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Year 5 having fun making Easter Gardens March 2021

Prayer Day - 3rd March 2017

To mark International Women's Prayer Day we had a special day of prayer activities.

The aim of the day was to explore the idea that we can pray in lots of different ways and that Christians believe that God listens to all our different prayers.

Children took part in the following activities:


Worship led by Father Micheal Matthews.

Being sorry/Sorry strings

These activities encourage Children thought about things they are sorry about.

Sorry Strings: We all get things wrong. Sometimes we do or say things that hurt other people: Saying sorry is admitting that you are wrong and that you want things right again.  the children wrote or drew a sorry prayer and pegged it up onto a string.

Lava lamps/Bubble tubes/Bubble machine

This activity encouraged children to think about their prayers reaching God.

Children watched the bubbles/blobs and thought about how they felt.  They wrote or drew a prayer on a post it note and stuck it on the table next to the lava lamp think about their prayers reaching God.

Jumping for joy/Trouble Bubbles 

Jumping for joy encourages the children to be thankful.

Children jumped on the trampoline/space hoppers/ skipping ropes and thought of something or someone that made them feel joyful or thankful as they jumped shouted out the thing or person.


Trouble bubbles encourages the children to let go of worries.

Everyone has something that worries or troubles them and it can be a small thing that suddenly feels very big. Children thought of a worry or trouble and pictured it in their mind. They blew a bubble and watched it float away taking their trouble with it. As the bubble burst they imagined their worry disappearing too. Christians believe that sharing your trouble with God is a great idea

Gethsemane Help

This activity encouraged the children to ask God for help.

All of us need help sometimes. Just before he was arrested, when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked God to help him. What do you need help with?

Children wrote a short prayer for help on a lolly stick and then planted it in a pot along with a bulb or seeds.

Love Heart Prayers

This activity encouraged children to think about and pray for others.

Children thought about important people in their life, then one person they are especially grateful for. They took a sweet and said a silent prayer for them as you ate it. They took a heart piece of paper and drew a picture of the person and added words if they wanted to.

Thankful Salt dough

This activity encouraged children to express their thankfulness in a creative way!

Children thought about all the good things in their life.  They thought of something or someone that they were really grateful for. Using salt dough they made a model of the thing they thought of. While making the model they used the time to say thank you to God.

Prayer Tree/People Tree

These activities encouraged children to write/draw a wish or a prayer for people they know.

Children thought about the different people that you know: family, friends, teachers, other children in school. They then thought about 1 person.

They drew a picture of the person on a tag then wrote a prayer or a wish – something positive and encouraging for the person on the back, and attached it to the people tree.

When they finished they took a ribbon outside and tied it onto the tree, saying a silent prayer or wish for that person.