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This week in Year 6...

Week Ending 13th March 2020


An interesting week to say the least - lots of conversations about coronavirus...the children have been very mature and sensible about it with lots of pertinent questions!! As it was Science Week, we have tied in many of our activities to the spread of germs and how to combat this.

I have put lots of photos on our photo page.


Thank you very much for the Leavers' hoodie...I love it!! We will be posing for photos on Monday which I will put on my page!!


Next Week:


Monday - PE....wear your Leavers' hoodie for photos

Wednesday - PE and Soke Football/Netball


Mrs Mulqueen


Weekly Report 16th March 2020

Week ending 6th March 2020


This has been an incredible week.....very tiring but great fun!!

Maths morning on Wednesday was amazing - we used our measuring, perimeter and area skills to map out the entire school grounds! We were out all morning with trundle wheels, metre sticks and tape measures - one group even had to convert from Imperial to metric! Mrs Smith found some old plans which gave the children an insight into how the school has changed and showed them how to represent an aerial view. We contrasted this with Google Maps - looking at how the school and grounds have changed dramatically since the Google photos were taken. I've put all the pictures on our photo page!

World Book Day - I've always loved WBD!! The children's costumes were great (photos on the page) and their enthusiasm was outstanding. They loved reading with Reception and Mrs Gaster was impressed by how kind and sensible they all were. We shall be doing it again every couple of weeks!

I've also introduced them to a new online reading platform - Epic. It's free and the children can read lots of different types of text. The link is on our home page.


Next Week:


STEM Week - We shall be doing Science experiments every afternoon!!

Monday - PE

Wednesday - PE

Friday - Silly Science workshop


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly report Week beginning 9/3/20

Primary Stars U11 Girls' Football Tournament

Week ending 28th of February 2020


We started a new English unit on poetry which has been excellent - we've been reading a collection of poems from Joseph Coelho called 'Overheard in a Tower Block'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed performing their poems. We've just finished our maths unit on measurement - we shall be revisiting converting measures for revision!! In Science, we have been looking at extinction and endangered species.


Had a brilliant morning with the Year 6 girls at the Mick George Training Academy. I've put the pictures in the photo gallery and the report ( written by the girls ) on this page.


Next week


Monday - P.E. after school SATs Booster

Wednesday - World Maths Day P. E. 

Thursday - World Book Day

Friday - Golden Time


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

Week ending 14th February 2020


What a brilliant week we've had!! But we're all very tired and ready for Half Term!


Thank you to everyone who came to Parents' Evening. It was lovely to see you all again and tell you about how much progress your child is making in Year 6.

Last swimming - the children had so much fun, playing on the floats, jumping in and diving!! The snack machine was an added bonus!!


What can I say about The Cresset? The children were incredible; amazing dancers and an absolute pleasure to be with. Visions of the incredible art of applying make up will stick with Mrs Douse, Mrs Jensen and myself for a very long time!!


Week beginning 17th February 2020

Half Term


Week beginning 24th February 2020


Monday 24th: SATs Booster after school  PE back on Monday, children to come in kit


Wednesday 26th: Girls Football, PE in the afternoon.


Friday 28th: New Golden Time.


Have a wonderful break

Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 24th February 2020

Week ending 7th February 2020


Arts Week is probably my favourite themed week in school!! We chose L S Lowry for our artist, we listened to music from Manchester, stepped into his paintings, learned about his life, used his art as a stimulus for writing and created our own Lowry style pictures using our church and school as focal points. It was lovely to compare the childrens' work from Year 2 and see how their skills have progressed - depth, perception, blending etc.

On Thursday, we hosted the rest of the school; we made 3 large scale pictures - Harry Potter was revealed today, next week - 2 more. We also made a batik square which Mrs Douse is spending her weekend sewing together.


Next week:


Monday - Cresset technical rehearsal. Children to come to school in P.E. kit and bring a packed lunch. We will be leaving school at 12 and returning about 2:30. Please make sure that I have your child's fitness statement as they will not be able to dance without it.

Tuesday - dress rehearsal in school - make sure that you have your costume. Parents' Evening.

Wednesday - school talent show organised by Y6 Drama and Dance leaders. Parents' Evening.

Thursday - last swimming session. Your child may bring in 80p for the vending machine at the pool. Exact change would be helpful. Cresset Dance - arrival time will depend on where we are in the running order. I'll let you know after Monday's technical rehearsal.

Friday - last day.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 10th February 2020

Week ending 31st January 2020


A brilliant start to Algebra in Maths - lovely to see enthusiastic children discussing ways to solve algebraic equations!!

The Cresset Dance is coming on!! Lots of practice needed next week...hopefully there will be no more 'mouse' related incidents!!


Next Week


Arts Week - We will be looking at L S Lowry - learning about his life and art. We will use his techniques to produce our own versions. In English, we will be telling the story of one of his paintings which we will eventually turn into a written narrative.

Thursday - Art Morning - Printing/Model Making/ Large scale Art (batik, fabric dying)

                  Swimming - distance awards week


Mrs Mulqueen


Weekly Report Week beginning 3rd February 2020

Weekly Report week beginning 27th January 2020

Week ending 17th January 2020


I am so proud of the improvements that all the children have made in their SATs scores...they have worked so hard this week!!

Boosters will be starting next week for some children - Maths, Grammar and Reading. These will take place during the school day.

I will share their results with you formally at Parents' Evening.


Next week

Tuesday - KinderTransport

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Recycling Workshop, swimming

Friday - SATs homework due in


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 20th January 2020

Week Ending 10th January 2020


An excellent start to the new term - Egyptian Art Day, we've started to create some amazing artefacts which we will share later in the term. We created a timeline across the front playground and linked all the different units that we have covered in Primary school. The children were astounded when they saw how far back they had to travel to reach Ancient Egypt!

Andrew was mummified!! See photos! Seeing the process helped the children to start planning their own set of instructions.

I was very proud of the children who went swimming. The teachers were so impressed by their ability. The plan is to stretch them even further, increase their stamina and further improve their strokes.

The children have been given their homework: a topic menu for the term: Creative homework which is due back at the end of March: this half term's spellings and a SATs practice booklet which needs to be completed and brought back to school every Friday.


Next week:

Tuesday - KinderTransport

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - swimming

Friday - SATs practice book back.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 13th January 2020

Week beginning 9th December 2019


Tuesday - Christmas Lunch

Wednesday - KS1 Nativity Dress Rehearsal

Thursday - Secret Santa gift due in

Friday - Christmas Jumper Day


Week beginning 16th December 2019


Tuesday - Christmas Parties

Wednesday - Sing Out for Cancer, Secret Santa gift swap, last day of term


Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly report 9th December 2019

Week Ending 29th November 2019

We had a very emotional day on Tuesday with KinderTransport. The children watched Rachel's story and learned about her experiences in the concentration camps. It was a very powerful and difficult message to watch. They worked with Jason to create their own tableaus which they will continue to add to after the holidays. We also watched Liane's story and learned about Nicholas Winton - there were quite a few tears in the classroom!

Thank you for coming to the Bushcraft presentation. I thought it was excellent and hope that it answered any questions you may have. I'll put the brochure on Year 6's main page. If you do have any further questions, please email me.


Next Week

Final week for clubs.

Wednesday - Christingle. Children need to be at school for 5:45 in their school uniform.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 2nd December 2019

Week ending 22nd November 2019


I would just like to say how proud I am of the children that went to Bletchley Park! Their behaviour was excellent and yet again, we were complimented by a member of the public. Overheard as we walked past, 'oh, that's the well behaved class!' and the lady who taught the coding workshop told the children that they were the most enthusiastic and quickest Year 6 group she had ever experienced. In fact, she told lots of them that they would have been chosen to work as codebreakers during the war!!


Week beginning 25th November 2019


Tuesday - KinderTransport in the morning

Wednesday - Bushcraft residential meeting 9:00

Friday - dress down day for PGSA Christmas Fair


Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 25th November 2019

Week beginning 18th November 2019

Week ending 8th November


We've had a lovely week with lots of creative activities - making poppies for Remembrance Day and scratch art firework pictures.

On Monday, as a class, we ran/walked 62 miles!!



Week beginning 11th November   Anti-Bullying Week   Primary Maths Challenge

Monday - Change Starts with You Workshop  Remembrance

Tuesday - Odd Socks Day   KinderTransport Workshop

Friday - First Aid Training    Children in Need Day


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 11th November

Week Ending 1st November 2019


We have had a brilliant start to the new half term!! Monday's Evacuee Day was incredible - the costumes were amazing and the children were so enthusiastic!! Creative homeworks have arrived all week, culminating in a classroom WW1 museum this morning which we shared with Year 5. I've eaten so much delicious cake this week!!

Thank you to all the parents who came to Parents' Evening, it was lovely to meet you and share your children's achievements.


We have changed our routine for getting changed for P.E. Instead of the boys and girls having to split and be supervised in a different area, I thought it would work better if the children come to school in their P.E. kit and wear it all day. We will only be having P.E. on Mondays and Wednesdays up till Christmas so they can wear their kit for those two days. As it is getting colder outside, the girls may want to waer leggings or track suit bottoms rather than skorts.


Week beginning 4th November 2019


We will be supporting Mrs Jensen and attempting to run our own New York marathon on Monday - ten times round the Daily Mile track!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 4th November 2019

Week Ending 18th October 2019


We've completed lots of Maths assessments this week which has highlighted any gaps that can be filled in Booster sessions after half term.

Mr Donnelly gave us a guided tour of the varying habitats in the school grounds which we then wrote up as double-page spreads.

Yesterday, we were the Allies in our trench warfare battle with the Year 5's! It was a brilliant suggestion for an end of topic event coming from some of the Year 6's. The children enjoyed it so much that we are going to recreate the Christmas Truce!!


Week Beginning 28th October 2019


Monday 28th October - curriculum 'drop down' day....come dressed as an evacuee and be prepared to be fully immersed in World War 2!!

Tuesday 29th October - Parents' Evening

Wednesday 30th October - NSPCC assembly and workshop , Parents' Evening

Friday 1st November - Creative Homework due in.


Have a restful half term


Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 28th October 2019

Week ending 11th October 2019


The children were amazing at AMVC for the Basketball and worked so hard with Mrs Wilding for Play Leaders. I've added some photos!


Week beginning 14th October 2019


Some children will be representing Year 6 at Soke Hockey on Thursday.

Don't forget to start looking for your evacuee outfit and saving cereal boxes for our 'drop-down' day after half term!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 14th October 2019

Week Ending 4th October 2019


Thank you all for coming to see the Learning Showcase...I was so proud of the children!! They thoroughly enjoyed performing for you, so much so that they've persuaded me to volunteer for another one!!

This week the children have completed the 2017 SATs papers. I will share the results with you at Parents' Evening/AFA meeting and give you the papers that they have completed so far. The children do know their scores and what their targets are.


Week beginning 7th October 2019


We have Soke basketball on Wednesday from 11 to 12:30. Your child will need to bring their P.E. kit to school aswell as a packed lunch.

The children will see Mrs Wilding again when she comes to visit us on Thursday to assess them in their Play Leaders role.


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Report Week beginning 7th October 2019

Week ending 27th September

If any of you are able to attend the Lantern Parade in Stamford on Saturday, please could you email any photos to our year 6 email address.

For those children who are unable to attend, we held our own parade around the track, through school, through the secret garden and round the front playground! It was quite a sight!

The children had their first Play Leader training yesterday which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Week beginning 30th September

Monday 30th: individual photos, responsibility positions application deadline.

Thursday 3rd October: Learning Showcase 2:30


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 30th September

Week Ending 20th September


The visit to Duxford was incredible: we walked over 13,000 steps!! The children were very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the day! I've posted photos on our Photo page!

Thank you to those parents who joined us for the Learn with your child event. I hope you enjoyed it!


Week beginning 23rd September - Clubs and Golden Time begin

Monday - PE

Tuesday - School Council elections in class

Wednesday - PE, 2 children to represent Y6 at Soke Cross Country

Thursday - need PE kit - Play Leaders training with Mrs Wilding from AMVC

Friday - first session of Golden Time


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 23rd September

Week beginning 16th September


Tuesday - Duxford. Children to arrive at school at 8:15, the bus will leave at 8:30. The children need to be in school uniform, they can wear trainers or comfortable school shoes - there is a lot of walking!!! Packed lunch, no money and no electronics (phones must be left at school). Arrive back at school by 3:45. Please check the website as I will be informing school of our arrival time whilst we are on the coach.


Wednesday - Learn with your child event - 9:30 to 10:15

Week beginning 16th September 2019

Week Ending 6th September 2019


Welcome back! We've had a lovely few days and I'm very impressed with the way that the children have settled in and are ready to work!

It was lovely to meet you at the Open Evening....if you could not attend, I've put the PowerPoint on our main Year 6 page. Of course, if you have any questions, drop me an email at:

I check every morning and will reply within 24 hours. If it is an 'for information' email, I will read it but will only reply if the email requires it!! If I need to contact you all, I will use ParentMail.


We started work at 8:40 on the Wednesday with our normal timetable!! The children have been given planners in which they can write their reading book and I aim to check them once a week. If you write a message in the planner, remind your child to show me it the next morning!!

The children have got homework books which they're already making use of - they love the raffle ticket reward!! All the homework is on our Homework page.

This afternoon, I have introduced lots of different homework sites - the links are on the homework page. The children have written their logins and passwords in their planners!


Next Week

Well being Week

Monday - yoga

Tuesday - Combat/fitness

Friday - Clubbercise


Maths - Place value

English - Beyond the Lines

Creative Curriculum - WW1

Art - Silhouettes

Preparation for harvest/ learning showcase

PE - kit needed all week!!


Mrs Mulqueen