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Meet the Team

In our most recent staff meeting, we took the time to each write down some things we love about each of our colleagues..........


Amy - Manager, Lead Practitioner for Safeguarding 

So supportive, excellent manager, excellent in every way

Always, always helps when I'm worried or had a tough day, offering advice and support. Always kind.

Explains, is understanding, helps even when you don't know you need it, amazing manager

Just awesome, supports us and looks after our  best interests, has the right balance of being a professional manager but fun too

Always checks in to see how we are, makes sure we are ok

Best manager ever, approachable, kind, caring, always makes me smile and laugh

Someone who always listens to me, even if it's a load of rubbish I'm on about


Rachael - Deputy Manager, Little Learner Lead 

Good listener, caring, great in a crisis, have loved getting to know you

Always helps me when I'm unsure of something

Creative, knowledgeable

Brings a sense of fun to our children, always supports everyone, brings fun to the setting, great relationships with staff, children, parents, just awesome

Supportive, knowledgeable, understanding, patient, makes me feel comfortable, positive attitude 


Kasha - Deputy Manager, Rising 5 Lead and key worker, Setting SENCo

Great work ethic, owning SEND and making it yours/ours, endless positivity

Always gives good advice, love your sense of humour

So much energy, I love the way you are, we make a great team

Knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, motivating, makes me feel comfortable, positive attitude

Supportive with SEND children, makes great suggestions for play, circle times etc, so supportive in her new role, Just awesome


Emma - Level 3 Practitioner, Phonics Lead, Rising 5 key worker 

Always fun to work with

Always thinks of fun things to engage the little ones, always shares her experience and knowledge with me, been on the journey with me right from the start

Creative, supportive, knowledgeable, passionate

Amazing, kind, helpful, great sense of humour, approachable

Makes me laugh, work together well, fun, hard working

Always has a good idea, making something out of nothing in a good way, what a great team


Carey - Practitioner (working towards Level 3 qualification), Little Learner key worker

So happy and smiley, she's amazing I just wish she believed it, Peas in a pod, nothing is EVER too much trouble

Caring, patient, passionate

Amazing, kind, helpful, caring, fun 

Hard working, caring, helpful

Everyone loves Carey - children, staff and parents, what a great team

I've watched your confidence in yourself grow massively, great with our littlest friends and they love you, awesome play dough maker, just awesome 


Leanne - Practitioner, Little Learner key worker  

Thoughtful, always checks on me, creative - full of exciting ideas, sets things up mindfully to invite the children

Great person to work alongside with the Little Learners

Great ideas, shares thoughts, handy lady

Leanne is always happy, you make me smile, we make a great team

Amazing, kind, helpful, always makes me smile, always positive

Creative, thinks outside the box, great child negotiator, always amazing interactions with the children, just awesome


Danielle - Practitioner (working towards Level 3 qualification), Rising 5 key worker 

So calm, natural practitioner from the start, great at using initiative

Enthusiastic, happy, fun

Helpful, creative, caring

Always smiling, makes tough days easier to get through

Always so kind, believe in yourself more, you're amazing, we make a great team

Great relationships with staff, parents and children, picks things up so well and applies them to her practice, always strives to improve by asking lots of questions, just awesome