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This week in Year 4....

Week commencing Monday 16th September


Don't forget that next Friday we will be doing Bikeability in Year 4. Children taking part will need to bring their bikes and helmets to school that morning.

Week commencing 9th September 2019

 Dear Parents, 


The end of the first week in Year 4 and it is a lot to take in for everyone. 


Here is the first weekly news email where we hope to give you an idea of what we are 'aiming' to do (life happens and with the best will in the world, we may not make it through everything!) 


Next week is well-being week so we will have a variety of activities which are not usually time-tabled: Cosmic Yoga on Monday, Combat on Tuesday and Clubbercise on Thursday to start with! They will need their PE kit in all week please. 


 In maths Mon - Wed we will be beginning our Number and Place Value unit by looking at Roman Numerals and we may get onto looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10 too. Tackling Tables will happen on Wednesday and after a break we would expect a dip (unless the children get motivated before then and work hard to practise) Next week in maths on Thursday and Friday we will be investigating the perimeter of shapes. We will have a Tackling Addition and subtraction test on Friday. Following the long holiday most children's scores have dipped so it would be great if they could practise at home so that they go back up next week.


We are starting with a short unit in English called 'For the Birds' which is based around an interesting short film clip. It enables us to consider thoughts and feelings and motives of characters and we will be discussing the effects of bullying through this. The children will be learning to plan and write a persuasive argument in the unit, which will also involve celebrating individual differences, It seems a great unit to start the year with. We will also be revising some grammar work covered in Y3, starting with determiners.  Reading lessons will happen 3 times a week usually and we will be launching our 'Reading for Inference' lessons on Monday by looking at the first of eight skills to be introduced. Later in the week there will be reading activities to embed using this skill. 


Science we will be starting our first unit on 'Living things and their habitats'. In Spanish we will be completing the work started last week on learning a little about the country itself and completing fact files. 


In RE we will begin exploring the significance of festivals in different religions. On Friday morning the children will have PE with Mrs Jensen.

In art we will finish the detailed observational self-portraits we started this week. I am looking forward to seeing them completed as the children are taking such care.


Enjoy the weekend!