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PSHE intent

At Peakirk cum Glinton primary school, we believe that PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education. We deliver a broad and varied range of lessons that underpin the needs of the children with particular regard to the children, families and the wider community. We have a strong focus on developing each child as a whole, delivering PSHE in a way that equips pupils with a sound understanding of risk and giving them the knowledge and skills to make safe, informed decisions.

As part of our PSHE education, we provide the pupils with key information about drugs, alcohol and sex and relationships, at age appropriate level. We also provide them with information and strategies to identify, develop and maintain good health and well-being, through physical activity, diet, social skills and mental health awareness. We deliver the content of PSHE in a variety of ways throughout school, allowing links to our Christian Values to be identified and explored. PSHE discussions are led by the adults to ensure the children are able to discuss, share and listen to ideas in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to ensure children leave our school with a well-rounded, balanced view of the world, giving them the knowledge to keep them emotionally and physically safe. We want them to feel confident that they can contribute positively to the local and wider community

Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities