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Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Sport Vision Statement

At Peakirk Cum Glinton Primary School our aim is to maximise the opportunities for all our children in sport, to enable them to fulfill their full sporting potential.

Our school is working consistently to raise standards and achievement in sport across the school, by improving the quality of teaching in this subject through the employment of specialist coaches.

We are committed to promoting healthy and active lifestyle choices across the school in all curriculum areas and in partnership with our school cook.

We take every opportunity to participate in local tournaments and competitions against our neighbouring schools and have a very successful cross country club.

We have an inclusion policy throughout the school whereby all children are encouraged to participate in all sports whatever their ability. All children get the opportunity to participate in a sporting festival at least once a year from Foundation through to Year Six.


Sporting Calendar 2016-2017

Date Event Year Group

4.10.16 Basketball Festival Y6 class

13.10.16 Soke Hockey Competition Y5/6 team

November - Start of lunchtime table tennis tournament for KS2. (Final in January)

16.11.16 Gym and Dance Festival Y3 class

6.12.16 Sports Hall Athletics Competition Y4 class

19.1.17 Bronze Ambassador Conference Y6 Sports Ambassadors

1.2.17 Table Tennis Festival Y5 class

30.1.17 Clare Cunningham (GB Paralympic triathlete) school visit

23.3.17 Soke Netball and Football Competitions Y5/6 teams

9.5.17 Multi-skills Festival Y2 class

10.5.17 Y4 Cricket team Tournament (Hunts cricket club)

13.5.17 Barnack schools Challenge Y4-6 Cross country runners

21.6.17 Festival of Fun Y1 class

21.6.17 Y3 Dance showcase The Cresset

30.6.17 Whole school games Day (Sports Day)

6.7.17 Soke Athletics Competition Y3-6 team

17.7.17 Y5/6 Netball tournament (John Clare and Northborough)


Sporting Calendar 2015-2016




Year Group

Thursday 17th September

PLT Meeting

Mrs Jensen

Tuesday 6th October

Y6 Basketball festival, AMVC

Y6 Whole class

Thursday 15th October

Soke Hockey Tournament, AMVC

Y5/6 Hockey team

Wednesday 18th November

Y3 Gym and Dance Festival, AMVC

Y3 Whole class

Friday 20th November

Y5/6 Football tournament, Netherton

Y5/6 Football team

Tuesday 8th December

Y4 Sports Hall Athletics Competition, AMVC

Y4 Whole class


Y3-Y6 House Table tennis tournament

Y3-6 individual entrants




Year Group

Thursday 21st January

Sports Ambassador Conference, Ken Stimpson School

Sports Ambassadors

Tuesday 2nd February

Y5 Table Tennis Festival, AMVC

Y5 Whole class

Thursday 17th March

Soke Netball and Football Tournaments, AMVC

Y5/6 Netball and Football teams

Tuesday 22nd March

Soke Cross Country Tournament, Stanground

Y5/6 Cross country team

Saturday 16th April

Barnack Schools Challenge

Y3/6 Cross country team




Year Group

Friday 22nd April

Y2 Mullti-skills Festival, AMVC

Y2 Whole class

Weds 8th June

Y5/6 Cricket tournament

Y5/6 Cricket team

Friday 17th June

Whole school Sports day

Whole school


Olympic celebration

Whole school

23rd June

PLT meeting, AMVC

Mrs Jensen

Wednesay 29th June

Y1 Festival of Fun

Whole Class

Thursday 7th July

Soke Athletics Competition

Y3-Y6 athletics team