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This week in Year 6...

Homework for the weekend before SATs!!!

Week ending 6th May 2022


We've done as much as we can and we're ready!!!

Lots and lots of revision this week......

Relax and breathe this weekend!


Next week

See ParentMail


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 29th April 2022


Mock SATs week....hard work but so much progress made!!!

The children have brought home all their papers and I have created a separate document for each of them with their scores and any areas to revise. For homework ( due in on Wednesday 4th May), they have a test paper for each subject to complete.

We will be spending next week revising, paying particular attention to vocabulary!!!

PE - Wednesday


Dates for your diaries:

SATs week 9th May - we will be beginning our Cresset Dance training on the Monday afternoon for PE.

Residential: 25th, 26th and 27th May

Half Term: 30th May

Cresset Performance: Thursday 16th June


Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 22nd April 2022


The children have come back after the break, fired up and ready to work. I'm really pleased with their efforts with their Easter homework too. We marked all the Grammar today; we'll mark the Maths and Reading next week. They have gone back to their regular SATs homework this week.

We have done lots of revision in English - both Grammar and Reading. In Maths, we completed a unit this week on Statistics and we'll do Geometry next week.

I had a chat to the children about online safety - a reminder not to share phone numbers; when and what is appropriate to be messaging/texting other children and being careful about sharing their identity. This was in response to parental and child concerns. They were very sensible and asked lots of questions.

If you do have any concerns, please let me know.

If I am a little slow to reply to emails, please excuse me - we are having issues in school with the internet.


Transition visits will soon start - I have already started receiving emails from Secondary Schools asking for information about the children and arranging visits.

Good News - we are definitely participating in The Cresset Dance Festival in June. The choreographer will be taking over our Monday PE sessions from the 9th of May - I can't'll love the song/s we're doing!


Next Week:

SATs Mocks - this will give the children an opportunity to get a 'feel' for what the actual tests will be like. They will know what it is like to do them in the hall and all the procedures that they (and we) have to follow. We will use the actual tests for revision and will mark them together as a class. By the end of the week, we should have a good list of priority revision topics.

Monday - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test; PE; last SATs Booster after school

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Arithmetic and Reasoning Paper 1: PE

Thursday - Reasoning Paper 2


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 1st April 2022


It's been a fun week, especially today....3 times I tricked them for April Fool's Day!!

I have given out their Easter homework. It's called 10-4-10, 10 minutes each day on each subject for 10 days. It should just keep them ticking over until we return. I have uploaded copies in the Spring Homework section of this page.

We have three days when we return which will be revision then the following week, we will do SATs mocks so the children get a sense of what the real tests will be like.

Have a good holiday. I will be back in school on Tuesday 19th so will be catching up on emails then.


Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 12

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 11

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 10

Week Ending 4th of March 2022


I can't believe it is March already!!

We've started the SATs countdown - 9 weeks to go!!

I've given the children a letter to bring home with details of a Maths SATs revision site. They could do this along with their SATs homework booklet.

There are lots of SATs revision sites that the children could use - there is currently a SumDog competition which we are winning!!

Please can I remind you not to give your child the most recent actual SATs papers (2019) as we will be using them in class.

We've had a lovely week with a rather dashing Pancake race and an amazing World Book Day. The children had realised that it was probably their last opportunity to dress up - unless they become teachers!!! - so they really pushed the boat out. There are lots of photos on our Photo page!!


Next week:

PE - Monday and Wednesday

SOKE football - Thursday


Have a good weekend

Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Planner Week 9 week beginning 7th March 2022

Week Ending 25th February 2022


I can't believe how quickly this week has gone!!

We started the week with storms and lots of noise and ended the week with incredible Maths!!

Algebra has been a smash hit and I am so proud of their efforts!!!

The first SATs Booster was a success - it may have had something to do with the biscuits though!!


Regarding what is happening in the world, the children are rightly concerned..we watched the Newsround footage and discussed some of the issues that were worrying them. I have advised them to talk to an adult if they have worries.


Next week:


Monday - PE - it will be outside so need lots of layers

SATs Booster - 3:15 - 4:15


Tuesday - Pancake Race


Wednesday - PE


Thursday - World Book Day

Year 6 Weekly Planner Week 8 week beginning 28th February 2020

Week Ending 11th February 2022


Half term at last!!!

Thank you for all your support at Parents' Evenings this week. 

The children have brought home a double homework pack and all their SATs papers.


Have a good week.


After half term:

Monday/Wednesday PE - will be outdoors so dress appropriately.


Dates for your diary - World Book Day 3rd March

Red Nose Day 18th March

Possible Y6 trip to Fitzwilliam Museum - Friday 25th March - still to be confirmed!

Year 6 Weekly Planner week beginning 21st February 2022

Week ending 4th February 2022


I've added some photos to our photo page to show off our Science and History work this week.


The children are in the process of making Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses flip books - I've conferenced with everyone and they have been so enthusiastic writing - can't wait to display them!!

We had a great Number Day - the children guessed why I had written random numbers all over the board (my kids' birthdates, old house numbers etc!!), we listened to music with numbers in the titles, we solved problems to find Buddy and we learned about Fibonacci. We read a story about his life, looked at how he discovered the Fibonacci sequence, worked out the pattern, drew Fibonacci spirals and then worked out the sequence....there were some very very big numbers - good job it was also Calculator day in Y6!!


Next week:

Mummification!!!!! My favourite week!!

Monday - hopefully we'll do some more dance filming for Darcy!!

Tuesday - Parents' Evening

Wednesday - PE, Parents' Evening


Friday - last day of the half term!!


I was due to change my topic after half term - but the children are getting so much out of it and it is so cross-curricular that we'll carry on till Easter (fingers crossed - I've enquired about a trip!!!! Details to follow when I've confirmed it!!)


Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 6 week beginning 7th February 2022

Week ending 28th January 2022


The children have been incredible this week - no fuss or stress over the tests which I sprang on them on Monday morning!! They've just got on and tried their best which is all I can ask for!! They have been very useful to show how much their scores have improved as well as where there are still gaps and misconceptions. Over the next two weeks, I will be using the test papers for data analysis but I will then send them all home before half term to give you a chance to look over them. I will share the results with parents at Parents' Evening.


Next week:

PE - Monday and Wednesday

Friday - Number Day - the children can wear an item of clothing with a number on with their school uniform.


Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 5 week beginning 31st January 2022

Week ending 21st January 2022


Lots of decimal work in Maths, multiplication and division up to 3 decimal places. In English, we've done a couple of comprehensions about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, the children were so enthusiastic that we've moved on to researching and writing our own fact files which we shall complete next week.

In Science, we have been looking at the properties of different materials; we can then move on to reversible and irreversible changes.

I'll upload some pictures of the children's fabulous artwork...I've had so many compliments from other adults in school about them!! I can't take any credit....I just have the ideas, the children are the talented artists!!

I'm very impressed with the children's approach to the new homework...we mark them together and it will really benefit their revision for SATs.


Next week:


PE - Monday and Wednesday


Have a good weekend

Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 4 Week beginning 24/1/22

Week ending 14th January 2022


We've had a really good week for our first full week back....I pointed out at the start of the week how long we had left until SATs and the children realised that they have got to work hard and concentrate...

We've moved on to decimals in Maths so we started the week revising fractions - each day we are practising prior knowledge...something from the day before, the week before, the month before etc...

We've started a new book in English - Secrets of a Sun King, we are answering lots of comprehension style questions, focusing on the grammar that the author uses and doing short bursts of writing linked to the story.

The children are loving the Ancient Egyptians topic - we are making links across all the subjects!!


Next week:

PE - Monday and Wednesday

(Unfortunately, the Cresset dance originally scheduled for February has been cancelled...there is a slight possibility we may get to do it in June!)


Please can you continue to collect empty Pringles cans and empty cereal boxes...lots of practical Art projects with this far we've made ourselves into Pharaohs and we're currently working on making cartouches with our hieroglyphic names. 


The children did very well with their first SATs homework - they have a new booklet which is due in next Friday (21st). We marked them together in class.


Mrs Mulqueen

Year 6 Weekly Plan Week 3

Week beginning 3/1/22

Welcome back!! Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year!


Term starts tomorrow - Wednesday 5th is a PE day so please come in your PE kit!!!!


We'll be spending the first three days on our new topic!! Looking forward to seeing you all....


Mrs Mulqueen


PS: Thank you for all the lovely presents - I felt very spoiled!!!



We have had a fabulous last week of term. The class have been an absolute pleasure to be with!!


I would like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely presents and for your support this term!


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

See you in 2022!


Mrs Mulqueen


P.S. If you happen to be eating any Pringles (other brands are available!!) over Christmas, please could you save the tubes for us....they make great canopic jars!!!

LAST WEEK OF TERM!!! Week beginning 13th December


Monday - Class Secret Santa presents can be brought in from today. PE kit to be worn.

Tuesday - normal uniform - craft day

Wednesday - class party - party clothes can be worn - no PE

Thursday - Last day to buy own PGSA craft (snowman) - £1. Any remaining will be sold by PGSA.

 Christmas Dinner, Christmas jumper can be worn with uniform. Virtual Panto

Friday - last day - school uniform. Secret Santa presents handed out!!


Have a wonderful Christmas...keep safe!!

See you all in the New Year.


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week 14

Week 13 Weekly Planner week beginning 6th December 2021

Week Ending 19th November 2021


It's been an interesting and slightly odd week!! Hope everyone at home is feeling a little better!! Congratulations to all those children who have been managing to access the online work, I know it is difficult to manage, I appreciate all your support and hard work.

Numbers in class have gone down steadily but we have 'Kept Calm and Carried On'! We've discovered that humour works well!!!

In class, we've abandoned the curriculum for today and embraced Children in Need activities - the children are currently trying to guess how many sweets are in a jar!!

We've managed to complete addition and subtraction of fractions, next week we'll move onto multiplication and division - I'll find lots of videos to support the at home learners!!

For English, we have finished writing our diaries, we are just now writing a selected paragraph in our neatest joined up writing in our books and for the display (tea-stained paper).


Next week:


PE - Monday and Wednesday - we're starting a new dance unit!!


Thank you for keeping me informed this week!! Let's hope next week is better!!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

Week Ending 12th November 2021


We have been learning more about the evacuees this week and have been writing our own evacuee diaries. We have just started reading Goodnight Mr Tom which will give us another perspective. In Maths, we are cracking on with Fractions - we might just have cracked addition!! We've started new units in Science and RE - Electricity and What Would Jesus Do respectively. On Thursday we concentrated on Remembrance; we read a beautiful picture book called 'Where the Poppies Grow'; we did the 2 minute silence on the playground; we did Blackout poetry using In Flanders Fields and we made purple poppies to remember all the animals that died.

I was going to do Hymn Practice on Tuesday but it was cancelled for a Bikeability assembly - the children weren't very pleased so we sang Christmas songs in the classroom - they were brilliant!! I'm also very impressed by their dancing - their Charleston is incredible!!!


Next Week

Anti-Bullying Week - Workshop on Friday

Monday/Wednesday - PE


If your child is absent from school but not poorly, I will be putting work on Google Classroom daily - they could also choose from the WW2 Homework menu or they could do some research for our topic.

Please could work be submitted through Google Classroom or usng the email.



Mrs Mulqueen


Mrs Mulqueen

Week 10 Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Week Ending 5th November 2021


Happy Bonfire Night!!


Well what a wonderful way to start the term!! A busy week but a really good one!

It was lovely to meet all the parents (even if it was only on Zoom) and I would like to thank you all for your support!

Our trip to Stibbington was a rousing success....the children looked great in their costumes and they totally involved themselves in their characters. It was so good that I'm already planning the next one!! I've uploaded all the photos on our photo page!

We've spent all week following up and this shall be the basis for a lot of our English and topic work over the half term.

We started fractions!!! We've gone extremely slowly and covered objectives over many days rather than in just one lesson. Much of the basic knowledge and skills are missing due to lockdown, but we have finally cracked simplifying and equivalent fractions!!

This week we have completed our RE unit on Buddhism and our Science unit on Light.

The children will be bringing home new homework menus today!!


Next Week: Friendship Week - there will be lots of activities going on throughout the week.

Monday - Workshop for Friendship week

Monday/Wednesday - PE


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week 9

Week Ending 22nd October 2021


We've had a very interesting week this week with our virtual visit to the Buddhist Temple and sharing a hot chocolate, biscuit and a story with EYFS. Six children represented the school at AMVC for the Soke Hockey Tournament. Mrs Jensen said that they behaved beautifully and the children enjoyed themselves.

We have completed our Maths unit on the four rules ready to start fractions after half term. The children have produced some lovely non chronological writing about War Horse which they have presented as a double page spread. There will be a display to follow!!

Yesterday and today, they have been working on their Christmas Cards for the PGSA fundraiser.


Next Week: Half Term


Week beginning 1st November


Monday/Wednesday PE

Tuesday - trip to Stibbington for an Evacuee Day. The children should come dressed as an evacuee (see original letter). It will be very cold and we have to walk from Nene Valley Station across the field to the Centre. The children will need a warm coat and sensible shoes.

Tuesday/Wednesday - virtual Parents' Evening 


Have a good half term break!


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week 8

Week Ending 15th October 2021

We have had a very busy - and just a little confusing - week. Those children who were taking part in Bikeability were amazing, they behaved beautifully and gave an excellent impression of Year 6 and the school. The Bikeability trainers were very impressed. If your child participated, they have received their badge, a booklet and their certificate today. Please check on the back of the certificate as there may be suggestions for further support.

Any work that the children missed will be put in over next week!

In History this week, we have looked at the life of Walter Tull, Britain's first black Army Officer. We used historical sources ( his birth certificate and his mother's death certificate) to find out information about him. It lead to some very interesting discussions!!

We're working on our non-chronological writing in English; writing about the use of horses in WW1. The linked grammar has been: determiners, adverbs and adverbials. In Maths, we've been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000, factors, division using factors and long division!! I've asked the children to practice over the weekend, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can help!!

In RE, we have started looking at the eightfold path in preparation for our virtual visit next week. We had great fun in Science investigating how to make shadows bigger and smaller; this linked with our Art, which was to create a WW1 silhouette picture!!


Next Week:


Open Evening Hours 3:15 to 3:30 to look at children's books

Monday A - H

Tuesday I - P

Wednesday Q - Z

PE - Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday - Virtual Visit to the Buddhist Temple

Thursday - Visit to EYFS - for hot chocolate and reading!!!


Don't forget to get your Evacuee costume ready for after half term!!


I highly recommend the new James Bond film!!! 

Have a good weekend....

Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week beginning 18th October - updated!

Week Ending 8th October 2021


Hello Yellow Day - What a lovely way to end a busy week!!

The children moved around 5 activities throughout the morning - Yoga and Meditation, Steel Drums, Music, Den Building and Art. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!!


The class have coped admirably this week with the practice SATs tests. They've all been marked and have given me an excellent baseline. The children have also seen what they will have to do in May and have realised that the tests are not that scary after all. I will share the results during Parents' Evening after half term.


Mrs Wilding was extremely impressed with the class for their Play Leader training! They are all fully trained and myself and Mrs Wilding assessed them yesterday. Mrs Wilding will be popping in one lunchtime to check them whilst they are actually leading a group.


Next Week:

Bikeability (Monday to Thursday) - if your child is doing Bikeability next week, please can they come in PE kit. It was actually the children's suggestion - leggings/joggers with trainers will be better on the bikes. If your child is not doing Bikeability, PE will be on Monday and Wednesday as usual.


Mrs Mulqueen

Hello Yellow Day Art with Mrs Mulqueen

Play Leader Training Update

Mrs Wilding is going to come in to school tomorrow (Thursday 7th October) to complete the Play Leader training. Sorry about the short notice but it is the only date Mrs Wilding can do for a couple of months. The children will need to wear their PE kit again!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 11th October 2021

Week beginning 4th October

Just to clarify....


This week only for PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Play Leaders training is for this week only. There will be a second training session later in the month, date to be confirmed. Normal PE times apply after this week ( Monday and Wednesday)


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Ending 1st October 2021


We actually had a full class for one day this week!! Looks like we're finally getting better!


We've just got back from the Harvest Festival at church and I can honestly say that I've never been prouder of Year 6 than I was this afternoon. The way they looked after the Year 1 children was kind, gentle and thoughtful. Every day, I get compliments on how wonderful the children are as Play Leaders and they haven't even been properly trained yet!

The children are really enthusiastic about WW1 - we've looked at the geography this week, looking at the countries involved and how the location either helped or hindered during the conflict. Through reading War Horse, we're all a little obsessed with the role of animals so we shall be investigating this further next week.

Thank you so much for supporting your child with their homework - I'm so impressed with the quality of work and the links that are being created will be remembered forever. The children love the family histories and artefacts.

We've started division in maths this week - it's going very slowly but that is good as the children are being very honest about where they are having difficulties so we can spend longer or revisit in a slightly different way. We are looking at factors and multiples and then launching into long division!! It could take us some time!!

Sports Ambassadors have been selected:

Leon, Lucia, Georgia and Evie - they will visit AMVC in the new year for training but will be helping with Sports in school in the meantime.

School Councillors have been elected:

Jessica and Logan - they will start having meetings soon.

Photo proofs are coming home with the children today - so make sure to ask them to check their bags!!!


Next Week:


Please can the children come in school uniform on Monday and PE kit for Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Wilding from AMVC will be in to train the class as Play Leaders on Tuesday.


We are having our first attempt at SATs this week:

Monday - Grammar and Spelling

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Arithmetic

Thursday - Maths Reasoning 1

Friday - maths Reasoning 2


This will be low stakes testing in the classroom with children marking their own papers. This will form a baseline for my records. I will send out their results when they are completed with an explanation of what they mean.


Have a good weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week 5 Week beginning 4th October 2021

Week Ending 24th September 2021


We're all full of cold this week!!!! Me included!!


We've started reading War Horse this made me cry today!! The children were gripped!! I'd love to be able to show the class the film but unfortunately, it is a 12 so I've suggested that they ask at home!!

We've spent most of the week on multiplication in maths - division next week!!

The children have been playing short tennis in PE - you would not believe how many tennis balls we've lost so far!!! I've put some photos on our photo page from our science investigations into light. 


Next Week:

PE on Monday and Wednesday

However, as it is Photo day on Monday, the children need to come in their school uniform and bring their PE kit to change into.

Harvest Festival on Friday - Year 6 will be at church at 1:15.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen

Weekly Plan Week 4 Week beginning 27th September

Week ending 17th September 2021


I am very proud of all that the children have achieved this week - both academically and socially!!

We've been reading The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse since we came back; the children have loved the mindfulness messages and positive encouragement. Today, they put all their work together to create a double-page spread about the book. Their work has blown me away!!!

I was on duty today - 23 children in school, at one point 20 children were playing the same game together!! At no point was any child on their own - our Word of the Day was 'inclusive' and they certainly have been today. I was particularly impressed when one child was 'it' and 4 other children ran slowly so they could be tagged and therefore, be on as well!!

I'm holding off doing the practice SATs as we have quite a few absences at the moment...if your child is absent and is well enough to do school work, I have been putting the same work (or very similar) on Google Classroom that we have been doing in class so it is easy to access and submit.


Taking my youngest to University for the first time this weekend!! (Fortunately, eldest is back for a short while until his flat in London is ready!!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mulqueen


Next week: Clubs start this week

PE on Monday and Wednesday

Weekly Plan Week 3 Week beginning 20th September

Golden Time

Practical History - Timelines and The Alliance Game

Week Ending 10th September 2021


Fabulous week!! The children have worked hard and behaved beautifully!! Lots of Dojo points!! I am absolutely stunned by the time and effort that has been going into homework - I've never given out so many raffle tickets!! Very pleased with the writing this week - lots of excellent vocabulary choices!! 

Great end to the week - ICT! I gave the children passwords to TTRockstars, Tackling Tables, SumDog, Prodigy and Epic!! Lots for them to do!!


Next week:


Monday/Wednesday PE


Have a good weekend....Mrs Mulqueen 

Weekly Plan for week beginning 13th September 2021

Weekly Plan for week beginning 6th September 2021

Day 2 Maths and English

Week Ending 3rd September


What an amazing start to the new term!! The children have been brilliant - helpful, polite, well-behaved, so hardworking and very enthusiastic!! I'm so proud of them!!!


Next week:

PE - Monday and Wednesday - Tennis


Maths - Place Value - Numbers to 10,000,000, Compare and order, Negative Numbers, Rounding and Number Pyramids

English - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse - character study of The Boy - backstory, description etc

Science - How does light travel?

RE - Introduction to Buddhism

History - Timeline - How did WW1 start?

French - What do we already know?

ICT - introduction to online learning sites

Art - poppies


Mrs Mulqueen

Welcome to Year 6 2021/22


I am looking forward to seeing all the children and hearing all about their Summer!!

The classroom is ready - names on trays, table boxes and lockers!!

Starting the term with a two-day week will ease the children in gently - we will be introducing all the classroom routines, equipment and expectations for lessons. 

I will introduce the Morning Starters that we use in Year 6; in Maths we will do some practical activities to lead us into our first block on Place Value; for English, we will be focusing our activities around the wonderful book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse which will also provide us with some PSHE and Art. 

I will be giving out Reading Records and Homework books on Friday. The children will have a timetable in their homework books as well as a Topic, Spelling and Reading Homework Menu. Homework can be returned at any time in exchange for Dojo points and raffle tickets!! I will also post the homework on our Homework page.

Every week, I will attach a Weekly Plan for the upcoming week and write a brief review of the previous week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


Looking forward to working with you to support your child in their final year at Primary School and prepare them for their transition to Secondary School.


Mrs Mulqueen