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Year 6 – Hawk Owls

Homeward bound.....hyped up on sugar..,don't expect any presents!!! All money has been spent on sweets!! A good day was had by all!!!

Gullivers Trip - We have arrived!! Temperature checked...check in location established! And they're off......

Reading Book Bench

In-School Camping!!

Year 6 Residential Day 3

Not a lot of sleep for the adults but the children slept through till 7 o'clock! Quick transfer back to our main camp for a lovely breakfast of granola, yogurt and pancakes!!

We have packed up and are waiting to start our tasks for the day!!

I will upload throughout the day but approximate arrival time at school - 3:50!


Bushcraft Challenge this morning - make a waterproof shelter for a bread bun!!

Best Firestarter - build a fire which will burn through paracord.

Lunch - couscous and falafel wraps.


Absolutely chucking it down....playing Wink Murder, 99 and NSEW while we wait for the bus!!


Be prepared......they are absolutely filthy and so are their clothes!!!


On the coach.....back by four!


Year 6 Residential Day 2

All in bed and quiet by 10..... but extremely early start, some tents awake by 4am! Camp Leader had words!!! Breakfast of sausage, hash brown, beans and bread....lots of wood collecting for the fires! Now, we're doing Wilderness First Aid!!

It was very cold in the tents last night, we're all wet, muddy and cold! Spirits are high though!!


Weather is not cooperating!!! Too windy to move off site so we've made camp bracelets using macrame, we've whittled our own tent pegs using very sharp knives( lots of hovering by Mrs M!!)!

Made our own individual pizzas for lunch which were cooked in the pizza oven!

Tent time while the wind was a little high then out for building campfires, campfire games and songs, roasting marshmallows and then Mr D learned how to prepare a whole salmon! 
Dinner was pan fried salmon, noodles and stir fried vegetables!

Due to the high winds, we had to evacuate our woodland site and move to an open field! The children were brilliant, packing, carrying their stuff and setting up for the night. 
Mrs M was prowling and their wasn't a sound after ten o'clock except for the howling wind! Mrs W lost her tent's fly sheet in the middle of the night!!


Year 6 Residential Day 1

Arrived at 9:50...

Safety briefing, camp rules etc. 

Tents - unpacking

1st activity - fire building, cooking lunch and washing up!!!! Lovely food, burgers, onions, potatoes and beans!!

Now CamCon.....Camouflage and Concealment!! I hope you sent lots of wet wipes.... Mr Donnelly's photos are hilarious!! I will upload everything when we're back in school!!


Self-isolating families:


Please see Weekly Planner on 'This Week' page and Year 6 on Google Classroom.

Recommended Reading List - Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 - Hawk Owls Class!

Welcome to Year 6. Working in Year 6 this year, we have Mrs Mulqueen, Mrs Douse and Mrs May.

If you need to contact us at the moment, please use the year 6 email - I will endeavour to answer emails within twenty-four hours.

We are all looking forward to a hard-working, fun and successful year.

Mrs Mulqueen


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