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Y4 Home Activities week commencing 30th March 2020

Good morning. We hope you enjoyed your weekend. From now on, at the beginning of each week, we will let you know the work we would like you to complete. Please do what you can. There are also all the ongoing activities, such as:

1)  Joe Wicks workouts

Starting Monday 23rd March I'm going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on my YouTube channel. With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it's more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive. Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic ...

2) the Lego Challenge  (uploaded onto Google Classrooms) 

3) White Rose maths, which you can continue to do regularly. (week 2 this week please)

@LedwardJennifer Hi, it’s just one per day. They’ll be another 5 added for next week


Each week there will be spellings, a grammar session and maths work. There may be separate English tasks, or they may be based on topic or RE. There will also be creative things for you to do.


The first thing you could do each week is create a timetable. Make sure you include plenty of time for exercise and playing games.


The work is all uploaded onto Google Classrooms and also onto the Year 4 page of the website





Until after the end of the Easter holidays please learn as many of the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings as you can. From that time a different spelling pattern will be given each week.

There is a list of Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings attached.



This week we will be focusing on pronouns. 

Watch the video in the section BBCBitesize ks2 English What is a pronoun?

Keep learning at home. In April we’ll be changing to bring you daily content that supports your education and wellbeing. Stay on track with Bitesize, we’ve got you!

Complete the two activities that follow.


Make your choice of exercises from the Grammar: Pronouns Working From Home Activity Booklet. (Attached.) There is a parents’ guide at the end.


Maths - Measurement

This week we will be converting between different units of measurement. There are some measurement posters attached to help.


If you go onto the Twinkl website there are Power Points covering Converting Units of Length and Converting Units of Volume and Capacity. (Twinkl is free to use at the moment.)


Complete the Measurement cards (attached).


Complete the Converting cm and m and Measuring worksheet (attached).


Look at Comparing Measurements worksheets and choose which level you want to complete. (Parents, there is an answer sheet at the end.)



We are finding out about the Easter story and basing English and creative tasks on Easter. 

Read the story attached (Palm Sunday story).

Complete the comprehension that follows. Remember to answer in correctly punctuated sentences, using joined handwriting with correctly formed letters of the correct size.


Use a Breaking News sheet to write a newspaper report describing the events of Palm Sunday. (Attached.) There are three templates. Choose the one you want to do. Again, remember spelling, punctuation and handwriting. 


Watch The Story of Easter Power Point on Twinkl.


Creative Tasks (Choose as many as you would like to do)

Use natural materials from your garden and objects from around the house to make an Easter garden in a small tub or container. There are lots of pictures online for inspiration. (see the attached plan for what we would have made in school) 


Draw and decorate Easter eggs. Make it more challenging by making a symmetrical or repeating pattern.


Google an artist such as George’s Seurat, Piet Mondrian or Pablo Picasso (or choose your own artist). Decorate an Easter egg in the style of your chosen artist.


Draw or paint signs of new life you see in your garden or when out for a walk.


Cut some twigs with buds in your garden. Put them in a vase or jar and use your imagination and materials you can find in your home or garden to decorate them.


Make 3D Easter eggs from thin card. You can find instructions on How to Make an Easter Egg Ornaments. You could always draw patterns on cereal packet card if you don’t have any card.


Post pictures of all your makes so we can see them

Parents' Guide to Google Classroom