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Our Religious Education

Our RE Intent


At Peakirk cum Glinton Primary school, our RE curriculum allows pupils to understand the way Christians and other faith communities make sense of texts and varied interpretations.  This will allow them to understand the impact of beliefs in the lives and make connections to wider learning and to themselves. Through Religious Education, we aim for our pupils to develop their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it.  This in turn, will develop their understanding of significant theological concepts within Christianity and their own self-understanding of understanding of the world, as part of their wider religious literacy.  We aim for children to make connections, critically reflect upon and apply their own growing understanding of religion and belief, within the practices of all six major religions (particularly Christianity), including Humanism.  Pupils will make comparisons between sacred writing, beliefs and practices.  They will understand the diversity of belief in different religions, locally, nationally and globally.  There will be opportunities to explore a wide range of responses to questions about different faith groups and exploring core theological concepts.  Expressing a view as to why belonging to a faith community may be valuable both to different faith members and to their own lives will be encouraged and supported.  They will discuss and apply their own and others ideas about key questions shared in school.  Pupils will explore religions, engage with their knowledge, and reflect on their learning and their lives through enquiry-based learning.


RE progression and coverage document

Collective Worship


Our current Christian value is 'Community'.  Each day we come together to take part in worship.


Monday - 2.30pm led by Mr Kendall

Tuesday - 2.30pm led by staff (hymn practice)

Wednesday - Ising Pop in class and indivdual year groups visit church at 2.30pm

Thursday - 10am led by Rev Mark-Aaron Tisdale

Friday - 2.30pm led by Mr Kendall

Worship Council - in the process of starting up - selection process this week!


Would you like to make a difference to our worship in school? Can you inspire and help others? Can you support others on their faith journey?  If so, then being on the worship council could be for you.


To be a worship leader you need to have the following skills and qualities:


  • Be a good role model; follow and promote the rules and values of our school
  • Show compassion, forgiveness, respect, trust, friendship and responsibility towards others
  • Have good listening skills
  • Care about helping other people
  • Show confidence in working with school staff and other adults
  • Be a good timekeeper
  • Enjoy planning and researching Bible stories
  • Have an interest in developing the school environment, both indoors and out
  • Be creative in developing opportunities for prayer areas in the classroom.
  • Have lots of enthusiasm
  • Show perseverance, awe, and wonder!


What would I need to do as a school worship leader?


  • Attend regular meetings with Mrs Willatt and other staff
  • Work with our school community (pupils, teachers, parents and governors) to think of ways to improve collective worship in our school and our school Christian ethos
  • Help to plan, organize and take part in daily school collective worship
  • Strengthen our core Christian values of hope, compassion, forgiveness, trust, friendship, love, respect and community
  • Support in developing links with the parishes and other local faith schools
  • Support the RE subject leader to carry out learning walks, listening to learners and lesson observation


If you are interested then please complete the Worship council Application. You will need to complete the following (a grown up can help you!):


These will need to be completed by Friday 17th September 2021. 


Results will be announced the w/c 20thSeptember.  Good luck!


Prayer Tree


Our prayer tree stands proudly in our school foyer.  At the beginning of September, we took the tree to church to begin our new Christian value of community.  Each child was given a jigsaw piece that they could write a prayer on for a person in the local community.  This could be for someone at school, home or in the village they live in.  Each time we come together for worship, we focus on prayers on the tree and are reminded of the wonderful communties we live in.  We aim to focus on a new Christian value each half term and add to the prayer tree.