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Year 5 – Barn Owls

Welcome to Year 5 - Barn Owls Class!

Welcome to Year 5.


Here the class teachers are Mrs. Clayton from Monday - Wednesday and Mrs. Marsden Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Douse in our teaching assistant every morning and Mrs. Hayes teaches music on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Stevens  teaching ICT for an hour on a Friday. 

Preview Homeworks are set on a Monday in  Maths and English & Reading as well as Spellings for return a week later. Creative Homeworks may also be set once a term and are topic based.   


Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.


Picture 1 Mrs. Clayton
Picture 2 Mrs. Marsden
Picture 3 Mrs. Douse

Tackling Tables progression

Blue multiplication

Year 2 expected level

2, 5, 10

Blue Division

Blue multiplication and division

Green multiplication

Year 3 expected level

3, 4, 8

Green Division

Green division with remainders

Green multiplication and division

Red multiplication

Year 4 expected level

6, 7, 9 11 & 12

Red Division

Red multiplication and division

Blue Multiples

Year 5 & 6 expected levels

Blue Missing numbers

Green Multiples

Green Missing numbers

Red Multiples

Red missing numbers

Red Fractions

Red percentages 

Fractions, decimals & percentages

Orange addition (number bonds)

Orange subtraction

Orange + and -

Summer Term Topic Planner

Open Evening presentation - expectations in Year 5

End of Year Expectations