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Wye Valley 2018

1st update - 5pm - The children all arrived safely and got settled into their rooms, ate their lunch and started their first Spy themed activities of orienteering.

They children are all fine and having fun.

The weather stayed warm and dry and after being outdoors they are looking forward to their evening meal and evening activities.


End of our first’s 9:43 and it’s gone very quiet !! Arrived at 11:20, lunch outside and then afternoon activities...indoor orientation using picture clues, outdoor orientation using maps around the site!

Huge dinner then evening activities. Bed at nine, lights off at 9:30!

Breakfast tomorrow at 7;30....full day of activities!

WiFi an uploaded when we can!! 


Tuesday - 8am

The children slept well and are up and getting ready for their breakfast and their day exploring the beautiful Wye Valley.


Tuesday 5.30pm - We just got back to the hostel after a fabulous day exploring the Wye Valley.  We had the unexpected opportunity to spy from the river and use canoes with trained spy academy instructors, which everyone enjoyed safely.  


Wednesday Morning - 08:30

ALL children slept very well last night!  They are now enjoying a cooked breakfast before their final challenge - Hunt the Spy!

We will find out when they leave and their estimated time arriving back at school and email out.  When they arrive back, we would ask that parents allow the staff to bring the children onto the playground so they can check they have handed them safely back to you.  Their luggage will be unloaded onto the pavement and you can collect it on your way home.

If children are tired on Thursday we will allow them to arrive later in the morning up to 10:30 without getting a late make, but please try to let us know if they are going to be in late.

From 4th to 6th June our year 5 and 6 children are going on a residential trip to Wye Valley.  Please find all the relevant information below.