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Reading Intent


At Peakirk cum Glinton C. of E. Primary School, we believe that reading is the most fundamental skill which pupils will need throughout their school career and beyond. From a focus on early reading and synthetic phonics, all pupils should have the opportunity to be fluent, confident readers who are able to successfully comprehend and understand a wide range of texts. We would like pupils to develop and maintain a passion for reading and have a good knowledge of a range of authors and genres, both local, national and worldwide, including authors from a range of cultures and backgrounds.

We will provide pupils with strategies to help them understand and enjoy reading, for example using background knowledge to make connections to a text, identifying and linking important parts together and thinking like a detective, thus allowing them to access and immerse themselves in any text, whether fiction or non fiction.

Pupils will have the opportunity to understand more about the world in which they live, through the knowledge that they gain from texts. By the end of their time at primary school, all children should be able to read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education. We do not put ceilings on what pupils can achieve in reading and we do not hold pre-conceptions about any pupil’s ability to make progress. We understand the importance of parents and carers in supporting their children to develop both word reading and comprehension skills, and so we want to encourage a home-school partnership which reinforces and complements the skills being taught in school through good quality texts.

Reading for Pleasure


Over the year, we will be encouraging Reading for Pleasure through a variety of events and challenges, including Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day.