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Reception – Little Owls

Welcome to Reception - Little Owls Class!


Welcome to Peakirk-cum-Glinton Primary School. We hope you have a happy and positive first year in school. Staff in the Foundation class are Mrs Reed, Mrs Stevens, Mrs May and Mrs Ringham.  Phonics is supported by Mrs Patel.


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Here at Peakirk-Cum-Glinton Primary we create a very caring and nurturing environment where all of our children are valued, encouraged and celebrated. We take everything from children’s starting points and recognise that every child develops at their own pace. We value each and everyone as unique individuals. We foster children’s self esteem through praise and positivity and centre everything we do around our school Christian values. Children develop a love of learning and grow in confidence as we lay down the crucial foundations for the rest of their school life. We follow the children’s interests entirely adding in discreet teaching moments when certain celebrations and topics of interest occur. We very much believe that your child goes on a Learning Journey and we support, encourage, challenge and extend them along the way.


Teaching and Learning in our Reception class is directed by the Early years Foundation Stage Framework. This provides a framework for all practitioners working with children from birth to five years old and offers guidance on providing the best quality care and education for young children.


It covers the seven Areas of Learning, which include the 3 Prime Areas of Learning:-

Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development and the 4 Specific Areas of Learning:

Literacy; Maths; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design. You can look at these Areas of Learning in more detail by clicking on the "EYFS Curriculum Overview" at the bottom of this page.


In addition to addressing all seven Areas of Learning our curriculum is designed to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning:

Playing and Exploring - Engagement

· Finding out and exploring

· Playing with what they know

· Being willing to have a go


Active Learning - Motivation

· Being involved and concentrating

· Keeping trying

· Enjoying achieving what they set out to do



Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking

· Having their own ideas

· Making Links

· Choosing ways to do things


Here at Peakirk-Cum-Glinton we have adopted the In the Moment Planning Approach. In the moment planning allows practitioners to spend more time with the children and less time on paperwork. Young children live in the moment and we never know what they may choose to do or be next. Because of this, pre-planning activities is not the best way to support young children’s development.


Planning in every moment:

• Puts children in control of their own learning. • Enables them to play and develop creatively in the here and now • Empowers children to follow their own curiosity and interests • Allows us to support their learning; plan next steps at any given moment • Creates the space for children to make continued progress

When children are allowed to select where with what and how to play:

• They develop creativity and critical thinking • They remain motivated and this is when they make the most progress • They build personal, social and emotional skills • They build resilience and confidence by being given independence and choice


The observations and tracking of your child’s progress will be more holistic, meaningful and personalised and the process allows us to develop better working relationships with you as parents. Parents complete a short consultation form sent home in book bags once every term. Your child will have a focus week where you will be invited into spend a morning with them.


This will allow you to:

• Inform the child’s key worker of any amazing events and experiences • Introduce family moments that your child could share with us at the setting • Ensure they are included in your child’s profile • Add to the information and events that we collect and document on Tapestry, our online Learning Journal.

It’s then a full record of your amazing child and their own personal development journey.


Alongside this approach we teach the children daily Phonics sessions using a synthetic Phonics Programme based on Letters and Sounds but with our own adaptations.  

We are

fortunate enough to have our own specialist Phonics Intervention Teacher who supports the children to make the best possible progress in reading and writing and to support the children in being ready for Year One.






Getting Ready for Change – Reception Year


Starting school or education is a wonderful and exciting time. To help families give their children ones the best start for this transition, local NHS clinicians with the help of families have created a simple flyer that can be your ‘Getting Ready for Change’ checklist. This is for all reception aged children that have just started school/education.


It covers lots points from hearing and eyesight through to emotional health and behaviour. The flyer also provides links to approved information and support.

You can access the flyer by using this link:


If you have any questions, you can contact the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Child Programme. Call us 0300 029 50 50 or text us 07520 649 887

Recommended Reading List - EYFS

Early Learning Goals: this is where we are aiming for most children by the end of Reception. Some children may exceed this.

Exceeding descriptors