

We enjoyed putting leaves in the middle of our parachute as we played ring games, throwing the leaves up in the air was lots of fun! 

Autumn provided opportunity for many sensory trays including dried leaves, pumpkins and squashes, conkers and their shells, acorns, pine cones twigs etc. We also went on many nature walks to explore the changes that the season brought about. We used natural materials in our artwork including printing with pumpkins! We took time to explore animals who hibernate and migrate, building our own hibernation areas for woodland animals. We also had our very own hibernation station which the children loved. As the weather turns colder we encourage children to put on their own coats and other outdoor clothing, supporting where necessary. The children enjoyed raking up the leaves in the garden and making piles. We used items found in nature to create the initial from our first name. We had lots of fun weighing and measuring with conkers and pine cones. We created some spectacular artwork by rolling conkers in the paint, and our Rising 5’s practiced their pencil control with some autumn themed pencil control sheets. 

People who help us
The children were lucky enough to have a visit from a post lady. We spent time writing postcards for her to take and post to our homes. Thank you so much Kerry for taking time out to come and visit us. Dressing up and role play featured lots- firefighter hoses and helmets, police outfits, nurses, doctors etc. These proved very popular with the children. We learned new songs about the emergency services. We used Duplo to build hospitals and police stations for people who help us, and the children enjoyed imaginative play with the people who help us figures. We continued to support children’s learning about Autumn, placing conkers in the dry sand for them to sieve and going on nature walks. 

We were lucky enough to see the stunt cyclists when they came to school to perform in the playground for us. We were also able to attend a road safety assembly with the local PC and the children were given a reflector each. The Policeman talked about being safe in the car, on our bikes and as pedestrians. For this topic we set up the sand pit with wet sand as a construction area for our diggers and dumper trucks. We enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and origami boats. The children talked about whether the boats would float or sink and then we tested our ideas by floating them on the water one afternoon. The children enjoyed using the chairs and plastic crates to create trains, boats and buses for their role play. We set up a fuel station outside for the trikes, scooters and ride ons and used chalk to draw out roads on the path. The children built bridges and ramps and road ways for transport to love along using construction blocks, tubing, planks etc. We linked in with our previous topic by exploring transport that helps us. 

This is a very busy time for preschool! We have our carol concert on Monday 17th December. Santa is stopping by on Tuesday 18th! Messy Christingle is on the morning of the 5th, where the children will go over to school to create their own Christingle. We will be watching the dress rehearsal of the KS1 Nativity on 11th December. We are partaking in the Christmas lunch, details as per the weekly round up. We are not having a party this year - instead, the last three days of term will be full of Christmas fun, as above but also including Christmas snacks, lots of Christmas music and party games. We have a wrapping station and a grotto in dramatic role play, whilst at the interest area outside we are focussing on the Nativity. We have recycled old Christmas cards by punching holes in them to create Christmas threading cards. We have lots of wonderful Christmas books to share indoors and out. Sensory play includes natural objects such as cinnamon sticks, oranges and pine cones and less natural in the form of tinsel, glitter, sequins and baubles! The children have been sharing their experiences of Christmas - the food, family, Christmas lists, baby Jesus and so on. 

We plan to visit Garden Lodge in the New Year and we hope this is an enriching experience for all those involved. January 2019 sees us start a topic about the winter. 


The children have been working with Phonics since they joined us but after Christmas we will start specific work on initial sounds which will develop through the Spring term, placing us well to start oral blending and segmenting in the summer term. 


Wishing all our families a wonderful Christmas, from all at The Owls Nest. 

Best Regards,
The Owls Nest Preschool Team