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Year 5 – Barn Owls

Year 5 2018-19 The important people!

Year 5 2018-19 The important people! 1
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Welcome to Year 5 - Barn Owls Class!

Welcome to Year 5.


Here the class teachers are Mrs. Clayton from Monday - Wednesday and Mrs. Stevens Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Atkinson is our teaching assistant every morning and Mrs. Hayes teaches music on a Tuesday afternoon Mr. Bell will also be in the class working alongside Mrs Clayton. 

There will also be two other adults assisting at various times of the week: Mrs. Ambrose & Mrs. May.

A homework menu will be available each half term and spellings will be set on a Monday for return a week later.  


Any questions feel free to email us on




*new levels


Tackling Tables progression

Expected levels

Orange addition (number bonds)


Orange subtraction


Orange + and -


Blue multiplication



Expected end of Y2 level

Blue Division

Blue multiplication and division

Green multiplication



Expected end of Y3 level

Green Division

Green multiplication and division

Red multiplication



Expected end of Y4 level

Red Division

Red multiplication and division

Blue Multiples

Extension tasks which will be used throughout KS2 learning.

Blue Missing numbers

Green Multiples

Green Missing numbers

Green division with remainders

Red Multiples

Red missing numbers

Red decimals *

Red Fractions of amounts (amended)

Red percentages

Red multiplication and division with fractions *

Fractions, decimals & percentages

Red simplifying and creating equivalents *

Red mixed numbers and improper fractions *

End of Year Expectations