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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

You will be emailed each half term with a colourful cross curricular grid that explains what your child will be learning in each topic area. They are also available to view on your child's class page.


An over view of each year group's topics can be viewed below. 

These topics are largely History, Science or Geography based and we are very excited about the learning opportunities these topics will provide. As usual we will try to include a visit or visitors to enhance these experiences.


There are also changes to Literacy and maths which will lead to some policy and practice changes - for example to methods used in maths, to handwriting, spelling and expectations for your child's year group. We will keep you informed as these are developed and may hold workshops and information events to help you become more familiar with them.


Please head to our class pages for more detailed information.





End with Science fair



Year 1

Where is the best place for a Giraffe to live?

What is the secret of rain?

Can a teddy bear be made of brick?

Could Fireman Sam have put out the Great Fire of London?


Year 2

Seacole vs Cavell – who is wonderwoman?

Did Pirates ever find their treasure?

Followed by

Can the Lighthouse Keeper get his Lunch?

Can a cactus grow in my garden?

What can survive living in the North Pole?


Year 3

What can we learn from The Flintstones?

Ancient Greece – Can I be a treasure Hunter?


Can plants grow in the dark?

Anglo-Saxons – Should you invade somebody else’s space?


Year 4

Did the wise man build his house upon the rocks? (Extreme Earth)

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Is electricity necessary for life?

Vikings – should you invade somebody else’s space?


Year 5

Would you rather be a rich or poor Victorian?

Why is the Silk Road so important (Baghdad c 900ad)

OR How do powerful kingdoms start and end? (Benin)

Where is the ‘final frontier’ in space?

How is History reflected in our school?


Year 6

Would you rather be a rich or poor Victorian?

Can something be called a living thing if it has no heart?

Do you see what I see?

Ancient Egypt – can a lost land be found?

Is Peterborough as flat as Florida?

(The Americas)