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This week in Year 6...

Week beginning 26th April 2021

Week ending 16th April 2021


It's been a lovely start to the new term....bit noisy on Tuesday but back in the routine by Wednesday!!

We launched our Amazing America topic on Tuesday - it is more of a Geography based topic but we will be including some history, art, design, music, culture etc. The children have been given a Homework menu to complete. Tasks can be brought in to school at any time.

You will have received the ParentMail notification about the residential...fingers crossed!!!

Can I remind you that the children are allowed to wear their Leavers' Hoodies for PE on Monday and Wednesday!

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Zoom Parents' Evenings before the break. If you were unable to attend and would like a chat, let me know via email.


Next week:


PE - Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday - Dogs Trust Zoom call - Safe Behaviour Around Dogs


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 19th April 2020

Week beginning 12th April 2021

Week beginning 22nd March 2021

Week ending Friday 12th March 2021


We've had a lovely week....Monday morning was so special..I couldn't wait until 8:40 to open the doors!! The children were overjoyed to be with each other at last!! I've seen some really wonderful acts of kindness towards each other...small things, like helping with a craft or offering to put spare paper in the recycling bin.


The timetable has been slightly altered this week and we've done two great projects in Maths and English. In Maths, we covered some areas we were unsure about through art and movement - place value runaround, decimal bubble popping, 3d shape sculptures, Egyptian hieroglyphs ( letters and numbers) and Celtic knots. In English, we started a two day unit on The Ickabog and liked it so much, we're carrying on next week!!

We've done lots of creative and paper tulips for Sunday!


Next week:


Maths - Ratio

English - The Ickabog

Topic - Egyptian pastimes

Science - Colour

RE - Hope and Lent

Art - making Egyptian toys and games

PE - Monday and Wednesday

Friday - Comic Relief


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 15th March 2021

Week ending 5th March 2021


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the children - those at home - working hard online, submitting work, joining Google Meets and sharing extra activities....and those at school in the 'bubble' who have worked tirelessly, been enthusiastic and lots of fun!

Thank you to the parents who have been doing a rather unexpected job and who have learned quite how difficult Y6 maths is!!! Thank you for all the supportive emails - I really appreciated them!!


We're all really looking forward to Monday...seeing all their smiling faces again.

There will be some anxiety but please be reassured that we have every measure in place to keep us all safe!! The first two weeks will be quite relaxed with lots of breaks and mindfulness activities to ease the children in gently.

One of the children asked me a very interesting question this morning...

Are we behind or ahead?

A lot has been said in the media about 'catch up' and children being I said this morning, 'behind' who? We're all in the same boat....yes, there will be things that some children have missed or not understood so we will go over everything that we need to. As we don't have the pressure of SATs, we have plenty of time to get the children ready for Secondary School.

I'll let you know how the week has gone next Friday!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 8th March 2021

Week ending 11th December 2020


Nearly there!!! Busy, busy week in Year 6 - fabulous Victorian Day on Tuesday...I was surprised how clean all their fingernails were, almost as if they had scrubbed them in preparation! I spent most of the morning in role - I wasn't too scary, no one had to wear the Dunce cap. The class did the 3 R's using 'slates', learned about an 'object' (potato), did drill, made Victorian toys and read the Log books from our school in the Victorian times. There are lots of photos on our class photo page....the costumes were brilliant!!

We are doing lots of Christmas activities - we've made two cards, dolly peg soldiers and calendars.



Next week:


Monday - PE (kit all day)

Tuesday- normal uniform

Wednesday - Christmas Dinner, Christmas Jumper Day (on top of uniform)

Thursday - party clothes all day

Friday - last day


Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week ending 4th December 2020


Well Christmas is definitely evident in Year 6...we have a tree, tinsel, lights, calendars, advent calendars, soldier decorations for the tree and the best Christmas Card post box in the world (made by Mrs Douse)!!

So get your 'bubble' cards ready and remember 'Stick not spit!!!'


We finally finished 'Street Child' - you could have heard a pin drop!! Fabulous book!!

Everyone looked great in the sports kit today - plenty of friendly rivalries!!


Next week: 

PE on Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday - Victorian Day - don't forget your costume!!!

Week beginning 7th December 2020

Week ending 27th November 2020


Finally we have a full class!! It's been lovely to have everyone back!!

We're moving towards the end of our Victorian topic - remember costumes for the 8th of December when we have our Victorian Day.

We've just finished the first half of the Fractions unit in Maths. We did some revision on Monday and Tuesday, then the assessment on Wednesday. I was really pleased with how well the children did - four children achieved 46/46. We will be doing a short Geometry and Position unit until Christmas - coordinates, reflections and translations, we will be using these skills in our Christmas Maths. We made a coordinate snowflake today!!

The children did some amazing art on Thursday - we've used William Morris designs as a basis for our own printing. They worked out so well!!


Next week:

Monday, Wednesday PE

Friday - Wear a football shirt to school.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 30th November

Week ending 20th November 2020


Year 6 were thrilled to welcome Lewis to our class.


We've had a busy week - finally finished fractions (for the time being!!), will do assessments next week.

We're absolutely hooked on Street Child - incredible book.

Two great PE lessons this week - I'm loving orienteering and Mrs Jensen is very impressed with the dancing!!


We appointed 3 Sports Ambassadors this week - Joshua, Ryan and Holly.


Next week - PE on Monday and Wednesday


It is getting very cold in the classroom - extra layers/coats may be required!!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 23rd November 2020

Week ending 13th November 2020


The children have completed a couple of assessments this week - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Arithmetic. I am extremely pleased with how many children have increased their scores.


I was very proud of the children on Remembrance Day - they showed Key Stage 2 how to stand respectfully during the 2-minute silence.


We are continuing our lockdown challenges - coming up with quiz questions, doing a quiz, writing what we are grateful for on Autumn leaves and mindfulness colouring.


We've had a laid back day today doing Children in Need activities - Joe Wicks (see Photo page!), maths codebreakers and learning about the history of the day. We've had some board game time and have used the Chromebooks this afternoon.


Next week:


PE - Monday and Wednesday


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 16th November

Week ending 6th November


Welcome to Lockdown #2!! We are doing a daily challenge as a class - yesterday we picked our favourite songs for an upbeat class playlist, today we played The Exquisite Corpse game which involves silly pictures on a flick flap book....

We were lucky to have Mrs Wilding in on Tuesday and together we began to assess the children on their Play Leader skills. As we can't cross bubbles, the children will be 'Play Leading' the class at the beginning of my P.E. lessons!

We had our first Bubble worship in the hall today - Year 6 sat on the benches at last!!!!


Next week:


Matchbox Challenge due in on Monday.

Wednesday - minutes silence at 11.

Children in Need - Friday.....dress down day.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 9th November 2020

Week ending 23rd October 2020


The end of a very busy half term...we're all exhausted!! Had a couple of chilled afternoons -Thursday we played board games ( see photo page) and today we've played Prodigy on the Chromebooks.


Thank you very much for all your support this half term and for participating in a rather unusual Parents' Evening! I think it worked very well!!


Have a restful and safe half term!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

Week ending 16th October 2020


We've had a bit of an achievement this week - three days with a full class!!!

We've just about finished our second unit in Maths and are about to move onto fractions! I will share your child's progress next week at Parents' Evening.

We have just completed our designs for the PGSA Christmas Cards so you should receive those in the next few weeks.


Next week:


Tuesday and Wednesday Zoom Parents' Evening

If you have any questions, please email me before our meeting.

Friday 'Dare to be Different' Day

Half Term

Week beginning 19th October 2020

Play Leader training

Week ending 9th October 2020


The children have worked very hard this week; especially in Maths! We have covered some challenging areas - factors, multiples, squares and cubes, primes and BIDMAS! We will finish off our Four Rules topic next week and then move onto fractions.

We are continuing to read Oliver Twist which the class love. At the moment, we are starting character descriptions ready to include in a narrative based on the book. The children have produced some excellent diary entries about life in a Workhouse.

We had a lovely surprise this week with Mrs Wilding from AMVC coming to work with the class on their first Play Leader training. They had a great time!!


Next week


PE - Monday and Wednesday

SumDog competition all week.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 12th October 2020

Week Ending 2nd October 2020


It's been a very strange week with some children out on their bikes and some in the classroom. We've managed to do some presentations using the Chrome Books which was nice. We've had a tough week in Maths - long division(!!!), we shall come back to it later in the year! We've been looking at the Workhouse in History and English. The children could not believe some of the differences!! School photos coming home today!


Next Week:

PE as usual on Monday and Wednesday.

We will be starting Maths interventions. Some children will be working with Mrs Woods and Mr Kendall in the afternoons.

The SumDog competition starts on Friday.


Have a nice weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen


Week beginning 5th October

Week ending 25th September 2020


The children are starting to find their feet more; they're starting to look like Year 6s!! We've had a busy week, finally finishing The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. I thoroughly recommend it, the children loved the inspirational messages. 


Can I remind parents that we have been advised to discourage children from bringing items from home. For birthdays, any treats must be shop bought and in separate packaging. They will be handed out as the children leave the classroom.


As the weather is changing, please can you ensure that your child is dressed appropriately. We have to keep the windows open all day for ventilation and it is already becoming cold.


If your child is not at school (but is well), work is provided on my class page and on Google Classroom.


Next week:


Monday - individual photos

Monday to Thursday - Bikeability. Please check your child's bike to ensure they are roadworthy. The children will be outside all afternoon, Monday to Thursday so please ensure they are wearing suitable clothing (uniform, not PE kit). I would recommend trousers/leggings.

There will be no PE on Monday but there will be PE for those who are not taking part in Bikeability on Wednesday.


Have a nice weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week Beginning 28th September

Week Ending 18th September 2020


We've had a lovely week...hard work but lots of fun too!! The children have completed their first practice SATs papers. I have shared their scores with them and will be using this information to help me plan intervention groups. We have also watched the film, 'Oliver!' to find out information about Victorian times. I can honestly say I've never seen such a captive audience!! I had so much fun just sitting and watching their faces!!!

The children are all set up with logins and passwords for several educational websites. Links are on my main page.


Next Week


If your child is doing Bikeability the following week (week beginning 28th September), this might be a good time to check their bike and helmet!!!

I will be adding tasks to Google Classroom that can be completed during the week if your child is absent.

All children also brought home an independent English and Maths workbook.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 21st September 2020

Week ending 11th September 2020


Year 6 have had a brilliant start to the new term. I have thoroughly enjoyed their company this week! They have tried very hard to 'keep apart yet stay together' both in the classroom and out on the playground. They have kept to their seats and followed the new procedures sensibly.

Tonight they will be bringing their homework books home; they have 3 homework menus which they can dip in and out of any time they wish. There will be no set return date for homework - they can put their book in the quarantine box when they want me to check it. I give dojo points for a returned homework book and raffle tickets for each completed piece.

All homework is posted on the class page.


Next week:

We shall attempt our first SATs papers. I'm keeping this fairly low key; it's mostly to show me gaps in knowledge and understanding. I will share the results with the children but not with parents at this early stage.

PE on Monday and Wednesday.


Mrs Mulqueen 

Monday 7th September 2020


Year 6 are fantastic!!! We have had a brilliant day! Every single child was sensible and grown up...I'm very proud of them accepting new rules and a 'new normal'. And they've done lots of work!!!!


Mrs Mulqueen

Week beginning 14th September 2020