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Year 3 and 4 Residential - Caythorpe March 2023

Lost property

Friday morning

Lots more photos added last night.

All children slept well and were fast asleep by ten. We have awoken to heavy snow so for safety reasons outdoor activities have been changed to indoor group and problem solving games.

We have all packed as we have had to vacate our rooms. Only a few stray socks are left!

We may not be able to update much more but will let you know when we have left.


10 am the children opted for outdoor snow play after breakfast. We had organised snowball fights and they were even allowed to throw them at the adults. Please see photos below. It is nice, soft snow, not wet and cold as it was yesterday so everyone had great fun.  We are now in the old house taking part in a group quiz and challenges. Lunch is 12.15. The coaches are able to get up the road but due to the weather we may aim to leave at around one, meaning we could be back at around 2. If that happens you can collect your child then or wait until home time as we will keep them in school until you arrive


Thursday breakfast

Wednesday 8th March

We have all arrived safe and well.  We went to our rooms and all children were happy with their rooms and the people they are with.  We checked and asked and would be happy to make any mutually agreeable swaps, but so far everyone has said they are ok.  See pictures of rooms below with most children on the shots.

We had a tour of Caythorpe with our group leader who gets our attention by shouting 'Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?'!

We then had a massive lunch and children could pick from hot food, sandwiches and an all you can eat salad bar and drinks refill station!

So far the children have been amazing and some have already said it's the best place ever and they want to stay!

We are currently on our first activities.  Please note that there is only 1 location we can log on to update the website - luckily for me it is the dining room with free coffee!  However, it is not near the rooms so I will only be able to come and update when the children are with their leaders or settled in their rooms.



We have already enjoyed two activities and eaten a great dinner.  We have had our first visit to the shop and I have a huge bagful of sweets ready to hand back at the end of the trip!  Some children bought marshmallows ready for the campfire we hope to have tomorrow. It is snowing at the moment so our evening activity has been moved indoors.  Hopefully all will be super tired and ready for bed when we finish at 8:30.

Please note the wifi is quite weak and uploading images is a challenge but we will persevere - we know you just want to see your child and make sure they are ok, but please be assured they have all been busy, active and happy!


4pm. Although snowing it is not so cold and the afternoon activities have shelters nearby so the children are staying warm and dry until their turn for an adventure. Some have been changed to completely indoor activities.  We plan to go ahead with the campfire tonight as we have a sack of marshmallows to toast and the fire should warm us. More photos added to yesterday and today’s activities slideshow, so check them out!


Thursday 8.00 am

most children were fast asleep by ten...a few waited until 2 am...mostly just excited, found it different or just not tired. Nobody was up because they were upset although were missing home and their usual routine. The first rooms were up at 6 and excited to see a thin layer of snow. We are all tucking into a full breakfast with choices of bacon and eggs, porridge, cereal and toast...with many having all options!

1 pm. Don’t worry about those who were up late. We called ourselves the midnight club, had milk and cookies, read and coloured until we were ready to sleep.

Each group has completed two outdoor activities today. It is cold and snowing still so we have shortened some activities and the centre have provided warm juice. Some activities are changing so they will be indoors.  We have two activities this afternoon. Everyone is safe and warm in the hall eating a hot dinner ready to head back out soon.

More images have been added to the yesterday and today section.

Wednesday evening team building

All the sweets that were bought!