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To enable our children to celebrate and welcome differences in our world, it is vital they have an understanding of a different language. The skills, knowledge and understanding gained through learning a new language make a major contribution to the development of children’s oracy and Literacy and to their understanding of their own culture/s and those of others. By introducing and exposing our children to this they will have a deepened ability to show respect and play a valuable part in our global community. To achieve this end point we aim, though our Languages curriculum, to inspire a love of language as part of their lifelong journey of learning.

The intention of the French curriculum at Peakirk-cum-Glinton is for the children to:

• Foster an interest in learning other languages

• Have fun

• Understand that language has a structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another

•Develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries

•Develop their speaking and listening skills

•Broaden children’s horizons

•To open up the world beyond their immediate community

•To inspire children to want to further explore the wider world